You in Atlantis 2005


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"I now have a clearer picture of my soul’s assignment and the step to take in order to fulfill my destiny." EScholz, Dallas elementary teacher

You in Atlantis

Your soul existed before written history

This weekend you'll learn when and why,
and how that relates to you today

offered upon request

You in Atlantis, an evolutionary journey

A glimpse of the You in Atlantis

“Thank you so much for the experience of this weekend. I knew when you provided this weekend I’d be one of the first to sign up. It was an unbelievable experience... The weekend has really made the Atlantis time period very real to me. I feel as if I’m waking up my consciousness. ...I want to be there to help those searching to find the way to enlightenment.” –– Karen Mosby, R.N., Des Moines, IA

Join the authors of Remembering Atlantis as they introduce you to the ancient world beyond our planet's recorded history of civilization. Your journey begins when you meet with Dr. Daniel Condron for a presentation on the Four Cycles of Atlantis. Based upon years of Intuitive Research conducted by the School of Metaphysics, the connections between sacred geometry, dolphins, crop circles, pyramids, and more will astound you. A unique opportunity to ask the author your questions.

Preparation for the Atlantean Profile (to be given the next day) begins next as Dr. Barbara Condron leads you through revelatory steps that answer the question "Who Am I?" Through present time regression you discover the significant triggers that have shaped your consciousness. Mind Mapping brings you into the present for an illumined look at who you are now. Mudras (ancient postures) and the Sri Yantra, the formulaic equation for Creation, offer the means to experience the power of form. What you learn here, you can practice the rest of your life.

Archetypal images key you into "Where Did I Come From?" These meditative images stimulate the opening of intuitive memories. "Why am I Here?"

The Living Hologram experience is a glimpse of "Where am I going?" Taking part in this geometric consciousness allows you to see yourself and life from progressive viewpoints.

Then comes the Atlantean Profile, given by Barbara and Daniel in your presence, this amazing Intuitive Report seeks the compatible experience during the Atlantean time period which coincides with the rapid spiritual growth occurring in some on our planet today. Unlike anything else, these profiles are evolutionary markers for Self and humanity. Personal counsel with Daniel in understanding and putting to use your report follows Satuday evening. By the time you depart Sunday, you know your Self in ways you could neither remember or conceive previously.

Who were you during this ancient time in mankind's history?

What was your experience during the Atlantean time? How does that experience impact your present level of evolution? And what does it reveal about your destiny?

This will remember.

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When to attend this session...

When Science Fiction has always been a part of your life and you have an inner, undeniable feeling paired with sound reasoning based upon the most recent scientific facts that tells you it's just a matter of time until science catches up with the fiction. When you have a inner feeling of existence in other times and spaces.

Why attend this session.....

To learn why certain people, places, situations have always attracted, repelled, drawn, or bothered you. To know where you came from. To understand why you are here. You want to discover more about ancient Atlantis and Egypt than has been recorded. To discover the answer to the four major questions of existence.

Who will find immediate ways to use what they experience this weekend.....

Inventors, Scientists, People who have had UFO experiences, X-File fans, Star Trek fans, Writers, Philosophers, those interested in Mayan and Egyptian civilization.

Letters from those attending previous sessions...

“Thank you for giving me such an opportunity for clarity, for resolution, and for guidance. This was the kind of weekend your soul arranges through lifetimes of preparation and responding.... My Atlantean profile presented a lifetime with a specific soul purpose of highest service and showed where my forming consciousness became distracted, leading to entrapment. The detail of suggestions—really the Truth—of what I need to do now are at once highly personalized and completely Universal. I have such hope, such validation and renewed motivation to approach enlightenment, knowing there is such a supportive force in the world—The School of Metaphysics. Thank you again!
All My Love,” –– Paul Madar, Director of Development, St. Louis, Missouri

"This weekend was awesome....helped me to get in touch with my existence as a soul and spiritual being. I can operate more from love than fear, more from my heart than my head, more centered in the true perception of my being. I formed bonds that will last a lifetime." JMcCormick, Louisville computer specialist

"My experience of the Atlantean Awakening Weekend was deeply profound...a spiritual initiation of epic proportions." JCrainshaw, St. Louis entrepreneur

"It’s those very rare moments that occur in life leading you, reconnecting to your essence and purpose for being here. This weekend aided me in a simple re-focus of who I am, where I come from and where I am going, in a profound manner. I highly recommend this weekend!" Love and Light, T. Pope, Houston entrepreneur

"Throughout our eighteen year association, the School of Metaphysics has been a source of light for me. This past and first Atlantis Weekend solidified why I consider the teachers and students as my family. We all come from the same source--the same place. Atlantis--alien beings, constructing a large land mast of area, engineering mind-blowing mechanisms, and giving our history a challenge to uncover so much of our lineage--this weekend re-connects many Atlanteans and the School provides a home--a beacon for our growth as souls. Thank you. CChapman, Denver art teacher

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Read an Atlantean Profile from this session. Click here.

You in Atlantis

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