The Calling: knowing your purpose in life and how to fulfill it


the truth about manifest destiny


In the religious teachings I was taught as a child, it is known as "the Calling".

It is no longer socially acceptable to publicly speak of it because it might mean you are too devout. Too inclined to the supernatural, the Godly. It might mean you have experienced something someone else hasn't, and they might be hurt, offended, or feel discriminated against. So you don't often hear it spoken of in the public arena, not in the '90's.

Yet if you listen you will hear the beckonings of the coming change. There are those who dare to speak the word. Gen. Colin Powell, a recent Presidential candidate-in-waiting in the eyes of the American media, spoke of the Calling in his recent autobiography. He says he never heard the Calling for the ministry as his mother would have liked. But he found a Calling in becoming and being a disciplined and conscionable leader of men and women.

The Calling is the unmistakable and irresistable urge -- Godly in origin and nature -- toward thoughts and actions that will serve the good of all mankind.

It is destiny that is sacred.

It is what gives meaning to life.

It is what makes someone become a doctor, not for the financial security, but for the desire to see others well and without pain. And it is the response to the Calling to aid others that can elevate that doctor to become a healer.

It is what makes someone want to teach, not for a didactic power, but because nothing compares to seeing the light in a child's, or an adult's, eye when a new awareness is born or a new skill is mastered. It is this joy in responding to the Calling by aiding others to abundance that makes a teacher wealthy.

It is what makes someone want to raise a child, not from lust or for ego gratification, but because they have so much love to give. It is the response to the Calling for the giving of love that brings them closer to their own Creator.

It is what makes someone want to hold public office, not for historical fame, but because they have a sense of the common good and a vision to embody it. It is the response to the Calling to lead that makes a statesman and philosopher for any age.

The Calling comes to every man, at some time, some place. When it comes you know it with your entire being. You feel it in your heart. You see it in your mind.

You can taste it, and smell it. You perceive the Calling with your soul. And it gives new purpose to you and new meaning to your life.

The calling is the voice of God.

You hear it in the silence.

May you hear your calling.

May you attend to it, embrace it, and go where it leads you.

1996 is the Year of Manifest Destiny.

May you manifest your sacred destiny this year.

I send you my Circle of Love,
Dr. Barbara Condron
©1996 Vol. 14 No. 1

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