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Emails from past participants show the impact the weekend can have in setting a new course for Self and children.

Letter #1:

Wendy is single working mother to a four-year-old daughter

Dear Dr. Barbara,

I wanted to write you and the staff, a letter to share my experience at the parenting focus session. It really began a couple of months before the actual session. I am a single mom, and I have one brilliant daughter who’s four years old. Her name is Madalynn. What we had become very accustomed to at that time was very deep seated, and felt very much like a train wreck. We would bicker and argue back and forth and come to no resolution. It left us both exhausted and depleted. It seemed the harder I tried to stand my ground, the worse it got. A true Mexican standoff.

There were some friends that suggested the weekend to me while I was discussing this topic with them. I was excited to hear I could get a Parenting Profile and a Health Analysis and they would help me to understand how I could make changes in our life together. I have to admit there was a part of me that was fearful about what it might reveal. I was scared to hear that I wasn’t doing enough, or that I wasn’t good enough as a parent.

We started the weekend and gathered into the main room. The Health Analysis was done previously in the week. We sat and they began to give the Parenting Profiles. When it was my turn to go and sit before the reporter, I was ready to face my fears. What the report revealed to me was astonishing. It said that I parent from a place of concentration, and therefore power. It is when I misuse this, that it becomes stubbornness. I was speechless. It was all revealed so clearly. My daughter and I had been doing the exact same thing. We were both being extremely stubborn, so we would just keep butting heads, and not make any progress together. It told me I needed to surrender, and just take a chance at letting her lead. She is a natural leader it went on to say, and this was a way I could cultivate that within her. It didn’t have anything to do with what I was lacking, rather it was dependent upon my strengths as a parent.

The Health Analysis floored me. She had been getting very upset, and I would try to “fix” it. Console, talk it out, just make it better. It said that I was teaching her to suppress her emotions. She was in a stage of experimentation and she was trying them on like hats. It suggested that I let her experience each of the emotions completely, so she could move through them and understand. I never would have seen this before. I just thought I was doing something wrong.

Now that I have had time to apply all of this, I have seen dramatic changes in the dynamic of our relationship. We cooperate, it’s amazing. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our days, as all parents and children do. It’s just easier, because now I understand what’s going on within her and myself. The difference is that now, I have the tools to do something different, and the awareness to use them. I am so grateful for all your guidance and expertise with the Intuitive Reports. As well as the focus sessions you offer. I will highly recommend the sessions to all the parents I know. I will also be using the Health Analysis for my daughter and myself in the future.

Thanks again,

Letter #2:

Stephanie and husband Chad are parents to four children and the owner/provider of a licensed and accredited Family Home Daycare

My experience with the Indigo Parenting Session:

BEAUTIFUL! Moon Valley Ranch is so wonderfully beautiful, relaxing, inviting. A true blessing! At one point, as I set on the front steps reflecting on my experiences, I found myself overcome with so many emotions. I affirmed, right then and there, that I will create this environment in my life - I want it to last forever.

Loving, attentive, welcoming, casual. Angels sent to assist in this major parenting event that I knew was going to help in ways that no psychologist, psychiatrist, or otherwise has ever done. So knowledgeable, so available - whenever I needed & wanted.

Organic meals. Freshly prepared and such a tasty, filling compliment to the atmosphere I was already experiencing.

The workshops and Intuitive Reports have been such blessings in my life - invaluable tools in my “toolbox of learning”. I received the Parenting Profile which describes the significant mind pattern present in my expression of parenting AND suggestions on how I can aid in my childrens’ soul growth. Finally, an excerpt in the universally sought-after “parenting manual”.

I also received a Health Analysis for each of my four children; ages 2,8,12 & 14 years old. The Analysis’ tell exactly what it is going on in my children’s entire system - mental, emotional, and physical. So instead of wondering ‘what is really going on with my child? How can I best help them?’ I JUST KNOW!

As a parent to four children and an owner/provider of a licensed and accredited Family Home Daycare, I have been to many, many lectures, workshops and conferences on parenting and children. None even compare to the outstanding quality of the Indigo Spiritual Focus Weekend at the College of Metaphysics. Thank you!

I send you my prayers and gratitude for all that you have graciously given,



Letter #3:

Debbie is a special needs teacher, mother of two, stepmother to two teens, and wife to Larry.

Dr. Barbara

I came home from school so excited to share with Larry my experiences with dream interpretation. From the Parenting session I realized the value of journaling. I use journaling every day in my classroom. I thought why not take it a step further and bring in dream interpretation as well as well as ideas that reflect learning about their inner self. I had the idea from last year when my students started talking about their dreams. I started to talk to them about what their dreams mean. I would write them down and bring them home. Larry's expertise would help me to interpret them. I was just amazed at their interest. So today I gave them the starter question, Do you remember a dream and it just ran from there. One thing I noticed was that not one of my students expressed that they didn't have a dream to share showing me that children remember their dreams easily.

What happened next was just incredible to witness. I sat down with them individually and had them read their dream, then together we picked out the symbols to interpret them. I usually have my students illustrate their writing and color the illustration. One little boy who appears unmotivated and lethargic had a dream of sleeping and thinking about many different things as he expressed in multiplication, subtraction, spelling etc. The conclusion we drew from the interpretation was that he could choose to learn. Through the course of one day he was making choices to learn and was very productive. His whole demeanor changed. He made the connection very quickly that he wanted to choose to learn. Each time he expressed a choice to learn I would poin it out. He took a spelling practice test and reversed two letters in one word and the rest were all correct. This is a big improvement!

He was more conscientious about his choices and I saw a physical change in him from looking tired and lethargic to looking bright and interested. I was amazed to see such a dramatic change in the course of one day. As I interpreted other dreams students were asking questions and their illustrations showed an even deeper insight of their thinking. I had a Dreamers Dictionary to use and I thought how wonderful it would be to create a Dreamers Dictionary for children. The kids were so excited and very insightful with their questions and connections. They absorbed like sponges and what a difference I saw in them. This energized me and as a result I was making all kinds of connections and ideas were flowing from one to the next. Things like teaching to the whole child, lectures in the schools on dream interpretation and Indigo Children, essential life skills etc etc. Our school has clubs after school so I thought about a Dream Interpretation Club where Larry and I could create and teach together. I also recognize how important it is to create an openess for the community to receive.

Larry gave me some ideas and I would love to receive ideas from you. I did a concentration exercise yesterday and today the kids were asking if we could do another. We did and I was amazed at how still they were, even my students with attentional skills were very still. There is so much in my mind right now that I just want to share. I would love to hear your thoughts. Larry and I send our circle of love.

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