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"This weekend was awesome! Creativity is the hub or core of who we are and what we do. It is an essential weekend...wonderful people, great food, phenomenal surroundings, a fabulous mentor and gracious hosts and hostesses. Thank you for continuing to help me be the best I can be.”
-- M Corliss, referral relations, Des Moines, IA

Your Genius Code!

Realizing Your Creative Potential

“Metaphysics has changed my life and given me a reason to live. I now see that creativity is essential and I have more understanding of what creativity is. The weekend gave me direct and easy-to-understand ways to enhance my creativity. Thank you so much.”
-- D Schachtner, dental hygienist, Des Moines, IA


“I learned more about how I think this weekend than at any other time of my life!” exclaimed participant Tad Messenger.

The Genius Code opens with an evening with Dr. Daniel Condron, author of Superconscious Meditation. His groundbreaking research into how we think, why we think that way, how we can fulfill our desires, and why sometimes we don’t tells you what you need to know to understand your experiences and create greater success in your life.

The Secret of Leonardo enables you to function on higher levels of consciousness. Dr. Barbara Condron teaches you how to think like artist, scientist, visionary, inventor, master creator Leonardo Da Vinci! Da Vinci wrote in his journal that the average human “looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odour or fragrance, and talks without thinking.” Through simple exercises you are able to experience more fully. Synthesia, as the ability to wield mental attention is called, is the basis for every creative endeavor. These exercises in creativity will give you the means to identify and develop your unique talents and abilities. Dr. Barbara Condron then teaches you how to rule time with the Kalesvara mudra.

Accommodations at the Moon Valley Ranch are like a home away from home. Damian Nordmann is your host throughout your stay. He awakens you Saturday morning for contemplation time and dream interpretation over a freshly prepared breakfast of organic fare. Every night we are free to explore the inner planes of our existence. Sometimes we remember these out-of-body experiences. These memories we call dreams. Dreams are personal myths –– personal messages presented in a Universal Language older than human man. Learning the basics of this language empowers you to communicate on more than one level of consciousness –– whether awake or asleep. Dreaming can be your passage into subconscious realities. From mind to mind communication to simultaneous dreaming to prophecy, dream states have been a respected source of inner sight for centuries. You will come to claim this intuitive power throughout this weekend as the authors of The Dreamer's Dictionary and Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery lead you through practices that will answer your questions.

Your intuitive report for this session is the Creative Mind Analysis. Here is where your personal Genius Code will be accessed and described to you in detail. Visualization enables you to identify the spiritual lessons in your everyday experiences. Your Creative Mind Analysis is a special intuitive report identifying how, when, where, and why you draw upon the inherent creative potential within you. Suggestions are given for bringing forth and cultivating your genius. Offered only during this sesson and to School of Metaphysics students studying the third cycle of lessons, the Creative Mind Analysis will tell you what you need to know to access the Laws of Creation on your behalf. Conductor of the intuitive report, Dr. Daniel Condron, will assist you in getting the most from your report.

After dinner at the College of Metaphysics, Dr. Barbara leads you through the River of Life. Over the course of several hours you are given the time and space to reflect upon how universal experiences have affected you throughout your life, how they have molded your outer personality. The River of Life is a powerful life transforming tool. Designed for the ultimate in mind communication, the River is your life journey, what you think and how you feel about that journey, and a creative self evaluation that cleanses the mind and soul. Identifying the life changing events around you and within you offers new ways to view who you are and the incredible power you possess for creation.

Once completed, your River of Life is interpreted in the language of the soul. By integrating what was learned in your intuitive report earlier in the day, your inner purpose comes forward and you can more clearly see where you have come from and where you are going.

This session is designed for the creative thinker, the lucid dreamer, the adult Indigo who has always believed s/he is talented and gifted in ways that exceed the norm. Come into your full awareness of your creative potential this weekend at the College of Metaphysics.

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Who should attend:

Indigos....young and old.
Those who have always been bright or outstanding while putting forth half-hearted effort.

Those who know there is more to life than what they have been told or settled for.

Anyone who remembers flying dreams, visitations, or recurring dreams.

Anyone who experiences lucid dreams and other subconscious experiences during the dreamstate.

Anyone who sleep walks, talks, eats, etc. and wants to know why and how to control it.

Anyone who is creative and ready to move beyond the roller coaster of spontaneity.

Anyone wants to know the mechanics of creating a fulfilling life.

Anyone who wants to learn the oldest language known to man.

When to attend:

Those embarking upon a new phase in their life or who need stimulus to do so will find this session inspiring. Those who have remembered dreams since childhood or who have profound dream experiences now will learn what they need to know to take those experiences to a new level. Those who want to understand the children in their care better or who are in a position to aid the sick or dying will learn amazing tools that will help them connect, understand and guide others.

Why attend?

To learn life skills public schooling never taught you. To understand the creative power of thought in your life and in the lives of others. To be able to say more to your child who wakes from a nightmare than, "It was just a dream." To meet the people who give you To talk with the author of the Dreamer's Dictionary and others who have been using their dream experiences for self awareness for decades. To find out, through the Creative Mind report, how you can more fully use all of your mind potential.

Letters from those attending this session on the creative ability of the mind.....

“This weekend was special because if has made it easier for me to open up and love. I feel a connection with each soul from the love and awareness that we have shared this weekend.” -- L Hudson, business owner, St. Louis, MO

“The incredible part of this weekend has been the valuable insight... In clarifying my own inner self and its values I have come to realize just how much we are all united in mind and spirit. ” V Howe, teacher, St. Louis

“I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge which has benefitted my soul growth greatly. The kindred spirits were the heart of it all. The Creative Mind Analysis gave me awareness of my creativity and methods to expand and to develop self confidence. The mentor was amazing in bringing forth the application of our intuitive reports which gave such clarity. I learned that I do possess creativity and have much of real value to offer others. This weekend has been an inspiration to me and the love I have been surrounded with will always be a part of me. The food and pampering was wonderful. Thank you so much for such a creative and beautiful experience.” D Wolz, teacher, St. Louis, MO

“I have changed!” L Murphy, professional athlete, Canon City, CO

“It’s been a very transformative weekend. I’ve received guidance to make changes needed for some time. I have an image of how to change myself daily.” T Martin, lab technician, Chicago, IL

“I came having no expectations, and I’m leaving with a new insight into myself. I’m not the same as who I was when I arrived. With the support and unconditional love from the group -- my new friends -- I embraced this new knowledge and am looking forward to a much happier and fulfilled me. Thank you.” J La Pointe, Business Owner, Toledo, OH

"I enjoyed the Creative Mind intuitive report. It helped me see where by greatest creative potential and genius lied. The report and all the practices throughout the weekend helped me see how multi-faceted creativity is." -- J Higgins, ship captain, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

"This weekend of creativity has expanded my awareness ... The food was great, healthy and organic... I feel that this session would be beneficial to all individuals and especially to physicians who desire to create more with all aspects of their lives." -- Dr. RMiller, osteopath, Springfield, MO

"I am extremely happy with all aspects of the experience....I am so pleased also with the staff and the warmth and love being generated and sensed. I can only say that the School of Metaphysics has firmly honed the intricacies of presentation and compassion and empathy of those of us less aware. It is so highly appreciated. ..." -- T. L. Petersen, vibration analyst, Bettendorf, IA

"I was expecting change this weekend and to find out more about myself, but what I learned was more direct and challenging than I thought it would be. I found out that being creative is more than what you can do with a paintbrush, it’s more than the physical. It’s about being you and being comfortable with yourself. I have many new ideas about how to do this from this weekend and a very powerful report that can aid me in achieving my creative genius." -- TColeman, restaurant supervisor, Columbia, MO

"Being here has helped me to realize that my deepest feelings about my existence are related to my soul’s search for understandings. I came to realize that the process of creation is ... using the basic energies of giving and receiving; therefore, Creativity is the ability to use those abilities in a productive and directed way to create a better quality of life for myself and others. It comes down to letting myself be an instrument of God and realizing that that is the most important reason why I am in a physical body... I thank everyone and everything... from today I will become an instrument of God and I will share my light and my love." -- P Salazar, hotel clerk, Arlington Heights, IL (originally from Chile).

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Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Daniel Condron
Dr. Barbara Condron
Damian Nordman

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Sessions are $600.00 per person. Weekend instruction including the intuitive session, organic meals and two nights lodging at Moon Valley Ranch inclusive. One hundred percent of the proceeds for this weekend go toward the building and maintenance of the world's first Peace Dome. Mentors donate their time and expertise.

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