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What people experience during meditation

When Melanie, a middle-aged mother of two first began meditating, she realized a heightened sense of love that she had never before known. The experience during this meditation session became the one by which she measured all future efforts for it was an experience she wanted to repeat, again and again.

I started practicing meditation a few weeks after entering the School of Metaphysics. Meditation was a new concept to me. I had never done anything like this and really did not know what to expect. I had been practicing for two or three weeks when one day I came home from work on a day when everything seemed to go wrong. As I prepared myself for meditation I was in a state of mind where I really needed guidance. Even more than that, I needed love. I felt very alone and in despair. I prepared my petition. All I wanted was to know that I was loved and that God was there for me.

Immediately upon completion of expanding my light and opening myself to the universe I felt love pour into my being. I perceived a cone of light starting from a point beyond the ceiling of my room and extending over my physical body. It appeared pink in color and was very warm and embracing. I sat there in that light and let the love of God pour into me, tears rolled from my eyes and I knew that I was loved.

Sometimes as in this case the meditator will experience a great feeling or perception of joy, love, light or expansion of consciousness going far beyond anything they have previously experienced and they receive this clear and higher perception of reality soon after learning to meditate. When this occurs it is a clear statement from the inner Subconscious and Superconscious Minds of the great possibilities and potentialities that the person may attain over time in meditation and the correctness of what she is doing. The meditator may not be able to re-create this experience immediately but has been given a taste of what can be made a part of Self permanently by persisting in their meditative attempts. By getting a higher perception of reality and a more expansive perception of what one can become the desire is increased immensely to have and make a part of oneself that higher state of consciousness.

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