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What people experience during meditation

God did create the universe and everyone in it as an act of love. So naturally, when this mother formed her desire to know - her petition, around the thought of knowing God - she received an experience of love. In God, love is complete. God’s love is constantly surrounding us and available. Meditation is the receiving of the Creator. Each person needs to raise their consciousness and open themselves completely to receive this higher love. The result is truly life-transforming, as the following College of Metaphysics student, Shannon, learned:

I experienced my greatest meditation in November 1996 at a Spiritual Renaissance Weekend. The theme presented that weekend caused me to think about what the Creator means to me. I discovered the answer when I meditated before the closing circle (of love). The excitement boiled through me!

I found Love inside myself, deep down under, behind the protective walls where I so often hide; hiding from the Creator. I found openness and honesty. I found security within myself. I touched my Soul and fulfilled a desire to learn if I had any Love inside to share with others as well as myself.

How freeing it is to know if I’m ever in doubt, I can meditate and find the answer. It’s there.

It is each person’s duty to touch their soul this lifetime and each lifetime. Following this it is each person’s duty to come to know who they are as a soul. The circle of love Shannon cites is an experience of love given and received by the students of the School of Metaphysics at the end of each class. Students are taught how to touch their own soul. They learn how to cause their inner light and love to grow enabling them to share these with others. As they understand the nature of their own light and love they can expand them to create a circle of love which empowers them to touch other souls realizing their oneness with others. Meditation enhances this learning, and encourages the realization of uniting with the Creator.

True security comes from the inner Self, the soul. Physical possessions provide a type of physical, temporary security of having your needs provided for. They are important. True permanent, lasting, universal security comes from the soul and is built when the Conscious Mind Self is in alignment with and serving the Subconscious Mind Self or soul.

No one should feel the need to hide behind protective walls for those walls are, in fact, your prison that keep you from learning and experiencing all the goodness, learning, and joy of the world. This is why you need inner security, so you don’t need the walls of so-called protection that actually repel other people and keep you separate and alone. As Shannon’s inner walls between herself and her God vanished, so did the distance diminish between herself, her friends and family and acquaintances.

Answers are always available in meditation when you still your mind and listen to the inner Self. As you first begin meditating, listening for the answer to your question or prayer with your mind or mental ear has top priority. As your meditation deepens from regular practice your consciousness expands. You learn to look forward to the experience of peace, Love, LIGHT, and unity and interconnectedness even more. For the expansion of consciousness is the answer to your prayers.

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