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An Entirely New Way to Think of "Home" Schooling

People often ask my husband and I if we plan to homeschool our daughter Alexandra. Our answer to this question is that we are using Intuitive Health Analysis as the basis for her curriculum. We decided before Alexandra was born that we wanted to have a Health Analysis done every six months for her. We wanted to have a periodic record of her developing consciousness. We have seen how other parents have benefitted from having health analyses for their children. We know the value of a health analysis as we have had them done for . We wanted it for us in parenting and also for her, however she may use it for reference as an adult years from now.

Coming up to her first birthday, we could tell she was changing a lot and both of us knew we weren't quite giving her what she needed for her development. What had been satisfying and intriguing for her just a month before wasn't working as well now. We thought she needed different stimuli in her environment. We knew that the main body of the report would give us tremendous guidance as to how to proceed with her. We wanted an evaluation for where she was currently and suggestions for her and for us as parents to help her in her mental and physical progression.

We were looking for suggestions and answers to some specific questions as well. We were concerned about how often she was bumping her head into things. We understood there was a normal amount of head bumping early on, but this was more than normal. We formulated questions before the report was given: What is the most beneficial thought that these two can hold in mind to be in alignment with Alexandra's soul? Any suggestions for musical notes and sounds in this one's developing consciousness? What mental, emotional and physical activities would benefit this one the most at this point? This one has recently learned to walk and is about a year old. This one bumps her head a lot. Please examine and relate.

The health analysis began with, "We see eagerness within the mental system. We see for this one to have a voraciousness in the ability to accumulate and absorb information. We see that this one will steady the mind upon one thing in order to absorb it completely, when given the space to do so."

"We see that when there is not something in this one's environment to occupy this one's attention, this one's attention goes either within the self or it reaches out towards something new, which this one can then repeat the process with." "We see that this is a kind of rhythmic pattern within this one that is very clear and very distinct and it is the driving force for this one to have an awake consciousness."

The Health Analysis told us exactly what we needed to know about her head bumping.

Alexandra lives every day with many other people. The other people around Alexandra are benefitting directly from the health analysis. "...We see the need for this one to be able to have thosue around this one who are directed with the mind as well as the body. We see that this will provide what this one needs at the times when this one begins to separate, or begins to fragment in the consciousness going into the senses. We see that it is the mental strength of those around this one that will aid this one to maintain and build a mental strength with the Self."

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