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Tools for Possibility Thinking

by Terryll Nemeth

The Law of Believing and Knowing encompasses believing in a desired reality or idea, which is then the means to accepting it into ourselves, in essence it becomes real to us. Once our idea becomes real, it now requires our physical activity toward the goal to cause it to become a physical manifestation. Our knowing comes through the physical manifestation, because when our thought becomes a physical reality, we have truly experienced it.

For example, I have heard many people say they believe in reincarnation. I attended a lecture given by the then president of the School of Metaphysics. She used the lecture to teach everyone the difference between belief and the direct grasp of truth developed through perception and personal experience. Dr. Matthes had completed her lecture and she was accepting questions from the audience. Someone asked Dr. Matthes if she believed in reincarnation, and she shocked most of the people present by saying, "No." After a few moments of shocked silence spread throughout the room, she clarified her statement by saying, "No, I don't believe in reincarnation, I know reincarnation to be a reality through my personal experience and metaphysical research."

Along the same lines of thinking, I have talked to many people in my capacity as a student and teacher of metaphysics. And many have said that they believe in astral projection, but only the people who have been willing to discipline their minds and hone their intuitive abilities and experienced astral projection have moved beyond belief to a knowing as a result of their experience.

There are tools we can use to strengthen our resolve and become better at using creative imagery to activate the Law of Believing and Knowing and the Law of Attraction. One such tool is the affirmation. Affirmations can aid us in creating more focused and definite thought form images. An affirmation is a clear, positive statement of a desired goal or ideal that is written or spoken. The power in affirmations is that they help us to create clear and firm objectives that become solidly fixed in our thinking. It is not the spoken words that have the power; it is the subsequently strong thought form images that are created through their direction. They can also help us to be more secure in our own ability to create. Affirmations are helpful for those of us who are easily influenced by other people's thoughts or negative thinking, or who are particularly challenged in solidifying their ideals and goals. Here are a few examples of affirmations.

I am loving and generous.

I am a courageous and accepting of my physical experiences, recognizing the soul learning they offer.

I am a vessel of light, and bring light to every situation.

I love and recognize the divinity in each person I meet. All things are possible.

I am happy, creative, abundant and fulfilled.

I am strong mentally and physically.

I am abundant and prosperous.

Affirmations can be a very powerful tool activating Possibility Thinking and therefore heightening our receptivity and expectation.

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