COURSE of STUDY, foundations for using the whole mind

by Chrstine Andrews

Attention is the only sense of the mind and is how we are aware of anything whether in the physical or any other part of mind. When incarned, the senses are how our consciousness understands the physical world. In the physical world the difference between looking and seeing is where our attention is, the difference between hearing and listening is the quality of attention. Attention is how the conscious mind is aware of the environment. Messages are transported through the five physical senses, into the brain and interpreted by the mind. This is important because as human reasoning man much of our attention is directed to the physical environment. This has been a pattern since the time of Atlantis.

The nature of the physical is change. This was enticing to us as souls during Atlantis and Lemuria. In our desire to understand the elements of creation we lost sight of our connection to the infinite, to the Creator. The result of engrossing our attention in the senses is that we filled our conscious mind with what is finite. Over time we began to identify with finite rather than infinite. Each trap or limitation in human man’s mind results from believing there is finite energy, love, awareness and creation. This occurred as more and more attention was given to the five physical senses.

We create what we give our attention to. This is significant because how man uses attention reflects how he understands infinity. When our attention is directed toward divine and everlasting love we connect with infinity. When the attention is engrossed in dense physical matter, mental or emotional turmoil which is finite, infinity is forgotten.

This has been and continues to be a source of great pain for humanity. Believing that the finite is real contradicts the truth of the Universal Law of Infinity. A still mind is the key to the infinite. Stillness links attention to all realms of mind, all levels of consciousness and beyond.

The five senses of our body give us a way to identify what is happening in the environment. This is important because it is engrossment in the five senses that created our karma that binds us to the wheel of reincarnation.

The key to awareness of infinity is singularly focused attention. The Transcendent Oracle done for the School of Metaphysics describes the importance of this when answering this question.

What is the most important thing for the teachers of the School of Metaphysics to teach?

What has been most often referred to as singular-pointed attention. It is the first idea that is presented within the Being. And it is -- will be the last idea made known. It is the power of thought. It is the secret within man that has existed throughout Creation. It is the spark from the Creator that is the essence of Light. It is so clear that even those whose perceptions are keen often miss it, for they are looking in a place other than where it can be found. 11499BGC/drc

Attention is the quality, ability or factor that links us to our soul, our real Self and God. Embodying this requires a still mind. Unwavering attention on divine omniscience, eternity and immortality manifests the Universal Law of Infinity. The mind triangle diagram shows single pointed focus in the conscious mind opening to the infinite and reflecting the highest part of the superconscious mind.

This kind of focus and awareness is transcendent. Consciousness expands beyond anything ever known and can encompass all creation. This the experience of masters like Jesus, Guatama the Buddha, and mystics throughout the ages. The single line in the middle shows how single pointed attention permeates all levels and links the conscious mind with I AM and Light.

Whether we view our selves, our world, our consciousness as finite or infinite is a function of attention. For millennia teachers have taught man to seek a greater awareness than what lies in the physical world around him. This is how the Law of Infinity is taught in cultures throughout the world. In order to understand, experience and connect with infinity you must expand your consciousness and this is accomplished by giving your attention to the Divine. This can be nature, Self, God, humanity. The action of expanding attention brings experience of more than the finite.

The key to harmonizing with the Law of Infinity is to give attention to the divine source of creation. Attention on infinite energy, awareness, Self, love and creation brings awareness of the endless existence God created.

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