Kundalini Rising Impressions


What happens during this Spiritual Focus Session?

Kundalini Rising

Each Spiritual Focus Session at the College of Metaphysics affords three School of Metaphysics students an opportunity to attend through serving the needs of others.

This is Ivy's experience.

Kundalini Rising

Spiritual Focus Weekend
a server's perspective

As Tanya and I drove from Indianapolis, Indiana to Windyville, Missouri to the Kundalini Rising Spiritual Focus Weekend I was so happy to have the quality driving time with my student and to know that she was going to receive some of the highest form of nurturing on the planet. We were servers for the session. This meant we helped the staff at the College of Metaphysics to prepare the space and the food for the session and to help the other participants. We also were recipients of the multi-dimensional experiences the session provides. I saw it as the best of both worlds, a giving and receiving, and later I came to realize it was the same world.

We arrived in time for dinner -- the perfect timing. If you’ve heard anything about being at the College of Metaphysics you may have heard how great the food is. It is this way not only because of all of the beautiful organic home grown ingredients, but the love and attention that goes into the preparation. People here really practice what they teach. And what is taught is love and attention.

After dinner Tanya and I received this attention as we asked Dr. Dan Condron about some questions for our transference of energy report, the intuitive report given at this session. He was generous and wise in his counsel. We were both looking forward to the reports, Tanya with a desire to be more aware of her healing energies and I wanting to better understand Self healing so I can teach others to do the same. The report is designed to tell us how the energies move through our chakras and how we can have greater wholeness and longevity.

We were blown away by the reports. At the same time we experienced a stillness and accompanying peace that comes when truth has been given and received. I received answers to questions I’ve had for many years such as why I’ve had exhaustion as a companion most of my life, and how I can more wholly reveal and give who I truly am. Patterns were revealed to me that have been deeply established in the members of my family, I now know what they are and how to evolve them. Tanya, with eyes even brighter than usual, said that from her report she sees more of the whole picture of what she has to offer. We both knew that we would be assimilating this information for awhile and that the weekend was going to help us to do that.

The next day we spent preparing for the session. I have been to two spiritual focus sessions prior as a participant, so I remember how special all the little details such as special plates and cups, towels set out on the bed, and the sheer beauty and serenity of Moon Valley Ranch where the sessions are held, are for people. My heart opened as we began to “prepareth the way for the lord”. We could feel the attention of the people coming as they got closer to the campus. Christine Madar, part of the staff at the college who gave us the majority of the direction we needed to serve, said that feeling those coming is a frequent experience here as people move closer and closer to arriving for big weekends. It was a neat experience to have!

The group for the session arrived. They were in awe of how beautiful everything was. Dr. Barbara Condron one of the mentors of the session welcomed us with a mind-opening introduction to Kundalini and the chakras. She spoke of this society, how much pain it is in even though we are so affluent and wealthy, and how important it is for people to truly understand kundalini energy. With understanding we can create wholeness instead of falling into disease. She also prepared us well by asking what we have come to fulfill with the session and giving us information and insight to do so.

Saturday morning the group received their transference of energy reports. Wisdom poured forth from the intuitive reporter's mouth. One report described how one of the members held back their energies for fear of being hurt. What was offered was the need to understand the nature of hurt and accept its presence for growth and healing. This is just an example of the soul perspective these reports offer. What Dr. Dan offered with this is that hurt is often because of misunderstanding, therefore to understand others we need to still the mind and receive their communication more completely by seeing the pictures that are being described.

As we were preparing dinner after the reports Dr. Pam Blosser asked us what we were learning about energy. My response was that giving of the true Self is the most life-giving thing to do. I had often heard that life is motion, yet the understanding of this somewhat eluded me. I’m learning that by having a high ideals, responding in the present moment, and giving my complete thoughts and ideas the cycling of the energies is more complete and fruitful.

Saturday night Dr. Barbara gave a multi-dimensional experience with the chakras. It was awesome! One of the wise things she said in talking about shame was that “our sense of should comes through as sense of shame when our attention is outwardly focused. Inwardly it connects you with your soul.”

She also spoke of the polarity within each chakra. For instance the heart chakra has the polarity of refuse and allow. So the mind can go back and forth between the two in a desire and need to understand equanimity. I’m going to memorize the polarities she described with each chakra so I can check where I am at any given time and produce greater wholeness there.

Sunday morning we completed the experiential part of the session with a “Living Hologram” held in the Peace Dome. This is a wonderful connecting experience that I think everyone should have. I heard people leaving the dome sharing how light they feel or how they had always desired to understand true connection with them Selves and others and they just did.

The bonds that are created at the Spiritual Focus Sessions are eternal. Each person left having experienced a greater understanding of their Self, a deep appreciation of those who they grew with and learned from within the three days. One young man said he felt reborn as if everything was new. Another person said she thought the School of Metaphysics has it all, beauty, abundance, creativity, love and that she was so glad she brought her friend to experience it too.

Dr. Laurel Clark one of mentors for the session voiced how enriching it was for her to not only see people come for their own enlightenment but to aid others to have the same. That’s what we are here for right? To aid one another. My experience now tells me that giving to others in the highest way we know is one large leap to our own enlightenment.

Thank you.
Ivy Norris

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