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To all people desiring greater awareness of the essence of healing, this is for you.

I want to share with you an experience I had four years ago at the College of Metaphysics. My greatest capacity for causing health and wholeness in mind and body was revealed. The significance of that weekend in March, 1998, is more apparent now than it has ever been. I’m talking about the Spiritual Focus Weekend on Influence - 10 Essential Life Skills.

My teacher at that time encouraged me to attend this session and so I saved my money and reserved a space for myself at the Moon Valley Ranch. I rode up to the College of Metaphysics with three ladies: a massage therapist/computer technician, the director of the Dallas School of Metaphysics, and a former buddhist nun/reiki master. When we arrived we meditated and settled into our rooms for the night. I was excited like a child on Christmas Eve because I knew that I was going to receive a specially designed Intuitive Report the following morning that would reveal my strongest capacity for healing and wholeness.

Intuitive Reports are similar to the readings by the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. Intuitive Reports are given by a team of two , a reporter is unconscious yet able to access the storehouse of knowledge in subconscious mind. The conductor is awake and is responsible for directing the consciousness of the reporter. The insight I received in the Intuitive Report, the Healer’s Portrait, continues to provide me with direction as to how I can best aid another to be whole. This helps me to stay centered in who I am as a soul.

Each person in the group received a Healer’s Portrait. We derived a lot of insight into the nature of healing by hearing and discussing each others’ reports. The report first identified and individual’s greatest capacity for healing. Curiosity, devotion, comfort, generosity, and affinity were the healing qualities of the people present. Zeal, imagination, and tranquility are other healing qualities I’ve heard of from the reports. Each report gave a detailed description of how these qualities were first developed and how the individual uses his or her healing capacity.

The latter portion of the Healer’s Portrait focused on how we could fulfill our healing potential. This is where we received awareness of how to make the changes necessary in order to achieve a much higher degree of enlightenment.

The weekend was full of activities centered around healing and wholeness, using the whole Mind. We sang, danced and synchronized our breath with a partner among other things. Even our meals were focused on healing (fresh fruit from the orchard, veggies organically grown in the garden, and livestock raised with loving tenderness.) The mentor of the session was an individual who had completed the formal coursework offered in the School of Metaphysics, and had received a Doctorate of Divinity, a Doctorate of Metaphysics, and been certified as a psi-counselor. All of our physical needs were attended to so we could devote all our attention to exploring the new awarenessess revealed by our Healer’s Portraits. This was definitely not a retreat, but an acceleration of our spiritual growth.

We all wanted to stay forever, but the session had come to an end and it was time to go home. This experience was just the beginning. The mind expanding truth given in the Intuitive Reports is timeless and continues to bear fruit long after the moment of its deliverance. Even as I write this letter to you, I understand more now than I did before.

I hope you will sincerely consider attending this Spiritual Focus Weekend. I know it will expand your awareness of what healing is and enrich the lives of all who come in contact with you. To reserve a space for this weekend call the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters in Windyville, Mo., at (417) 345-8411. I hope you are able to attend.

I send you my Circle of Love

Adam Campbell

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