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Entrainment The A&S of Harmony

Dr. Laurel Clark: Dr. Barbara, will you describe what “entrainment” is ‘cause that word came up in several of the Intuition Reports.

Dr. Barbara Condron: Entrainment is a scientific term that was created by Christiann Huygens was a pendulum clock maker. He noticed when he would hang a new clock on the wall that no matter where it started its movement, that eventually it would move in sync with the other clocks. No matter how long the pendulums or short or whatever, they eventually all came to moving at that same vibration. That’s entrainment when everything is moving together. This phenomena is prevalent in nature. Breathing in and out is how I look at it, it’s breathing in and out together.

There is a pulse to the universe that each one of us are either in alignment with or we’re not, and you know when you are and when you aren’t. When you are, things are going great. When you’re not, everything that you touch turns to ashes. Entrainment is being able to cause that kind of rhythm within your being of who you are. One of the ways I’m really working it consciously is with MultiDimensional Living, a development we are bringing into the world. This describes so well the movement of uniting the conscious mind and the subconscious minds to ultimately reunite what is the soul. Instead of being two pieces, it’s one entity that works together.

Participant: So you’re working on what with that?

BC: MultiDimensional Living. It’s the ability to be conscious in more than one level of existence at one time. It’s being able to function in all seven levels of consciousness simultaneously. This has been an idea in the School since I first started classes in 1975. This is how ascended masters' experiences were described, functioning in all levels simultaneously, with awareness. So this has been part of the ideal that I’ve had in mind ever since I heard this idea. “What is that like?” I wanted to know, and I still want to know. MultiDimensional Living are the steps that you can take to have experiences that are on more than just one level so that you can experience your Self and existence, life, more fully. This may come in a counseling venue. It may come from a healing experience. It may come from a weekend session like this. It may come through receiving an Intuitive Report of some kind. However we can affect it ‘cause there are many different ways that we’ve devised and explored and researched through the years in the School that are culminating all in the concept of MultiDimensional Living and ways that we can help people to experience it.

SM: When you’re working toward something, a goal or whatever, is the way to make that happen to have things work together. Isn’t it kind of like letting it happen rather than trying to force it to happen. It’s like sometimes things seem to have their own time table and schedules and if you want to hurry it up, you can mess up.

BC: You change its vibration. You change what it is when you try to hurry. I see it as dancing. I see it as giving and receiving, as breathing in and breathing out. Sometimes it’s time to consciously figure it out with reasoning. Sometimes it’s time to still the conscious mind and let the intuition work and come through. It’s a complete movement. I was talking to one of the students yesterday. He’s potentially a genius in regards to music where his heart is. The talents are there but he hasn’t been able to find a focus, consciously, for bringing them out where they not only can feed him, but they can help other people. So yesterday I listened to his pieces and I would tell him what I sensed and what I heard. Some pieces were intrinsically about reincarnation. The vibrations carried you to different places and lifetimes or time periods. It opened that if you would let it. So he could create a whole album of either his journey or a universal journey. Then we talked about Atlantis, something he is fascinated with and the power of the dulcimer to rekindle memory. We spoke of aligning with Holy scriptures and allowing them to move through you into music. Then I told him one day he would create a piece of music that is the same forward and backward. That idea just really set him off; he’s still thinking about that one.
I get involved creatively with somebody like that and then my mind soars to the possibilities. I can see this command of music, of vibration, as the essence of healing. I know there are such things, and he does too. There’s a woman that he knows of who people come to, and while in her presence she makes a vibration with her voice and the people are instantaneously healed of whatever affliction. I know that’s possible. Intuitive Health Analyses have addressed epilepsy and other nerve disorders by offering specific notes on the musical scale to sound in mind or audibly when certain conditions start approaching. That’s the essence of what chanting has been about for ages. It’s to entrain and cause the mind to move at a certain vibratory rate. All of this is so fascinating and it’s our future. You know, much more that than cloning. I mean, cloning’s great but you know the endless potential of what the mind can do is just, endless. It’s fascinating to me.

Dr Dan: There’s two ways that our civilization can go. One is the development of the self and achieving that through the use of the higher mind. The other way is to do it artificially through use of technology. A lot of that is dependent on how humanity evolves as spiritual beings.

Dr. Barbara: I used to do lectures back in the ‘70’s. I’d talk about tv being a lazy man’s astral projection and the telephone being a lazy man’s telepathy. And technology has exploded since then.

Dr. Dan: What happens is when the technology outstrips the soul growth and spiritual development, then it gets misused because people aren’t responsible for using it yet. It’s just like giving them atomic weapons and all these things they’re not responsible for, guns, whatever. Giving a child a gun. Then of course if the evolution of the planet occurs first then it can all be used responsibly. That’s really how, what we need to keep in mind in developing all these things is how much has mankind developed. And how rapidly have we come to do that. And of course that’s what we’re about. What we’re doing in the School of Metaphysics is to help that to happen.

CO: The Intuitive Reports are such a helpful thing. To me, there’s nothing like them. They’re so to the core to the essence you can not ask for any more than that. Where else are you going to get that?

Dr. Barbara: And I think that really that kind of awareness comes when you have this kind of venue. Because what I’ve seen is that the people who will write in for one, sometimes they think they are totally general because they’ve heard no other ones, but when you sit like this in a group and hear seven of them every one of them is different, they're not the same and yet every one of them you can say, “I’m going to write that down because I want to remember that.” It has that universal flavor to it that you only find in subconscious mind. You don’t find it out here in the (conscious) land of diversity, you just don’t. So it particularly is suited for this kind of venue.

CO: I’m here today because twenty years ago you did a reading for me and I saw it and I understood it and it made such a difference in my life. It gave me so much. It changed the way I saw myself, and it still does. I just want everyone to know about these. .....

Dr. Dan: Giving and receiving is a cycle. The cycle’s always completed. So you look at what you’ve received in your life and what you received has built a foundation that you’ve moved in some direction towards learning and growth and fulfillment. Then at some point it’s always important to give that back out. If you think of it physically, people are raised by their parents and then at some point they get married and raise their kids. When they become grandparents, they teach the grandkids. Usually they don’t teach the grandkids quite the way they taught their own kids ‘cause they’ve learned some things along the way. That’s the process of maturity that people go through when they teach others what they know. In the School of Metaphysics we call it teaching teachers and it’s akin to parents teaching children and their children coming up and becoming parents and then teaching their children what they’ve learned, adding to the whole.
To complete anything, you have to give back what you received. To move to the next level, it’s important to even give back more or on a higher level so that then you can receive more. For instance, with spiritual growth you give completely and then you can receive completely on a higher level. The wonderful thing about teaching and sharing is you realize how much you know. I do it every day, all the time when I’m teaching the students here at the College of Metaphysics. It’s from the alignment that I practiced of inner and outer minds so more of my soul, more of my understandings, more of my awareness is coming forth. Each of you need that too because you have it to give and you have it to offer the world and it will help you progress also. That will move you from the third stage of growth to the fourth stage. The four stages are: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and wisdom.

MF: What happens then?

Dr. D.: Then you get to move into infancy again and that’s why usually people who are pretty highly developed have a sense of wonder or childlike innocence to them many times. Because they’ve moved through the four stages and they’re moving into infancy again. Dr. Barbara and I were talking about that. She was talking to me about an idea that stimulated my thinking; that that’s what senility is about when it’s not brought on by chemicals or other means. Senility is the effort or attempt to move to infancy again, because you’ve moved as far as you could with the four stages of growth. It is the mind’s effort to move to infancy again and start the cycle on a higher level. That’s the way evolution and soul growth occurs. It moves in cycles.

TN: What needs to be added so that the infancy is productive?

Dr. D: The answer is the willingness and practice on an everyday basis. Don't wait ‘til it’s already happened before you start. Throughout life the willingness to view every day as a new creation and to cause newness in the life every day is soul growth. For example, I work with the students in growing the garden, working with all aspects of it. Many of them never grew anything before. To me, it’s a new experience every year. Yes, I bring what I already know to it. Yes, I do experiments with the garden and teach the students through that. And yes, then, because of the experiments and learning I’m having, I have more to offer students the next year than I did the year before. Even though I’ve worked with the garden and been through all the stages of growth, I continue to learn. It’s still a new experience.
There’s been many new experiences with the garden this year that I’ve never had before and many experiments that I have caused that I’ve never done before in a garden and many things I’ve taught the students concerning the garden and the learning that they can have for their learning and growth and soul growth and connectedness with all creation that I’ve never taught before. When I went out with them today we picked broccoli and the first leek from the garden. After I showed them how to do that, then I have thoughts about, “Wow, there’s something else I can teach. I didn’t have them give thanks for the vegetables before they picked them from the garden." I didn’t have them do that. It’s such a part of me that I have that attitude of thankfulness when I do it, and if I didn’t teach I wouldn’t recognize that I have that as a part of me. Through teaching and offering what came to mind, other thoughts come to me about what I have to teach which draws forth out into my conscious mind the understandings that I have stored in my subconscious mind. Then the next time I work with the students, I’ll teach them more of what I have stored in my subconscious mind that they don’t necessarily have. I recognize what I have to offer, more of my understandings, and, therefore, my value, self value, self understanding, self worth, self esteem, self respect, self love. And it all comes from that fully giving, receiving the experience, and then receiving from my subconscious mind of what I have to give more than what I did. What was your original question?

TN: Thank you.

Dr. Dan: You’re welcome.

TN: My original question was what was needed to be added to the senility in the attempt to come back to infancy.

Dr. Dan: Right. So, therefore, you don’t wait for the body to try to cause it as a natural process. You’re causing the movement from one cycle or stage of growth daily. I cause myself to be infancy with that garden every day or anytime I work with it or anytime I teach with it because there’s something new that I am willing to offer from myself that I hadn’t offered before. That is the process. That’s how you cause it. That’s how you do it without having to wait for it. And that’s how you have control of the process. You have control of the process. You have control of anything through what you give. Then you can receive. That’s how you have control, through what you give.

Dr. Barbara: The other day we were sitting at a meal and an idea had dawned on me so I thought I would share it with everybody. I said, “I think it would just be so good for the world if Ronald Reagan would go ahead and outlive the Alzheimer’s, where he could beat it. I believe it’s possible because Alzheimer’s is nothing but senility. Modern experts have just labeled it anew as it becomes more physicalized. Depending on how much they’re interfering with him, that probably will be a greater determiner or factor into whether he can pull through it or not. Think about it. The man has been going through it for several years now, and he is not dying. His consciousness is present although in an altered state to the "norm." Reagan has the right kind of consciousness to pull through it, because he’s always had that sense of wonder. He continually placed himself in new positions with new people in new places. He’s such a world figure that that, in itself, could pull him through it. That would kind of upset the collective consciousness of the whole planet. "What happened here?" they would wonder. "Why didn’t this man do what he was supposed to do?"
I think more of these kinds of things are going to happen in the years to come. We’re going to have more of that kind of thing where it just upsets the apple carts of everybody’s preconceived belief systems that say "this is what has to happen." Because, it doesn’t have to happen. Everything happens for a reason, and it’s time for us to know why. Think about it. The Dalai Lama travels the world forgiving China for killing most of the people he ever knew in his life and destroying his country yet there is no hatred in the man’s heart. He even said, “Give the 2008 Olympics to Bejing” when all these other people are saying, “No, they’re inhumane; undeserving.” If you listen to what he says, people have to begin wondering how they can still hate their own brother. Where does this power of forgiveness originate? How can someone allow such atrocities? Such a voice of compassion upsets the apple cart of many beliefs. It brings you into a whole new realm of thinking, which is really good. This is the process of entraining the minds, aligning consciousness with Superconsciousness. I like what I see happening in our world.

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