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The Lesson I Am Learning

Early in my School of Metaphysics studies, I was introduced to the concept that the subconscious mind views all experiences as learning for the soul. The conscious mind judges them as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. We can elevate our thinking to see things more wholistically, to function as a soul using our physical experiences for growth. Recent events have given us the opportunity to examine ourselves and our world from the soul’s perspective. Reasoning enables us to learn, to change, to discover the good in our experience.

The attacks on September 11, 2001 stimulated all of us to ask, “why?” “Why did it happen?” “What are the lessons we need to learn from this?” The urge to make sense of an event that seems so horrible, painful, and evil is the urge within us to know the mind of God. If we can understand how all of this aligns with Universal Law and what our soul needs to learn, then we can take steps to build understanding. With understanding comes peace.

There are collective lessons, group karma, for all of us. There are also individual lessons for each person. The Saturday evening following the attack, Dr. Barbara Condron led a group of us at the College of Metaphysics through a Multi-Dimensional Experience to learn and come to some resolution concerning our own thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the event. (This experience is available on the School of Metaphysics website,, for anyone who wants to use it for learning.) Going through this experience helped me to clarify the many thoughts that had been flying through my mind.

The lesson that came into focus for me is that God exists and there is life beyond the physical body. This is a lesson that has been the theme of much of my life for the past year. For me, the timing of September 11th was especially significant. On September 10, 2000, my husband John died. Before the catastrophic attack occurred, I had planned to do a kind of commemorative ceremony on September 11th to celebrate my love for John and to pray for guidance to give my energy to God in the highest way I can. Little did I know the form that this would take!

When John was alive, we were mentally connected, energetically connected. We often communicated telepathically when we were in different cities. We could feel each other’s emotions. John’s death brought to me many experiences to understand that we are still connected and that his spirit still exists even though it is no longer incarned in that body. My mother had a massive stroke a few months after John’s death and died two weeks later. That experience furthered my lesson in “life beyond the physical body.” I was able to use the telepathy I have developed through my SOM studies to communicate with my mother when her brain was damaged by the stroke. Knowing how to go into the inner levels with awareness helped me to know that she was doing well after her death. My good friend Dr. Sheila Benjamin’s mother died a week later. Although I did not know her mother very well, I bolted awake at 5 a.m. (the exact time she died), from a dream indicating that she was moving on. I immediately started to pray for her and Dr. Sheila and her family. I knew that they needed support and that I could offer it through prayer and projection of love. All of these experiences were connected. They all called me to move from believing to knowing that God exists and life exists beyond the physical body.

Tuesday morning, September 11th, I was driving from Windyville to Lebanon, MO (25 miles from the College) when I heard the news on the radio. The first plane had struck the World Trade Center Tower and, as I listened, the news reporter suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my God, the second tower has been hit!” Seconds later he announced that the second tower had burst into flames. I immediately wondered, “what can I do?”

Images of New York City flashed through my mind. I thought about the people I know who live in New York, my sister-in-law and 10-year-old nephew, some friends who work not far from the World Trade Center. I thought about my father who used to commute there every day and what it would be like for me if this had happened then. I imagined all the people rushing to work, concentrated in that small area, and how dramatic the impact must be. Physically far away, I knew there had to be some way that I could help.

The thought came to me right away, “pray.” I started to pray. I prayed to God to help and protect and comfort all of the souls who were involved. I prayed for everyone in New York, for those who were alive, for those who had been killed, for those who were helping, for the families and friends who had lost loved ones, for the hijackers. I prayed for understanding, for all of us to understand the lessons our souls need to learn from this. I continued to pray all day long as I drove from place to place taking care of mundane errands.

At one point I saw a vision of the earth, with points of light, like candle flames, all over the globe. I saw points of light everywhere, floating in space. In my mind, I heard this thought, “We are all in this together.” I felt comforted, and knew that God was with us. I could feel all of us in the arms of God. I could feel the energy of those who had died going up to God in a great sacrifice. I knew that all souls, whether incarned or disincarned, were reaching out to help one another. I asked to be filled with the spirit of God and to be a loving presence. I gave my love and light to everyone I met that day. Most of the people in the stores moved as if like robots, on automatic pilot, riveted to the sound of the radio broadcasting the horrible news. I imagined my light embracing each person I encountered, enfolding them with love, brightening their light.

Tuesday night, the evening of the attack, I had a dream in which my husband John appeared. He was helping all the people who were killed. I asked him, “are they all right?” He smiled and said (telepathically), “yes, once they are out [of the flesh] they are fine.” It was clear to me that those on the inner levels are helping one another with kindness and generosity just as people are here in the physical existence. It proved to me that love is eternal. It showed me that life exists beyond the physical body. Once souls are released from the body, they are fine. The beauty of this experience was manyfold. At first, when I heard the news, I felt powerless. My physical power was limited -- I could give blood, I could give money, I could even drive to the East Coast to help. But that would help only a few. I needed a Greater Power. Prayer helped me to connect my mind and my spirit to God. Invoking God’s presence centered me in the real power I had. It helped me to be calm and loving, and to connect with people who were shocked and afraid to bring them warmth.

Prayer also helped me to link the personal lesson I was learning this past year to a universal need that I can fulfill through teaching and sharing my own growth. “We’re all in this together,” I heard in my prayer-vision. Those “candle flames” I saw were souls, all connected in a great web of creation. My need to know God’s love and eternal existence was stimulated by the loss of loved ones close to me. Now, many people, all at the same time, are experiencing loss -- the death of people they know, uprooted beliefs, sudden insecurity -- it takes many forms. Asking myself, “What can I do? What can I give? How can I help? How will I learn? How can I be in greater harmony with Universal Law?” it has become clear to me that the next step in my own learning is to be a guiding light for others.

My primary lesson in this is that God is with us and that we must live with God’s presence and love in our hearts. Instead of being afraid of loss, to give completely. To be grateful for what I have. To thank God for all of the blessings in my life and show respect by giving and teaching what I know. To claim the importance of my influence. We bring about change with each moment, each thought, each deed. One person makes a huge difference. When we each accept that, we all make a difference.&Mac198;

Dr. Laurel Clark is on the faculty of the College of Metaphysics and is an ordained minister in the Interfaith Church of Metaphysics. She was reared in a suburb of New York City.

Thresholds Quarterly, November 2001, copyright School of Metaphysics.

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