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The Universal Lesson of September 11, 2001

This event was foreshadowed eight years earlier in the bombing of the very same building that now no longer exists. The perpetrators had reasoned well in those years, and this time they succeeded in their mission. This is more on the physical and psychological level, the combative arguments and actions of judging right and wrong.

The much greater foreshadowing was in consciousness. This was a test, so we could evaluate how much we had learned with each lesson presented. For Americans, we had seen several such incidents in the last decade – the WTC bombing, the Waco, Texas attack, the OKC federal building bombing, the Columbine, CO school shooting. These acts of senseless violence were causing us to think, to come out of too often drug-induced mental stupors of denial and into a lucidity that admits and forgives and accepts and allows. The kind of thoughts that bring insight and illumination, that lead their owner to go beyond the goodness for self and align with the goodness for all.

One woman interviewed said she told her child “something good will come from this.” The sentiment was echoed by many in the aftermath of the tragedy. The older among us had seen another day that lived in infamy and what it had brought. Now the lesson was being presented to a new generation. “Let us pull together” became the refrain. Let us care and love and do better.

The woman’s words stuck with me. I knew them to be true, and I knew they were incomplete. Too much was left to the great cosmic forces in that word “something.” The reasoner in me was pressing to know, what good and how? I thought about it for hours, meditated and prayed. Then it came to me, quite clearly: for something good to come from this, we must learn the lesson.
Being at School of Metaphysics world headquarters during this time, I was abreast of thoughts and opinions in a wide berth. Telephone calls from around the country and emails from around the world flowed in. Universal Peace Covenants were our first response. The Multidimensional Experience concerning the events of September 11th was the second.

Initially I created this experience with those on campus in mind. The Saturday following the attack, a group of teachers and students gathered in the College chapel. The experience was designed to stimulate awareness throughout the levels of consicous and subconscious mind. The purpose was to bring resolution in a way that would entrain the minds toward productive action now. The experience was poignant for each one present. Placing the basic experience on the internet became a natural response to the many requests we were receiving asking what the School of Metaphysics’ viewpoint of the attack was. It was not that we had an official stand on the tragedy. What we did have were viewpoints of thoughtful metaphysicians from many backgrounds and an example of what we teach that could assist anyone in putting their own experience into perspective.

Multidimensional experience assists in the movement of consciousness from a state of believing into knowing. I could see more clearly how this is the universal lesson in September 11th. The lesson received by each of us is unique, accepted or rejected according to our own understandings or need. To learn our lesson requires reasoning.

It requires that our hearts remain open as well as our minds. We must learn to think with our hearts and feel with our heads. Multidimensional experiences are designed to stimulate this entrainment.

If you have yet to work through this enlightening experience we encourage you to visit our website at Instructions are given in the “Multidimensional Experience from September 11th”. Give yourself an hour or more. Then tell others about it. Do not let this experience pass you by. Do not give into temptation to ignore, or accuse, or deny, going back to business as usual. Learn from this tragedy and encourage others to do the same.

We will all be better for it.

from Thresholds Quarterly November 2001, copyright School of Metaphysics.

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