Dimension One
Write your dreams since the bombing of the NYC World Trade Center.

Explore the meaning in these dreams....who appears in the dream.....what are they doing.....what are they feeling.....
what is the overall theme of the dream.....what is its tone......what is expected or unexpected......

Consider the following universal truths

Every dream is about the dreamer.

Everyone in the dreamer represents an aspect of the dreamer.

Each dream is a message from the inner self, the subconscious mind, the soul,
concerning the state of the dreamer's conscious awareness.

[access www.dreamschool.org for further insights into what these images mean] 


If you have a partner, spend 10 minutes discussing

"What I find hard to believe"

If you are alone, write your thoughts.

[deeply in and out three times then click here for your next instruction]

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