Meditate because meditation improves every area and every part of your life.

Meditate because it is good for you.

Meditate because it will fulfill you.

Meditate because you need to find your purpose for this lifetime.

Meditate so you can have more good to offer others.

Meditate so you can gain the higher knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Meditate so you can offer knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment to others.

Meditate so you may become compatible to your Creator.

Meditate so you may enter the inner levels of consciousness with awareness.

Meditate so that you may overcome sadness, depression, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, resentment, hatred, insecurity, and low Self worth.

Meditate because it is the most fulfilling, rewarding, thing you can do. In meditation you may experience love and you will be filled with Light.

Meditate so that each day will go well for you.

Meditate so that each day you will feel and be centered and aligned.

Meditate so you will be a better husband or wife.

Meditate so you will be a better friend.

Meditate so you may form deeper friendships.

Meditate so you may know God.

Meditate so you may experience the Creator.

Meditate so you will expand your consciousness.

Meditate so you will be happy.

Meditate because change is the greatest competence one can acquire.

Meditate to enable you to change and grow easily, and rapidly.

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