Parenting the Indigo Child


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Parenting the Indigo Child

Two Tools every Parent Needs

Do you know what your child’s life purpose is?

Do you feel like you have difficulty reaching your child?

Does your child have incredible energy and willfulness?

Are you able to give what your children most need?

Do you know how to access inner wisdom to guide your children?

Do you feel at a lost on how to make a change in your relationship with your child?

Do you know how to cultivate your child’s innate brilliance and potential?

This weekend will help you answer these questions


Hello. I live in New York.

I am pretty sure I have an Indigo child. My son's name is Dermott. He is 5 years old. He is having "behavior problems" in school almost every day. So far, as of the beginning of his Kindergarten year, he's had more "bad" days than "good" days. His teacher says, however, that he is way advanced than the other children in the class. He is obviously very intelligent. (Pre-K did not go well, at all, either).

Let me give you a little background on my son. I remember when one of the parenting magazines had a pull-out of black and white patterns which they claim babies like. Well...Dermott, at two weeks of age, took to these patterns like a shot. I remember that tiny little hand, rolled into a tiny little fist softly hitting the pull-out, which I had attached next to him on the couch. He could stare at it for long periods of time. He looked transfixed. I knew then that he was something special.

However, I went into severe Post Partum Depression and we had to send him to my husband's mom for a month. Dermott was a very unhappy newborn. Nothing could please him. When I finally started meds and therapy, he came home. At this time, he was 2 1/2 months old. He was a very happy baby then and has been a very happy soul ever since.

He began walking at the age of 10 1/2 months and no one showed him how. He just got up and went all on his own. Wow!

From the beginning Dermott has been challenging, exhausting, defiant. His spirit is powerful and so is his will. He is a living, breathing ball of energy and light. His determination is an almost tangible thing. His eyes glitter with intelligence and mischief. He is wonderful and amazing and the love of my life.

But, lately I am feeling the wear and tear of his energy. He is overwhelming and I'm so tired. He says he hates school. He doesn't want to be there. I believe he's bored. But what am I to do? My husband and I cannot afford either one of us staying home to home school. We both need to work. We have no choice. His teachers seem to truly like him despite his behavior, but I know they don't understand him. The problem is, I don't understand him either.

I have started getting very angry with him. I am feeling detached from him. I know I love him. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel so extremely helpless. No type of punishment works. Taking toys away from him, taking favorite TV shows away from him, making him stay in his room. We've talked to him, begged, pleaded, yelled, talked nice. Tried to reason with him. All out of sheer frustration and nothing gets through to him. He lives on Planet Dermott and he is the King. He has even said, "I'm the boss and I do what I want." Imagine my dismay. As a child, I was beaten by my mother. I simply cannot fathom doing something like that to my child. I want to break the chain.

Dermott seems to be a rather selfish little being. He doesn't seem to have compassion for anyone other than himself. If he's in trouble, he will change the subject. He will pretend nothing is wrong, because on his planet, if he doesn't acknowledge it, then it isn't so. For example, the teacher told my babysitter that Dermott was writing on the classroom fridge. My husband and I were trying to talk to him about it. So what does he do? He looks out the window and says, "Look. I see the Moon." Completely shutting us out. You must understand how extremely frustrating this is!

I feel as though I'm giving up hope. I'm so lost as to how to deal with him properly. This boy has potential I can only dream of. You look into his eyes, and it's all there to see. But, I just don't have the strength to do it alone. My husband is as lost as I am. We need help. We're afraid the school will ask us to remove him.

I know you are in the Midwest. I live in New York. Is there anywhere here that I can go to for help? I have heard of the Intuitive Analysis and the Health Analysis. I think that maybe we three (Dermott, my husband, Phil and I) can benefit from it.

Please understand. I love my son. I want the best for him, but we are not wealthy people. But, I will do what I can. Dermott deserves better than I had.

I await your prompt and kind reply.

An exhausted, but willing Mother,

Every day we receive a letter, phone call, or email like this one. Each day we strive to offer guidance and counsel to parents like these.

One of the best ways we have of aiding the Indigo parent is this session,
offered only in October each year.

The session opens Friday evening when Dr. Barbara Condron introduces you to the longstanding benefits of Intuitive Health Analyses for children. This is in preparation for receiving an Intuitive Health Analysis for the child of your choice. This analysis will be given in your presence by reporter Dr. Sheila Benjamin. Afterwards conductor of the report and author of Permanent Healing Dr. Daniel Condron will offer each parent counsel on their child's report through the evening.

The next morning Barbara, author of How to Raise an Indigo Child and teacher/developer of Taraka Yoga, will lead a Taraka Yoga experience helping each parent to reveal insight and awaken consciousness as a parent and teacher entrusted with a soul. From identifying the seven major challenges of parenting to imaging self as a parent and self as a son/daughter, this series of mind explorating exercises will unlock understandings of parenting that may now be dormant within you.

The Health Analysis floored me. She had been getting very upset, and I would try to “fix” it. Console, talk it out, just make it better. It said that I was teaching her to suppress her emotions. She was in a stage of experimentation and she was trying them on like hats. It suggested that I let her experience each of the emotions completely, so she could move through them and understand. I never would have seen this before. I just thought I was doing something wrong.....

more about Health Analyses on children

...they began to give the Parenting Profiles. When it was my turn to go and sit before the reporter, I was ready to face my fears. What the report revealed to me was astonishing. It said that I parent from a place of concentration, and therefore power. It is when I misuse this, that it becomes stubbornness. I was speechless. It was all revealed so clearly. My daughter and I had been doing the exact same thing.....

- W. Wells (mother of a four year old daughter)

“We see as this one becomes more cognizant of the nature of the soul and its purpose for existing and begins to accept the reality that the offspring have chosen herself as a guiide and as a teacher, it will become easier for this one to respond in that light. There are many images of mothering that this one draws upon. Some are productive, some are not and this one needs to learn to distinguish between the two, choosing those which are in alignment with this one’s growing consciousness and allowing those that are not to be let go. For it is in the maturing of the ideal of parenting that this one will begin to find her own wisdom.” (4-8-00-BGC-4 ) Excerpt from Parenting Profile Intuitive Report

Later in the day, each parent will receive a Parenting Profile intuitive report to help identify mind patterns for parenting. This intuitive report, not available elsewhere, is an integral part of this weekend. The Parenting Profile gives a unique and valuable look into the mind of the parent, addressing the significant mind pattern active in how one parents. It illuminates the influence the parent has upon the child even when not in the child's presence. Through a Parenting Profile you see yourself through your child's eyes while receiving feedback on what is and what is not working to produce your desires as a parent. Parenting Profiles free the mother and father to realize how their highest hopes can be realized and why in the present they may seem to lag.

Each person will stay at the Moon Valley Ranch on the campus. After the weekend, time is available on Sunday for other intuitive reports that participants might want.

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Each Parenting Profile includes the answer to this question What suggestions will be given for this one to aid (his/her) offspring’s soul growth? For a parent, the response is invaluable. Everyone desires to be a better parent. This sessions provides the knowledge, wisdom, and mental tools to do so.

"This would be in overcoming the inertia of the Self, the tendency to allow the definitiveness to rule, rather than the movement of consciousness. There is a very strong desire that this one has to aid the soul progression of the offspring and not necessarily a security in how. As the reasoning is strengthened within this one there will be the responsibility initiated that will give this one the freedom to be secure and to respond to the needs of the child rather than to project this one’s own thinking, accurate or inaccurate upon the child. This is one of the reasons why the open mindedness, the still mind is indispensable." (4800bgc5)

–from a Parenting Profile, responding to the question for suggestions in aiding the child's soul growth

This session is mentored by Drs. Barbara and Daniel Condron who have extensive experience in teaching souls from before birth through all stages of life and into the transition of the soul's exit from physical life. Since moving to the College of Metaphysics in 1990 and the birth of their son Hezekiah in 1995, they have experienced firsthand how to employ spiritual-mental-intuitive abilities in responding to the children of today. Some of what they have learned is chronicled in Dr. Barbara's book How to Raise an Indigo Child. (To purchase, click here ) You will have time with them together and separately.

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You can also request an intuitive Health Analysis on your child for Sunday morning following the close of this session. This enables you to be present for the report and ask questions as they arise. It also enables you to talk with the reporter and conductor following the reports for further counsel.

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Who should attend:

Anyone who parents a child who displays high self esteem, strong integrity, honesty, directness, and is highly sensitive. Has a sense of mission and exhibits it early. Will not be dissuaded once head/heart is set. Demands choices and right to make them. Excessive energy leads to quick shifts in attention. Bores easily. Needs emotionally stable adults, constant loving. Innate healing abilities. Drawn to group thought when need arises, will not be isolated. Developing being.

When to attend:

Now. The present is the only moment we have and these children naturally live in the present. They resist being out of the present time, not wanting to put off til tomorrow what they can do today nor dwelling on what they had yesterday that was so great. Your understanding of today, now, is paramount in responding to your child. How much you know about attention and how to direct it will in large part shape the person you are with your children and to some extent the person they are becoming.

Why attend?

Because you love your child and want to give him or her the best. The greatest gift you can give is YOU and this session is designed to put you in touch with yourself, what you have to offer and the ways to give it to your chid. The Parenting Profile

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Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Barbara Condron

Dr. Daniel Condron


Parenting the Indigo Child

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You can also request an intuitive Health Analysis on your child for Sunday morning following the close of this session. This enables you to be present for the report and ask questions as they arise. It also enables you to talk with the reporter and conductor following the reports for further counsel.

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