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FIRST THOUGHTS on the NYC World Trade Center Attacks on 9/11/01

World Trade Center......continues.....Part III

(WTC discussion of Thursday morning, September 13th at College of Metaphysics concludes)

Dr. Sheila:  Well one of things I was thinking about when Dr. Pam was talking about humans rising to the occasion when crisis happens is the part in Genesis where God says to the woman "In pain you shall bring forth children."  It's the entrapment out here (in the material, physical plane).  We get so dulled by lots of things.   Our thinking becomes dull.  I watch Iris (4 yrs.) and Hezekiah (6 yrs.) and just kids in general and how innocent they are and how connected they are and so their expression of all kinds of emotions is very pure.  They are taught -- as humanity we are taught -- to be afraid and disconnect and to separate.  It is through these kinds of experiences that you get that kind of training because the motivation is to go inside to find out why.  Maybe if I help you I will find out why.

Dr. Barbara:  To manifest God.

Dr. Sheila:  Yes.  I thought about a lot of things when the bombing (of the Murrah Federal Building) took place in Oklahoma City (1995).  It's like it gives people permission to love one another and we always have that.  I'd gone by the Tulsa (School of Metaphysics) and Laurie (Biswell, the director) was kind of wondering what to do.  I said, "Call everybody and we will do a morning meditation."  We talked about giving a lecture, inviting people over and talking about peace.  I said, "This is the year." 
   I was serious, that was pretty much the immediate thought.  From the correspondence I've been having and the Universal Peace Covenants I have sent.  It is the year.  I said, "We have the awareness that this is what people need."  I thought about the Silent Minute (during WW II) and so that is what I shared with Laurie and Paul (a teacher at Tulsa SOM). 

Dr. Barbara:  Do you want to tell these guys what the Silent Minute was?  It's a great story. 

Dr. Sheila:  There were two soldiers during World War II who were together and they wanted to bring peace.  So as the story goes, throughout England, at a certain time, I think it was 9:00 am, I'm not sure.  Everybody in England prayed for peace.  England won the war.  They were not crushed by the bombs.  They survived and rebuilt. 
   The Germans said that the weapon England had was not a military weapon.  There was something more that the English people had that won them the war.  It was through the thought of peace running through all the people and that’s what I see that we have that the world can unite with. 
   It is recognizing the power of our thoughts that changes, that puts God in his proper place, where man is no longer making Him in his image.  Man is made in God's image and so I think it is a sign. 
   You, Dr. Barbara, were talking earlier in 2001, that this is the year.  I was thinking that.  I thought, "Man, this is energy, this is movement."  It looks destructive.  I was thinking of the kind of devotion of whoever was behind this wheel of karma to put that airplane through a building.

Dr. Barbara:  It is no different than the guys, in any of our wars, who flew those planes or walked out there on the battlefield and said, "I'm going to do this, I am scared to death but I am doing it."  Or the fireman going up in the World Trade Center Building when everyone else is headed down and out.

Dr. Sheila:  I thought of, as we were talking, I've had the opportunity to talk to some soldiers and pilots that fought in Viet Nam, and we were nasty.  What we did . . .  (pause)

Dr. Barbara:  We didn't have honor.

Dr. Sheila:  Right, there was no honor.

Dr. Barbara:  And that is why we wanted to disavow that war.  It was not an honorable war.

Dr.  Sheila:  And I see this as kind of our karmic feedback.  All of these things.

Dr. Barbara:  It is a sign of our evolvement, collectively, too.  Once war began to become dishonorable, men -- males -- could no longer demand it.  Since then our military has become defensive, rather than offensive.  It is an interesting movement.  It is a movement in consciousness and that is how it expresses.  It is us electing a president (Bill Clinton) who says he loathes the military and yet we made him commander in chief of the very military he rejected.  How do you reconcile that? 
   It is the whole change in consciousness that has been unfolding and being brought to light in the last century, since we could evolve to even have worldwide conflicts.  Military isn't what it used to be in the consciousness of most Americans.  That reality is not true for most the rest of the world.  It's not the same learning opportunity for the rest of the world.  As consciousness becomes enlightened, conflict ceases. 

Dr. Pam: Briana and I just saw the movie War and Peace and in the very beginning the Russians were going off to war.  Russian soldiers, handsome young men in uniforms.  The move is kind of a romanticized idea.  They're going off to fight Napolean.  The young girl thinks it's so exciting and then she looks at their faces, and she sees they are going to war.  They could get killed.  Her brother is going to war.  The whole story spoke of how it began kind of as this children's game, and it ends up where people see the reality of it.  And it's not a pretty thing at all.

Dr. Barbara: Which I think is what is behind those few people in other parts of the world who are rejoicing.  For some of those people that's their life.  The story of rubble in New York is their life every day, so they're very happy that all of us comfy people in America who have it so cushy get a taste of what they live like.  And I can understand that. 

Dr. Pam: That's part of our complacency: It could never happen here.  We are invincible.  I think that that's part of our karma, and why this happened,– is to get us out of our complacency.

Dr. Barbara: And out of our ego.  Out of our physical ego. 

Teresa:  The thing that is kind of my polarization is somebody from the Department of Defence was speaking and he must have repeated about ten or fifteen times during the twenty minute conversation how the people who had classified information working for the military and Department of Defence and how important it was for them to keep it classified.  At the end of that he said that being loose with that is a daily occurence.  And he related it to the media, and what occurs in the media.  I just keep on hearing and seeing information -- the highjackers, the people who were the terrorists -- through communication, with technology, the internet, email, as far as connected with people from other countries than the United States.  And how we were able to identify the highjackers was through cell phones.  From a plane to the family members. 
   What keeps on going through my mind is how we have all this information accessible to us through our technology and the development of it, and that's all it is – information.  It all builds beliefs or ideals, but what are we going to do with it?  How are we going to respond to that as intelligent beings, and as creators?  And what we are doing with it, how we are going to resolve what is occuring right now.  I mean the World Trade Center is a mass communication, most of it is done through the internet and phones. 
   The other thing that I was thinking about was, I was wondering if the guy in St. Louis who is the head of the Islamic...  There's two Islamic orders there.  One that are with the terrorists and one that are not.  Pretty much in every big city that's the why that it is.  They have divided themselves.

Dr. Barbara: Makes perfect sense.  That's how Christianity is, why would it be any different in any other religions? 

Teresa: And even then they have to protect the children who go to school there.  They have some kind of security in their temple, in their mosque.  And the value of a life to them is nothing because every day that's what they've grown up with.  They've grown up with people dying just like that.

Dr. Barbara:  And death is freedom.  It's not loss.  It's a time to celebrate and rejoice. 

Shawn: Which is just the polarization of what we think.

Dr. Barbara: So in order for there to be a discharge, for there can be some coming together in order to find balance, there has to be these kinds of things.  The charge reflects how we're separate.  Last night at the table (at the College of Metaphysics) when we were talked about Greg Braden's thoughts in Walking Between the Worlds and his Rawanda experience and how he worked that to move himself towards compassion and to understand compassion as a science and how you move your consciousness.  As we read through the thoughts he went through, I was reminded of the stages of man, and the stages you each of us go through to reach points of enlightenment. 
   I thought of the practice of Hong Sau (a pranayama breathing practice to achieve breathlessness and thus freedom from the body) that we teach in the School of Metaphysics.  The fact that those words mean "I Am He" came back to me.  "I Am He" is the awareness that, ultimately, is immediately in front of all of humanity to realize that there is no separation.  It is a Piscean lesson.  That there is no separation.  That whatever I do to you, I do to myself.  Whether it's "you" and "I" who live together, or whether it's you and I, all the people who were on the planes.  They are us.  There really is no separation.  And that is so very difficult for people to come by when the attention is caught up in external conditions, in the superficial.  So humans piecemeal the learning.  We learn something from WW II, from the Korean War, from Vietnam, from the Gulf War.  We learn from the first bombing of the World Trade Center, from Oklahoma City (bombing), from Waco (ambush), from Columbine, and now the destruction of the World Trade Center.  Experience after experience.  Human Man doles it out, instead of being able to see the whole and accept it.  Perceiving the whole and accepting it, being it, is what enlightenment is. 
   Acceptance does not mean agreement, support, or advocation.  It means allowing the possibility so compassion has the opportunity to pervade your being.  The current Dalai Lama of Tibet is such an outstanding example of this.  Such a great light in our world, as is anyone who has or who is mastering this lesson.

Christine Andrews (Anthropologist, SOM Productions Director, Intuitive Reporter, supervisor of SOMs in Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri):  I think one of the most valuable awarenesses I had is a pretty good working knowledge of what believing and knowing is.  That idea stuck with me from the first day when you, Dr. Barbara, said, "The lesson in this is the death of believing."  And it was such a clear insight.  That's the causal force, and I am listening to the talk, and the mostly I hear it described is as unbelievable.  And listening to my self and the parts of it that are unbelievable to me.  It's still a study.  What I'm still just trying to get, is how something that big changes that fast. 

Dr. Barbara:  Meaning the building?

Christine: Yeah.  I can see karmic links for me all through my existence.  I see what has been revealed to me through my Intuitive Reports: that I interpret things as loss.

Dr. Barbara:  And what an opportunity in the Mind of a reasoner to learn about interpreting.  Because you're experience with the grape juice...want to tell everybody? 

Christine:  Tuesday morning I had heard about the first plane wrecking into the building.  That's all that we'd heard.  Paul called down and said that as soon as he'd heard it.  We hadn't heard anything else about it.  I went to do something and I had a glass of grape juice and my foot brushed against something and I figured out that that was a physical stimulus and the way that I reacted was really kind of violent.  I tossed the grape juice, it went all over the computer room, all over me.  I kind of stood there and I thought and I said outloud, "Why did that happen?"  Because it was so extreme. 
   I looked down and it was a clothespin on the floor.  Why did that happen?
   I was kind of muttering to myself as I walked back in here (the great room) about how I was creating all this extra work for myself and I had other things to do that day.  I walked past Dr. Barbara in the hallway and she said, "We need to turn the TV on.  It's started."
   Throughout the morning what I realized was that that moment (that I overreacted with the grape juice) was probably when the second plane hit and that it was the energy of that, the reaction of that that just went right through me and I had no idea.  I didn’t see a plane hit the building in my Mind or anything.  I've thought a lot about it in terms of why would I be responsive to the second crash and not the first one, which is the difference in sensitivity.  And I'm pretty sure that its because the second one (crash) a lot of America saw because the television was live.  Dr. Barbara also happened to be watching it so I thought about my connection to her, and that it may have even been that, my connection to her and however it hit her.

Dr. Barbara:  What's really pertinent in your experience and anyone's experience is the ability to know how to use reasoning during these human experiences.  This is the multidimensional element.  It's not like you become a reasoner and you drop the humanity, you build on the understanding of humanity.  So you have these human experiences going on and the reasoning is what frees you understand them, so that you don't want to punch anybody else out, or you don't misinterpret, or you don't cause more problems. 
   Attention is your availability of being present-minded, and having attentiveness to what was going on enables you to link it to what is important.  Last night I kept working with consciously broadcasting thoughts and receiving thoughts because I couldn't rest to go to sleep.  Part of what was happening was intense energy was going throughout my body.  It kept getting trapped in the lower half of my abdomen, then it exploded periodically in bursts of elimination.  This went on for almost three hours.  Nausea and releasing, repeatedly.  In seeking to understand why first I turned to my own state of mind, I had to self asses and evaluate.  Once that was taken care of it, once I was cleansed mentally as well as physically, a new thought came to me.  "You are being a cleaning vessel, a cosmic vacuum cleaner."  I thought about this for some time and came to the point of realizing what I must do.  I thought, surrender to it and do your work.  When I did that then a lot of the unpleasantness wasn't there any more.  The pain was gone.
   I thought about your experience Christine, I thought about Ki's experience and just took my self to a whole other experience of what many people who are sensitive are probably experiencing right now and they have no idea what it is or why.  Therefore, they have no idea of how they can serve to help in the healing process. 
   We are beginning a healing process.  Be very acutely aware of your experiences and how much you're connected to energies that are much more overwhelming than yours are.  What has happened since Tuesday is like a big tidal wave that has gone through your mind. 

Dr. Sheila: You could experience the extremes of that Tuesday or Wednesday.  I mean it was, I've never been in a hurricane, but it was like that. 

Dr. Barbara: There was a really neat...  To a lot of people this is going to sound really strange, but two pieces of information I received; one was a woman talking about having been on a cell phone with somebody who was in the building before it collapsed.  That person that they were talking to was talking about looking for people to help in the building.  This was juxtapositioned with the people who were jumping out of the windows.  That's all they could think of to do, was the animal fight-flight thing of "let's get out of here!" knowing the probability, but still doing it.  And that compared next to the person who is going inward and looking someone else to love to comfort to help, and
   The differences that those two stories tell in awareness was just very obvious to me. 
   The moment that the building went down, all of the souls were free to leave.  They were free but in a way that was completely unexpected.  In other words these people never dreamed they would die when they went to that building on Tuesday.  Most are now in the emotional level,– just like Ki, whose eyes are wide open and he's trapped and cannot cope, can't understand it, can't describe.  Then the whole experience yesterday (Wednesday) was, not just all of us but all of them, in the emotional level going "What happened?  Where am I?"  It's the beginning of being sentient enough to ask, "What hit us?"  
   There is an incredible amount of help that we can give these souls, just in the way we use that energy, the way that we think about it, in the way that we remain connected and aware of and don't disconnect nor give way to denial.  We must remain awake, aware, conscious, resisting the temptation to numb ourselves into believing that today is just a day like any other day.  Yes today is a day but it is different because we are different.  These experiences are real so let them come.  Interpret them, that's why you have reasoning skills.  Know what you can give to it. 

Tina Coleman (COM student, correspondence study teacher, single):  That's interesting that you say that because all throughout the day yesterday I was constantly saying prayers to help try and aid those souls with that shock because it is a shock to them.

Dr. Barbara:  They gave their lives, so that we could have this experience.

Tina: And there is also something interesting.  Tuesday morning when Shawn and I came up from the barn I looked at her and said, You know Shawn do you realize today is 911, and that's our whole code for emergency?  That's what you call when you need help, and it's kind of ironic that it happened on that day. 

Dr. Sheila: Wow, I was figuring out numerologically what the influence of that day was, but I didn't think about the 911. 

Dr. Barbara:  What I would like for us to do is mobilized an effort to transcribe this discussion because I would like to put it on the internet, if everybody who spoke is agreeable to that.  I know we have perspectives that people need to hear and people are looking for, so if who wants to head it up?  Shawn.  Okay, if you will mobilize people at breakfast as to who can type when. 
   I would encourage you to read the lesson we would have studied today for it is most appropriate and will be most helpful.  It is entitled:  "Being Present: The Art of Spiritual, mental, Emotional, and Physical Concentration."  The lesson opens this way:
"Our awareness of our connection with the Creator must be such that greater Self awareness is present in the completion of a want: in our relationship with Self and others, in earning money or building wealth, in reading a book or taking a test, in the least or greatest activities and duties.  It is important that we have this connection between Self, creation, and life.
   In the consciousness of people today there is the growing awareness of the need for love among all the people of the earth.  We read about God in the various scriptures.  we imagine the Creator in the beauty of nature.  We think about God's existence through logic and reasoning.  Yet all of these are avenues of trying to find the Creator solely through the conscious mind and brain.  To view a person, place or thing intellectually or through the five senses is to view it by being separate from it.
   Cosmic consciousness is realized through perception, discipline, awareness, and unified relationship with all of creation.  When we desire happiness, joy, peace, and fulfillment, we are reaching for eternal, without interruption or break, immortal consciousness.  To seek the meaning of life encourages responsibility in life through the levels of consciousness...."

May peace be with us all ways.  May peace prevail on Earth.

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