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Morning Son, Daughter Indigo Family Odyssey Diary for 2005 continues



Saturday, July 23 River Day

“On the entire canoe trip I was amazed at the beauty of the land. The scenery was breathtaking. It was a wonderful time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and all of life from the beautiful trees and foliage to the amazing rock cliff formations to the delightfulness of the children’s laughter as they played and splashed for hours. The entire trip was truly magical.” – Stacy Ann Ferguson, 25, college grad

“I loved playing with the kids on the canoe trip! I seemed to take on the role of ‘water toy’ for the kids and it was a fabulous time. I was also very grateful for the opportunity to be canoe partners with Lucy and Blaze helping them to enjoy the ride.” – Shawn

The College Garden is a quarter of an acre. Filled with kale and carrots and potatoes and cabbage and all vegan wonders, it flourishes under the daily care of a dozen students. By this time of year we are reaping the rewards of weeks of effort. It is wonderful way to integrate the children so they learn the source of their food is the earth, not a grocer. “Saturday evening we invited all of the kids to join us college students in our daily watering of the garden. Leah was a fabulous waterer and fruit/vegetable picker as she clung to Jennifer Childers weaving her way through the lush vegetation. Leah experienced a connectedness with the plants who were very grateful for her service and love. In response to her generosity, the plants freely and unconditionally gave of their fruity goodness allowing Leah to pick them for a ceremony held moments later near the Peace Pole. Everyone gathered into a circle as Leah taught the large and curious group about the intricacies of kale, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, beets, and beans. Everyone received a bounty of fresh veggies some even partaking of this organic goodness during the presentation. Everyone loved it!” – Shawn

Walking in My Shoes
“I was amazed at how close you can feel to someone after walking in their shoes. Brian and I are just getting to know each other. Brian followed me and right away he commented on me being in a hurry, trying to catch up, purposeful, tense. It was amazing because Dr. Dan had talked about this with me earlier in the day and Brian understood as he ‘walked in my shoes.’ As I followed Brain I felt like I was merging with him, seeing and being like him as I matched my walk with his. It gave me a great sense of connection with him that I had never had before. I could feel his thoughtfulness with the way he walked and the way he could get lost in his thoughts, and his gentleness. It was amazing. Afterwards the connection to Brian remained. He told me that he felt much closer to me also.” – Karen Mosby, 49, nurse and current college student

“When I followed five-year-old, soon to be six, Leah walking like she does and giving her feedback about my experience doing so, I experienced such playfulness and joy. It was like being a kid again - carefree, fun, a little self conscious but not too much, and just plain free. When she followed me and walked like I do she made a handful of comments about her experience. The last one and the one that was most significant was “deep thoughted.” Out of the mouth of babes will come truth. I experienced such gratitude for this precious and pure minded perspective - feedback - on who I am and how I interact in the world.” – Jesse

“As the sun sank into the fields leaving a dazzling palette in the western sky, we moved to the campsite for dancing. Many cultures use poles or sticks for rhythm. Tonight, we learn how to move through the pattern created by the coming together and the separating of the sticks. Each person takes a turn. Some are spunky yet clumsy. Some are brave and daring. Some are skilled as if floating above the sticks. Some study the movement for a long time before attempting the dance. Each has their own approach and with each progressive try, the support of the whole group is palpable. We hold our breaths as people move into the dance and applaud as they move out. Laughter is abundant as night time falls around us. No on wants to stop. This is the final night, before we reach our Odyssey destination.” – Dr. Barbara

Sunday, July 24 - The Peace Dome Experience

“The Peace Dome experience began with the Sunday morning community gathering called “Peacemakers”.When 10:30 came, only a few of us were gathered in the Peace Dome for Peacemakers. We wanted everyone present before we recited the Prayer for Enlightenment, so we began with a song – “Peace in the Garden”. This song was written two years ago by a group of college students in their first week of living on this land. It is an amazing song praising and revering Mother Earth for her richness and bounty. There are mudras, meaningful hand gestures to perform that express the energy of each phrase. Several of the women joined in singing and in this sacred dance movement as more and more people entered the room. By the end of the song there were three dozen people gathered in a circle ready for the peace prayer.” – Dr. Barbara

“Peacemakers was the culmination of the entire weekend. It was as if everyone had had a very good meal and was quite satisfied with their experiences. College students and Indigo Odyssey mentors were joined by the Humphrey and Pawlus families in the Prayer for Peace, singing, an impromptu play and then a discussion of the weekend.
For the families attending, this enriched their experience. John Pawlus spoke of his experience watching his five year old daughter Leah share the fruits of the garden the previous evening. Luci Humphrey spoke of the gratitude she felt for the acceptance of her children and the care and attention given throughout the weekend.” –Dr. Terry Martin, 40something faculty member and medical lab technician

The Peace Dome
“When Luci Humphrey got up to tell of her experience throughout the weekend she became very emotional while talking. She expressed how grateful she was that she had found a group of people where her children were accepted for who they are because that wasn’t always the case at her children’s school. I realized what a great need there is for families to gain an understanding of what they can do to deepen their connection with each other. I also realized how hungry children are for the kind of experiences and affirmation that they receive here in the School during these weekends. The pace was very relaxed and based on the time schedule of the kids. The ceremony in the chapel was a great way for everyone to affirm the divinity within themselves.” – Karen

“I had an experience in the dome during the closing ceremony unlike any other I have ever had. I experienced everyone in the dome as a being of light. It was as though we were part of a sacred ceremony in which we were aligning with higher energy to activate creation. The figures in the center of the circle were slightly elevated and drawing upon and channeling everyone’s energy. I had the immediate impression that it was a past life recall from Atlantis. I felt that we had all been there, creating together many times before and that this was indeed a sacred ceremony. I also felt that this was an experience of what the experience looks like from a much deeper level of mind. It was an incredible experience unlike any other I have ever had that was built from all the energies of the whole weekend. It was also incredibly cool getting to play drums with Dr. Laurel.” – Adam

“This weekend was a creation in progress as we experienced the first Indigo Odyssey Weekend. Hearing the gratitude expressed by the Humphrey and Pawlus families during PeaceMakers brought knowing to me of how much Indigo families need the Indigo family experience. Being together in an environment of love, compassion, friendship and truth was extraordinary. We have been part of brightening their lives and ours are better for having done so.” –Dr. Terry

We look forward to next year!

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