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What is this Spiritual Focus Session like?

Kundalini Rising

CONNECTEDNESS....sense of humor.....unity......purity...I kept writing.

CONNECTEDNESS....together.....everything.......ties.... My attention was very focused.

CONNECTEDNESS......one...circle of love...beauty. There they were. The nine thoughts reflected back to me from the other participants about connectedness....

This was the final session of the Spiritual Focus Weekend on Kundalini Rising. This was the first time this particular weekend had been offered at the College of Metaphysics, and I was very excited to attend. Spiritual Focus weekends are special weekends offered throughout the year by the college that are focused around a central thought like this one on Kundalini Energy or how to use, harness and direct our creative energy. These weekends are very unique because they offer experiences that lead me to a greater understanding of myself as a spiritual being. Experiences I can take home with me and use in my daily life. I especially like the fact that people come from all over the United States attend these weekends, drawn together for the purpose of gaining greater insight into themselves.

People attend these sessions for a variety of reasons. They are looking for answers, wanting new direction in their lives, a renewal of their spirits, a connection with others of like mind. I had been aware that I had difficulty getting things done in my life. I started projects but seldom completed them in a timely fashion. As the director of a school, I found that I had difficulty getting the cooperation of others to help in the school. I have great ideas but difficulty getting them completed. I wanted to understand energy, how to use it and direct it. As a student of the School of Metaphysics I had the opportunity to sign up for this weekend as a student server. This allows me to apply what I have learned about serving others and I can experience the weekend at the same time. I served with two other students Ben Wheatly and Terryll Nemeth who also had a strong desire to learn about their creative energy and to serve others. Terryll and I arrived early Friday morning to make sure everything was ready for our guest. We cleaned and helped prepare the evening meal. Ben came later. He was picking up two of the guests from the Springfield Airport.

Our guests for the weekend arrived Friday evening at the College of Metaphysics which is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. They were welcomed by the Terryll and myself and the college students, the Doctors and staff. They received a wonderful meal prepared with organically grown food that is produced right at the college. After supper I helped transport our guests to the beautiful Moon Valley Ranch where Dr. Daniel Condron was waiting to start our first session.

Each weekend is hosted by a mentor that provides greater understanding into the weekend’s focus, in this case, how energy moves in the body and how we control that energy. This weekend’s mentor was Dr. Barbara Condron. This is one of the reason’s I wanted to attend this weekend. She has an excellent understanding and much experience in the maintaining energy in her life. She was aided by Dr. Laurel Clark and Christine Madar. Friday evening Dr. Daniel Condron gave us greater insight into the energy centers of the body known as chakras and how they move energy in the body. What I like best about these sessions is how open and relaxed the environment is. It encourages you to ask questions and share new ideas.

Saturday morning I woke up in great anticipation for the day. Dr. Barbara Condron gave us experience with the breath and how it moves energy in the body. She also helped us see where we were at in our lives, how we recharged ourselves, and where we were headed in our life. This all leads up to the much anticipated intuitive report that is provided during this session. The intuitive reports are done by a conductor and intuitive reporter team who access the inner subconscious mind through hypnosis for the wisdom and insight stored there. All the participants sit in on the session and are able to ask any specific questions they may have or to clarify any questions about their own report.

Different weekends have different focuses so the reports are different at each session. I have attended several of the weekends and have learned the value of these reports in helping me to move forward in my life. What was provided this weekend was the Transference of Energy Report. This provided an in depth look at how I use my creative energies and the thoughts and attitudes I have that prevent me from accomplishing what I want. It then gives suggestions on how to change these thoughts and attitudes to better serve me. After the readings, participants listen to the taped recording they have been given of their report and they transcribe it. There is time for each of us to reflect on the significance of our reports. Saturday evening Dr Daniel Condron went over each report helping us to apply the information from the reports to our lives.

Through my Transference of Energy Report, I learned that I need to complete what I start. The report stated that, “There is difficulty in the connection in this one’s thinking and the expression of it in the outer sense...There is the tendency for this one to initiate things and then to feel they go out of her control. And we see that in an effort to regain them, This one pulls back and retards the energy.” It also talked about my strong belief, “that when she is on her own, then it is very easy for this one to manifest what is desire. It is when this one is in interactions with others, she feels inhibited or restricted....”

I realize that allowing more people to be a part of my life, to connect with these people would help me to keep from feeling overwhelmed. That was the theme in my report, connectedness. It has to do with self-respect. I need to ask questions, to ask for help, to allow other in, and to expect it will be returned to me. My usual fear is that people won’t help or I don’t want to bother them. This is very limited thinking, and has kept me isolated most of my life. Dr Daniel Condron helped me to understand that to keep energy moving, I needed to think of what I can give to people individually rather than focusing on me. By giving to a cause bigger than myself, I can release the attachment to the fear of what people think of me or how they will respond to me. This frees up my creative energy to be used productively.

Ben learned from his report that he needs to hold onto his highest ideal to move his energy. He often has ideas that excite him but he looses interest in the project once he starts to act on the idea because he forget the image he was forming. Terryll developed new awareness about surrender and the quality of receptivity. She related to a lot of what she received in the reports to what she knew about herself. It was amazing how similar the learning was within the group.

The information contained in these reports is life altering. I left the weekend with a greater understanding of how I can use my creative energies to develop the life that I want. It's not about creating the physical things in life. I have found those things to be temporary in their fulfillment. It's about who I want to be as a spiritual being, as the creator of my life. My goal on this earth is to serve humanity, this is my highest goal. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this weekend and the guidance offered by the reports and the Doctors. It has given me the direction I needed to progress in this life. Thank-you.

I send you my circle of love, Karen Mosby

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