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Superconscious Meditation

Experience the Ancient Art and Science of the Still Mind

Session mentor Dr. Daniel Condron author of many books including


"timeless ... awesome ... illuminating ... life changing ... rejuvenating ... awakening ... beautiful ... loving ... inspiring ... peaceful ... incredible ... unifying ... gratifying ... fulfilling ... renewing ... healing ... rewarding ... encouraging ..."

"supportive ...special ... profound ... relaxing ... needed ...appreciated ... surprising ... insightful ... stimulating ...nurturing ... clarifying ... secure ... joyful ... transformative ...genuine ... heartening... mind expanding ... uplifting ... thought provoking ...memorable..."

"I loved the different forms of meditation and connecting with your higher Self. These are practical applications you can use anywhere, any time, and any place. ... everything was lovely!" -- TPope, business owner, Houston, TX


To resonate with love, delight, peace, or clarity means we have aligned our consciousness with the soul. Just how this occurs is the focus of the Superconscious Meditation weekend. What we use every day to experience life’s journeys are the same pathways into spirit, turned inward. On this inward journey, we have everything we need once we become aware of and know how to use our innate potential.

Author of Superconscious Meditation Dr. Daniel Condron and author of 7 Steps to Deepen Meditation Dr. Pam Blosser will teach you what you need to know to open what the Tibetans call the Wisdom Eye. You will learn the simple postures, the power of breath. You will walk the labyrinth and participate in the ancient zen ritual of the tea ceremony.

You will learn the Stillpoint FocusTM that invites the mind to come into sacred sound. No matter why you meditate or where you stand in your meditation, this weekend will unite the simple and profound in your life and in so doing bring about a marriage of the mundane to the transcendent.

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When to attend this session...

When your doctor has told you need to slow down if you want to stay on the planet a bit longer. If he's told you it would be good for you to meditate, but he hasn't told you how. When you’ve never meditated before and want to learn how, When you want to deepen the state of your current meditation, When you want to learn how to live meditatively, When you want to experience the power of group meditation. When you want the benefit of personal instruction and attention for your posture, breathing, mental state, and focusing.

Why attend this session.....

Because you want to live longer, healthier, better, happier, more connected, more alive, more appreciative, more grateful, you get the idea. There are reasons why millions of people on the planet meditate every day. These are just some of them. What will you discover?

Who will find immediate ways to use what they experience this weekend.....

Everyone who attends. From the pressured CEO to the car bound soccer mom to the laid-back college professor to the professional who is supposed to know all the answers, every person will find their life transformed.

Letters from previous participants in this session.....

"This weekend is so appropriately entitled Revelation. Through deep reflection and meditation, so many new ideas and awarenesses of my innermost thoughts have come. The Meditation Evaluation was so awesome for it gave me a very clear direction upon which to focus and an image to hold in mind in my journey to the light.
Thank you to everyone who created these weekends and gives them to the world. This truly is a transformational experience." -- L Yeingst, registered nurse, Oklahoma City, OK

"I am so happy I decided to attend this weekend. I have a feeling of [having] completed a search I have been [on], looking for something. I know now that by receiving I can feel worthy and by using my emotions and listening I can go to a higher plane of understanding. This is the answer I have been looking for in my life.
It was a wonderful weekend, relaxing, quiet and pleasant company. It was like being at a resort. Making new friends and having a perfect time in all ways was great!" -- B Beets, retired/ grandmother, Eaton, Colorado

"This weekend has been more helpful than I had hoped for. I had hoped to at least relax and regain some focus. In addition to that, a specific area for improvement was identified and ideas for furthering that work. The mentor was extremely helpful and her wisdom, compassion, and equanimity tied together the experiences and she helped to answer many questions. This weekend has give me hope for a legitimate structured route for continued learning. Also the food and accommodations were absolutely wonderful. Thank you all. -- P Voth, police officer, Burrton, KS

"This weekend was great. I found it gave to me exactly what I needed at this point in my life. The best part for me was having the opportunity to witness the intuitive report first hand. The intuitive report was an amazing gift, in it contained information that is critical for me to understand and incorporate into my consciousness. Thank you for the opportunity to be here." -- T Shirk, sales, Chicago, IL

"The Revelation weekend was very inspiring to me. It helped me regain my sense of inner peace and connection with my inner self. I highly recommend this weekend for anyone desiring peace and connection with the Divine." -- T Coleman, college student, Windyville, MO

"The experience of living in communion with creation and the Creator was a natural part of the whole experience for the Revelation Weekend. ... The Intuitive Analysis was given with profound love, truth and honesty and it was done by dedicated, disciplined people who serve in the truest sense of the word. The mentor’s gentle wisdom, giving and listening and providing guidance speaks highly of her dedication to her duty to help the individual towards enlightenment. Thank you." -- C Chapman, Denver, CO

"I would like to thank you all for a wonderful weekend. The wisdom and insights I received from this weekend has long-standing and life-changing effects for me. The feeling here is of love, sustenance and profound wisdom. Your teachers have and will make me a better teacher for those I am privileged to teach. I would love for everyone to have this experience at least once in their lifetime. -- M Corliss, referral relations, Des Moines, IA

"This is my third weekend at the School of Metaphysics, and like the others, it was great! The intuitive report was helpful in pointing out specific areas I need to focus on to achieve harmony between my inner and outer mind. The weekend session had just enough structure -- planned meditation areas, but the freedom to choose the order and amount of time. The mentor is a wonderful facilitator, thoughtful, focused, and emits wisdom. A joy to be around." -- Susan Brown, registered nurse and health care administrator, Des Moines, IA

"I can’t wait to return and to share this peace with someone else as a gift of my love." -- M Leddy, counselor, Des Moines, IA

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Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Pamela Blosser
Dr. Barbara Condron
Dr. Daniel Condron

by special arrangement

Superconscious Meditation

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Sessions are $600.00 per person. Weekend instruction including the intuitive session, organic meals and two nights lodging at Moon Valley Ranch inclusive.

Amount enclosed____________Please make check or money order payable to School of Metaphysics.


Mail to: School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Road, Windyville, MO 65783
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