Your Soul's Purpose 2004


Spiritual Focus Sessions, September 7-9, 2007

Your Soul’s Purpose

What is your mission in life?

"timeless ... awesome ... illuminating ... life changing

... rejuvenating ... awakening ... beautiful ... loving ...

inspiring ... peaceful ... incredible ... unifying ...

gratifying ... fulfilling ... renewing ... healing ...

rewarding ... encouraging ..."

Mentor Dr. Laurel Clark (top, left) giving a presentation during the 2003 Manifest Destiny session and participants of this session in the Peace Dome.

"supportive ...special ... profound ... relaxing ...

needed ...appreciated ... surprising ... insightful

stimulating ...nurturing ... clarifying ... secure ...

joyful ... transformative ...genuine ...

heartening... mind expanding ... uplifting ...

thought provoking ...memorable..."

September 7-9, 2007


What is your personal Manifest Destiny?

Underlying the ordinary, everyday experiences is a significant force for good. We call this superconsciousness. Each of us is connected to the Source through this omnipresent mind.

Dharma is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning Duty. Beyond the physical responsibilities in our lives are spiritual forces that impress themselves on our psyches, thus pulling and pushing us toward certain people, places, and things. When we cooperate with this inner homing response, we are content and at peace with our purpose for existence. Fulfilling your Dharma is opening yourself to the realization that you are a channel for superconscious energy. The Dharma Portrait you receive during this weekend will scan your lifetimes to identify the vibrational frequency that is uniquely yours. This is the “gift” you have to give to the universe -- generosity, caring, enthusiasm, encouragement, discernment, initiative, loyalty, empowerment ...

“The dharma is the means by which this one has expressed the Self, and, in this expression, then an expression of light that has added to the whole of creation. ... therefore, this one’s influence within the whole of creation does cause there to be a quickening and an aliveness within that particular expression of energy.” (From a Dharma Portrait 1132001BGC1)

During the weekend you’ll participate in group dynamics and creative challenges that will show you how being who you are benefits everyone and enhances any situation. Through contemplation, journaling, meditation, mind maps, discussion and fire purification you will learn how to tune your vibratory pattern to harmonize with the universe.

If you have ever wondered why you are here or had a profound sense that you are here to do something that you have yet to put your finger on, this weekend will give you specific insight into what you are supposed to be doing this lifetime so you can manifest your destiny.

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What those attending this session say....

Having my dharma consciously revealed to me through the Dharma Portrait aids me in understanding and using the dharma of joy, the thrill of creation, to bring fulfillment and inner satisfaction to myself and others, and the world as a whole. Thank you so very much, what a wonderful gift you have given humanity! T. L. Nemeth, electronic engineer, Chicago, IL

The experience I had this weekend was an enlightened and joyful one. I received clear guidance and understanding about my dharma, the spiritual duty I need to fulfill in this life. I’m much more focused now, happy and excited about the journey I’m on. ... It’s wonderful to be with people who are like-minded and holding the same ideal and vision....Shaofen Ai, acupuncturist and chiropractor, Palatine, IL

The information is extremely important and useful...spending a weekend focusing on one’s dharma with other people doing the same can be a key to change my whole life and self. I really am the most grateful for having people who could help me understand my dharma and for having a clear, simple way to keep learning about my dharma. Just having that gives me a lot of peace of mind. I feel like I have much more direction and self-understanding. Jonathan Duerbeck, graduate student in forestry, Columbia, MO

I have just had one of the most memorable weekends of my life. It was spiritual, loving, comforting, enlightening, bonding. We had a wonderful, powerful energy going around for the whole weekend. ... I’ve gained a lot of insight this weekend -- and it is just the beginning. Thank you! L. Katz, computer programmer, Armonk, NY

Who should attend:

Anyone who yearns to know their purpose in life.
Anyone who believes that there is reason for being that is greater than themselves.
Anyone who wants to know their destiny and how to fulfill it.
Anyone who is searching for a career that will be personally satisfying and will help others.
Anyone who knows they are talented and wants to best use their talents in the world.

When to attend:

During times of life change: approaching college, graduation from college, changing occupations, nearing retirement, thinking of making making a major move, considering marriage, preparing to start a family, when children are grown and ready to “leave the nest,” approaching the astrological Saturn return (around age 29 and 58), after a revelatory intuitive happening like a near death experience, when looking for a new direction in life.

Why attend?

The Dharma Portrait resonates with your soul, helping you to be centered in what it means to “be yourself.” This weekend clarifies what you have to give to the world, what keeps you from manifesting your Spiritual Duty or Destiny, and how you can change. You will discover how to be fulfilled in any life endeavor and how your very being can bring fulfillment to others.

More feedback....

“Learning what my dharma is has not only empowered me but has opened the door for communication with my spouse. I feel our relationship will grow as a result of my growth... I will definitely recommend this experience to others.” — G Ferguson, legal secretary/office mgr/grandmother, Columbia, MO

“I would recommend those individuals who are truly searching for enhancing their own spirituality to attend this course Manifest Destiny. ... May more physicians experience their own spirituality from within.” — R Miller, D.O, osteopathic physician, Springfield, MO

"I didn’t know what to expect from this weekend experience. I learned a tremendous amount about myself, my relationship to others, and my relationship with my wife. Also, I somehow had a strange familiarity with many people at this retreat. It has helped me to have a better understanding of my dharma and how to work with others to stay closer to my soul’s purpose. It gave me more clarity [as] to my purpose here during this lifetime. -- L Claps, inventor/designer, Lake Forest (Chicago), IL

"This weekend has helped me to understand the silence between the words and thoughts. It has encouraged me to open myself to silence, to invest in the truth of silence. I now believe concentration is the key I’ve been looking for. I will recommend this session to others." -- B Dalton, sound engineer, business owner, Boulder, CO

"I am especially fortunate to have had three previous readings prior to this weekend. My past life profile was just a few days prior to the weekend. To see how the readings overlap and re-reference aspects of my personal history has given me additional perspective on my dharma report. While the information provided and the dharma report itself stand alone, additional impact and benefit are gained, in my opinion, from using the weekend as part of one’s study, including the other tools that the School of Metaphysics makes available. In this context I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone." -- A Woodson, chiropractor, Urbana, OH

"This experience has changed my life! I can now go on in my life knowing the right decisions to make for myself and my loved ones. I have learned so much from my teachers this weekend. ... I want to learn more! I want to tell everyone about it so they all can come! Thank you. I hope to come back some day." -- Stella Sierra, office manager, Tinley Park (Chicago), IL

"I would absolutely recommend this weekend to others. Before, I had a vague idea of what my dharma was but was unable to put my finger on it. Being able to do so has opened my eyes as to the most productive ways to put it to use. It has also caused me to understand what activities I should let go of that are not necessarily productive uses of my time. It is a great feeling to have the confidence that this new knowledge brings." -- Stephen Hawley Martin, writer/consultant, Richmond, Virginia

"Glorious, glorious, glorious! Manifest Destiny has helped me get much clearer in my purpose and my life. I am excited to go into my life and practice what I’ve learned. I would absolutely recommend this weekend to others." -- Angie Brown, mother, Louisville, KY

"The intuitive report was to the point and helped me clarify and identify the underlying purpose of my present life. (I’ve been asking for inner help with this issue for almost a year now). To experience this in a sincere group with similar intentions was beneficial, specifically for me since that’s an area I’m working with to build soul growth. Very fluid, open, well facilitated, and the genuineness vibrates... an amazing weekend. Very professional and meaningful. P.S. The lodging and meals were beyond what was promised. You could taste the love!" -- Susan Lux, massage therapist, Denver, Colorado

"Wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful opportunity to stop and be mindful of all the things that support and nurture my journey.... This weekend has given me the opportunity to return to the center of my purpose, to remember all the lessons that have brought me here, ... in an environment that is safe and nurturing ..". --- Will Glennon, founder, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, Berkeley, CA

"I have found a spiritual family here and even though I’ll be physically distant, I’ll always be connected to these beautiful spirits in thought and light!... I have been “spoiled rotten” this weekend (food! love! comfort! attention!) I feel that this weekend has given me the highest learning experience I have had ..." -- Marcia Roismann, rebirther, Erexim, Brazil

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Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Laurel Clark
Dr. Daniel Condron
Dr. Barbara Condron

September 7-9, 2007

Your Soul’s Purpose

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