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Meditation and the Mind

by Dr. Daniel Condron

The hour long meditation began first with a prayer, followed by deep breathing and a specific chant. In my prayer I asked to be close to the Creator.

Shortly after starting the meditation, my mind became very still. Soon I felt a heaviness in my arms, as though they weighed 100 pounds. Then I reached a point where I felt myself moving within my body. I saw a dark tunnel, and I heard a voice telling me that I did have the capability to go to the inner levels.

When the meditation ended, it took me longer than usual to bring my attention back to my physical body. I knew from that point forward that I could reach this state of freedom from the body whenever I desired.

It takes an investment to duplicate Kathryn’s experience. Until you learn how to meditate you will spend most of your time in the Conscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is the division of mind associated with the brain, physical body, and five senses. The Conscious Mind will remain with you for only your lifespan on earth of 70 to 120 years or so.

The Subconscious Mind which is where the soul resides is permanent and will last as long as there is a single soul who needs to use it. All permanent learning which we may term understanding is stored in the individual’s Subconscious Mind or soul. The temporary experiences you have this lifetime, the memories of experiences, and the sensory experiences will all be left behind at the end of this lifetime. What will remain is the you or the part of you that is eternal. The soul plus what you have gained this lifetime in the way of permanent understandings will remain as a part of you after this lifetime.

What determines if learning becomes understanding which then becomes permanent? For learning to be permanent, information must be reasoned with and found to be truth. Then the information, which has become knowledge through reasoning, must be applied in the life over and over until it becomes wisdom. Finally, the applied knowledge, called wisdom, must be taught to others so that the truth becomes a part of one’s life. This is the process of producing understanding.

Meditation causes or creates an alignment of one’s Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious Minds. The triangular effect in Diagram 1 represents the scattering of attention that occurs as I AM, which is the individuality and identity that is you, moves through the Superconscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind. I AM exists in the physical and Conscious Mind as the conscious ego. Everyone is an I AM. Everyone existing in the physical experience has a conscious ego......

Different people use different nomenclature. You may have heard the term Universal Mind. You may ask, what is the difference between Universal Mind and Subconscious Mind?
Universal Mind is a term used to describe the quality of contraction of space, enhancement of communication and close connection that occurs in Subconscious Mind. In Subconscious Mind each of us has a mental hookup with everyone else, whether we use it or not. This mental or mind to mind connection is what makes telepathy possible.

When you have a telephone then you can phone a friend at a great distance. You can phone your parents. You can call your brothers or sisters who live in a distant city. If you decide to phone someone then you need to know their telephone number. The same is true of using the interconnectedness quality of Subconscious Mind to perform mental or mind to mind communication. Telepathy only works when you know how to use it and you learn to use it by first disciplining your conscious mind.

As you delve deeper and deeper into meditation you will more and more experience this interconnectedness of yourself with other people and, in fact, all of creation. You will first discover and later come to know how to connect with others on a deeper level. You will come to know how to use your mental telephone to mentally contact any other person regardless of whether they are near you or halfway around the earth.

from Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel Condron ©1998 School of Metaphysics

©2002 School of Metaphysics

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