Giving your Marriage a Spiritual Focus


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Giving your Marriage a Spiritual Focus

"I am the most fulfilled that I have ever felt in my life." – Debbie on their way home from this Spiritual Focus Session

Living and Loving your SoulMate

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Dear Dr. Dan and Dr. Barbara,

I wanted to thank you both again for a really wonderful and life changing experience last weekend at the spiritual focus session on Sacred Marriage. Both Debbie and I have been putting the practices we learned to use and we are having so much fun using the I Ching that you gifted to us.

I wanted to share a couple of things I experienced over the weekend. One thing that I paid attention to over the weekend was the movement or change of energy. I noticed on Saturday morning at the breakfast table there was a male(aggressive energy) in both seats at the head and the foot of the table.

On Saturday morning we worked at seeing how we had developed our picture of what marriage should be from people and experiences during our childhood. Pretty much all of us had experienced male dominated marriages and that was the picture or image alot of us had developed. One other thing that happened Friday night was we looked at our most repeated argument and received feedback on how to change our thinking on this. And we also got a chance to see how silly the argument was and we got a chance to laugh at ourselves.

As the day progressed Satuday morning and as what we had learned so far sunk in I saw the attmosphere soften. Then at the lunch table I noticed at the head and foot of the table were two females(receptive energy). What this told me was we were opening up to listening and receiving information from both of you and also from our partners. We continued to listen and process this information and then we received our "Intertwinning of these souls and their connectedness in love and devine friendship" readings. What an awesome experience! I watched as each couple received theirs going from apprehensive to awe inspired.Then it was Debbie and my turn and I felt the same way as I walked to our seats. I was apprehensive and excited at the same time and then I heard a reading that has trully changed Debbie and my relationship.

We have connected on a deeper level and learned to appreciate each other in a totally new way. We spent the afternoon transcribing these readings and receiving them on a deeper level. Debbie and I took the longest to transcribe our reading in fact we didn't get it completed before we had to meet and discuss them ( I don't know if Debbie and I being in the bedroom on the bed had anything to do with that or not) HEE HEE! The time we spent just getting feedback and hearing the other couples present helped me to just open up and receive. It was time to share dinner and I was so grateful and appreciative that both you and Dr. Dan had dinner with us that was a treat beyond words. And lo and behold I noticed at the dinner table a male(aggressive) at the head of the table and a female(receptive) at the foot of the table. What this now told me our group was starting to incorporate our learning into our relationship. We were finding a balance in our interactions with our mate. We were truly becoming a match made in heaven. Thank you both so much for all you gave to each and everyone of us.

I will treasure this gift all my life and beyond.

With love and appreciation

The Sacred Marriage Spiritual Initiation weekend was a truly phenominal, life changing experience. I want to Thank Drs. Barbara and Dan Condron, Teresa and Ernie and the couples there for the individual gifts you gave to make this a whole and fulfilling experience. I can't put into words that feeling of being innerly filled with happiness. It's kind of like "My cup runneth over." I felt this all weekend, more so when I left and continue to feel it.

The astrology reports that Dr. Barbara gave helped to reveal new understandings of self and extend into understandings of others. We are excited about getting our charts done and wish to do this for our family. It was such fun having Barbara and Dan act out our commonarguments. The importance of humor in a relationship and being able to laugh at yourself was brought out, as well as a new way of dealing with the challenges in a relationship. We are seeing each other applying these methods and the difference it makes. There is a feeling of resolution involved that wasn't present before.

The Intertwining of Soul's Report is beyond words. I am in awe of Dr. Barbara's and Dr. Dan's abilities to reach those inner depths of the soul. This reading brought out the strengths of our relationship which felt so good because it was so validating and brings out awarenesses that become a knowing. It gave us productive ways to deepen our relationship and the relationships with our family. Having the tape and the transcription gives us continuing access of the tools given to us, to truly deepen our relationships.

The Inner Yoga - Kingly Union (I'm not sure of the spelling of the proper name) was an experience to a deeper connection in our relationship. I felt a real healing power happening for everyone involved when we looked at the relationships our parents had. Listening to everyone's experiences as well as my own made me realize that we have the power to create our present relationships the way we want them to be. They don not have to be connected to the past, in fact we can learn from our parents and create from our own perspectives. Active creation in a relationship is what makes it loving, strong and whole.

The I Ching from Dr. Dan is a gift to treasure. I am realizing its impact more and more as we continue to use it. We were already using it on our way home from the weekend throwing our coins on the floor board. The insight and deep sharing that it stimulates makes it a valuable tool for learning.

The physical parts of the weekend were enjoyable and very much
appreciated. I love being at Moon Valley and the peaceful setting that it provides. Just being there makes me feel special, valued and pampered. The food was delicious! In fact I wouldn't mind having the recipes for that zucchini type slaw that Dr. Pam Blosser made on Friday night for dinner and the pea salad and broccoli casserole we had on Saturday night. I very much enjoyed the meal conversations we all had together.

I am so grateful for the valuable learning and continuing application I received from the weekend. The Souls from the School of Metaphysics keep opening new doors for my spiritual learning and growth that touch my life in ways that I have never known. Thank you. I am grateful that you are a part of my life.

Debbie Hudson

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