Kundalini Rising


Spiritual Focus Sessions, April 13-15, 2007

Kundalini Rising

"Saturday night Dr. Barbara Condron gave a multi-dimensional experience with the chakras. It was awesome! One of the wise things she said in talking about shame was that 'our sense of should comes through as sense of shame when our attention is outwardly focused. Inwardly should is conscience connecting you with your soul.'

"She also spoke of the polarity within each chakra. For instance the heart chakra has the polarity of refuse and allow. So the mind can go back and forth between the two in a desire and need to understand equanimity.
I’m going to memorize the polarities she described with each chakra so I can check where I am at any given time and produce greater wholeness there."

Drawing on Chakra Energies
to Balance Head and Heart

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising opens with an evening with the author of the book, Dr. Barbara Condron. She shares insights based upon the research she has conducted during the past decade particularly in the area of the relationship between the chakras and kundalini energy as they are expressed and developed through cycles in our lives. These seven year periods are windows of opportunity for major shifts in consciousness and genetic advancement.

After giving a general overview of what Kundalini is and how it expresses through each of us, Dr. Barbara answers your questions. Then she leads you into experiential practices to distinguish content of consciousness from state of consciousness, an important knowing for each person desiring to fully use their energies.

The next morning, Dr. Laurel Clark, your host-mentor, will teach you how to court mystical experience through guided imagery and sound. Sounding “Satyagraha” will unify your attention enabling you to enter into the inner levels of mind.

The Transference of Energy report follows breakfast. Intuitive clusters, intelligent matrices that comprise your soul, are intuitively read for the Transference of Energy report given as part of this session. The incredible clarity of information conveyed in this report is unparalleled. How do you use your energies to produce the reality of your life? If you have read about the chakras and wanted to know more about your own, this is the session for you.

After dinner at the College of Metaphysics, Dr. Barbara leads you through the Life Bagua. The Life Bagua is a concept she has been developing through training psi counselors to aid people to use their natural and supernatural abilities to create a better life. Drawing upon principles 5000 years old, you identify the areas of strength and weakness in your life, enabling you to see where energy needs to move and why. Through contemplations you learn how to receive and channel chi (life energy) to move your life in the direction you desire what promotes it. From appreciation to grace, here are the lessons we can learn from how we channel our energies.

“The Transference of Energy reports are the future of intuitive medical diagnosis!” Linda Yeingst, R.N.

“...a life changing experience. I received insights into aspects of myself that were hindering me from fully experiencing life. More importantly, I received tools for making changes that would heal these aspects.” ––– Susan Walter, President, American Holistic Health Association, Yorba Linda, CA

a glimpse of Kundalini Rising

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"My weekend at the Kundalini Rising Spiritual Focus Weekend was as always the most fulfilling weekend of the whole year. It renews my hope and faith for humankind, experiencing love in the highest form; unconditional. I have received the best tools or knowledge here. I have gained understandings they don’t teach in regular school. My purpose is, as always, to teach others, or pass on information -- as they seek it. I felt especially rewarded to have brought another soul in contact with all they’ll ever need to progress as a soul." – Mary Elliott, dental assistant, Pleasant Hill, MO:

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Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Barbara Condron
Dr. Laurel Clark
Dr. Daniel Condron

April 13-15, 2007


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Sessions are $600.00 per person. Weekend instruction including the intuitive session, organic meals and two nights lodging at Moon Valley Ranch inclusive. One hundred percent of the proceeds for this weekend go toward the building and maintenance of the world's first Peace Dome. Mentors donate their time and expertise.

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