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When to attend this session...

When you are ready to create your life, get your life going. When you have created a life and realize there is not movement in an area (work, relationships, family, creativity, self-fulfillment, health, prosperity, etc) that holds importance for you. When you want to extend your knowledge of energy, the chakras, and creation. If you have had unexplained happenings in your life (such as being at the right place at the right time but not necessarily always when you wanted to be, or instaneous healings). When you need to know what you are talking about or what you are doing when you are helping others who are coming to you for guidance.

Why attend this session.....

To move from believing to knowing concerning this greatest creative power known to man. To identify your areas of strength and weakness in being able to manifest what you want. To learn how to respect, harmonize, align, and draw upon this power to heal self and others. To gain understanding and mastery of acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and other lessons in compassion. The Transference of Energy report, received during this session, is alone worth the cost of the session. It will tell you how you are utilizing the chakra energies in your mind and how this is effecting the body.

Who will find immediate ways to use what they experience this weekend.....

Those experiencing the completion of a seven year cycle: age 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, etc. Anyone who has experienced puberty or menopause, be they male or female. Anyone who is experiencing the effects of Earth changes and the quickening of intuitive powers. Anyone in a healing capacity from doctor to nurse to practicioner to counselor.

Thoughts from those attending this session....

Joan Mills, retired computer programmer, Champaign, IL:
You are all beautiful people and you attract beautiful people. I was so glad to feel completely safe talking to anyone here about my concerns and insights. Safe talking is important to me. I need to know what to say and how to say it concerning spirituality because I have suppressed or talked to hostile audiences for so long. I heard key your response to the situation and use a relevant personal story. A relevant story has a special appeal. I was reminded over and over of what I have learned, but here it seems like the only best way to do things, here “use your reversal to know”, “clear your mind to allow” are everyday things.
I just reached another seventh year, age 63, and I needed more assurance in my new spiritual direction. The classes help. but working with the research results of the doctors of metaphysics here is another dimension, not available to me elsewhere. Dr. Barbara’s book isn’t published yet, but I get the information directly from her. And it told me what I needed to know -- to let go of “doubt” and “sacrifice” in favor of “mercy” and “gratitude” if I am to bring my “wisdom” and “will” into line with my goals, my creativity. I have been too willing to “sacrifice” the goal if the mind had “doubts”. I now have permission to use the “wisdom” I have -- there is “mercy” to be honest and make the effort. And to communicate with “gratitude” what I have. When the chakras permit, the healing energy can flow. The more we use the energies we have, the more can come.

Tina Coleman, massage therapist, Tulsa, OK:
This Spiritual Focus Weekend was amazing. The identification and realization of how the pairs of opposites trap us into believing what is “good” and “bad” and how this affects our lives and decisions. Realizing this and being able to apply this in my life will be very freeing and rewarding. Thank you.

Rosanna Harpest, 5th grade teacher, Aurora, IL:
This weekend focusing on energy transference has brought about great changes in how I see my own limitations and my opportunities for working on them and creating my greatest desires. The gift of knowledge from the readings was so on target and the suggestions and understandings have given me exciting ideas of how to enact new ways of being, thinking and acting and also how to transform those that no longer serve. Interacting with others and gaining such great knowing and understanding from all the teaching reinforced again the power of each moment and what can be learned from experience. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and the love with which it was given.

Damian Nordmann, bogus check coordinator, Oklahoma City, OK:
At first I wanted to say that I have been reborn, however that’s not entirely accurate. I feel like I am about to be reborn. I feel like I am entering into a new probability, an opportunity to see and experience my existence on a new plane and level of being. I am eager to discover who I will become.

Amy Pawlus, office manager, Columbus, Indiana:
As with everything at the School ... this weekend was just what I needed, when I needed it. My feeling is that my eyes have been opened a little wider and life will be different because of it.

Butch Walter Crotty, equipment operator, Pleasant Hill, MO:
I enjoyed the weekend very much. I have always known what my weaknesses were but never how to address them. I only hope I can keep this faith in the world of macho construction where I reside. I’m sure I’ll be able to. Think of me often. Thank you.

Larry Whitten, retired law enforcement, Lake of the Ozarks, MO:
This session has offered me another opportunity to get better acquainted with myself and higher consciousness. It’s up to me to take the next step.

"This weekend of creativity has expanded my awareness into unlimited opportunities of experiences...Great food was always enjoyed and so healthy/organic! I feel that this session would be beneficial to all, especially physicians who desire to create more with all aspects of their life." -RMiller, Springfield physician

"Awesome! Creativity is the hub or core of who we are and what we do. It is an essential weekend...wonderful people, great food, phenomenal surroundings, a fabulous mentor, and gracious hosts and hostesses. I would love for everyone to have this experience at least once in their lifetime." - MCorliss, Des Moines

“I really enjoyed my intuitive report, I learned how I need to integrate my upper and lower ( chakras) centers. I also learned a way to do this. I got a lot from the meditations with mudras and the holographic one. I really love this place, thank you.” –– Aaron Krieshok, student/musician, Lenexa, KS

To read a Transference of Energy Intuitive Report, click here.

"What I gained from this weekend are answers to how I can move through limitations that I have created. I am very pleased with what I have received. I love these intuitive readings for their depth of answers and guidance." –Cheryle Lichtenberger, counselor, Naperville, IL:

Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Barbara Condron
Dr. Laurel Clark
Dr. Daniel Condron


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Sessions are $600.00 per person. Weekend instruction including the intuitive session, organic meals and two nights lodging at Moon Valley Ranch inclusive. One hundred percent of the proceeds for this weekend go toward the building and maintenance of the world's first Peace Dome. Mentors donate their time and expertise.

Amount enclosed____________Please make check or money order payable to School of Metaphysics.


Mail to: School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Road, Windyville, MO 65783
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