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FIRST THOUGHTS on the NYC World Trade Center Attacks on 9/11/01

World Trade Center......continues.....Part II

Paul:  It is something I thought about.  In two ways.  One is when I was doing a lecture up in Chicago, I was talking about how through the years how different the mental landscape is going to be, the spiritual landscape, when people begin to understand the Universal Language of Mind (the means for interpreting energy within mind, ie. dreaming in images).  Truly what the Koran says, truly what the Bible says and truly what the Gita says, all describe the same thing and one is not better than the other.  So, I thought about it in that context. 
   Also what we know about Universal Law and the way Universal Law works.  God helping them do want they need to do and helping us to do what we need to do.  There are so many implications that stimulate that -- from consciousness of the country to karmic implications, things like that.  There are so many factors involved. 
   It is real easy for you to look at your Self and see the relationships.  To look at a whole country, there are so many variables.  There are still the same principles in mind, the same Universal Laws apply.  I think God is in both places, on both sides.  To say otherwise is trying to put God into a little box.

Dr. Barbara:  Some people will only learn through watching someone else.  They can't see their own thoughts and the cause and effect of their own lives.  So, the only way that they will let themselves see it is to witness it.  For instance, there are people who will not receive teaching directly.  You can teach the person next to them all day long and they will learn.  But if you are responding to them directly, they don't want it.  The enormity of learning opportunity is one of the most beautiful things about this.

Shawn Stoner (single, retail management, COM student, Webmistress for SOM sites):  Well, I thought when you asked that question (that) man making God in his image.  That this time we put our human man characteristics on God.

Dr. Barbara:  H's my God.  It's possessiveness.  He's on my side.

Shawn:  And not yours.

Dr. Barbara:  That's right.  And if you have some big guy on your side then he's a false God.

Tad:  That's one of the thoughts that I had, is what Shawn just said, and it also brings up the picture of what I'm seeing is that we all are looking to a higher source within ourselves because this is such an enormous happening that affects the whole world.  As we do that we're beginning to develop our relationship with God.  Like she said, we're creating God in our image but I think through interconnecting with people throughout the whole world, even if it's about something like this, will aid us in finding out what our real relationship is with our God.  We may start out way far away, but it's a means of improving our relationship.

Dr. Barbara:  I think what you're saying links to what Paul started with which I have come to think is a fallacy of Human Man:  that we are at our best in a crisis situation.  Nobody ever does his best in a crisis situation.  I don't care how prepared they are for it. 
   What you're talking about is the manifestation of that same idea, just described differently, where it leads you to the kingdom of heaven.  The concept of something greater than ourselves, of God, leads you to alignment.  It leads you to functioning on more than one level of consciousness at one time.  It leads you to knowing who you are.  It leads you to be free of entrapment (limited thinking) rather than being dependent upon entrapment to be good. 
   When something bad has to happen for you to be good, that is the polarity we talked about earlier.  It brings out the fight or flight survival reaction in humanity which is spleen chakra (chakras are energy vortexes that transform the energy used in creating your desires so you can keep manifesting what you desire.-ed.) energy.  It’s all about power.  What’s happening now, worldwide, is we’re moving from the spleen chakra to the solar plexus chakra which is why all the emotions are raw.  It is why all the gut-level reactions are felt rather than denied.  Why all the pull to “emote”, to share pain and to love and to comfort and to be with people you love.  All are manifestations of our humanity.
   We are, collectively, right at the point where mankind is about to get to the awareness of moving from the limits of physical, material thinking to the mental thinking which opens the doors to understanding cause.  Yes, someone perpetrated this act, someones hijacked and flew those jets into those buildings killing hundreds.  That is physical thinking, physical cause and effect.  There is also mental cause and effect.  This is the realm of the millions worldwide who have been affected in very real ways.  This is a function not of physicality, but of the mind's capacity for connectedness.   Solar plexus energy brings this awareness and transition. 
   This is an interesting development planetwide.  The solar plexus chakra is opening whether people want it to or not.  Fight it and it moves you ouward, back into the rage and the revenge, back to the power stuff.  Cooperate and you learn, eventually opening your heart which leads to compassion.   

Paul Madar (director SOM Webster Groves, degree in music and Masters in business, foundation representative, engaged):  I was just thinking of something along the lines of looking back at development of technology also.  On a global scale, everything has always been progressing towards connectedness in one way or another, even as far back in this country as Lewis and Clark trying to find a connecting waterway between two shores and then railroads and now we’ve got the internet and cellphones.  It's all the physical ways of connecting.
   One thought I had was that we haven't quite imagined another way to connect and so this is our fall back plan of connecting unconsciously.
   Also this launches the heart into it as well because I was talking to so many people out in St. Louis.  There really are these two camps.  There are people on the radio going, "We've got to go in there.  We've got to just blast all of Afghanistan.  It they don't deliver,  we'll just hit them harder."  And then there are the other people saying, "Well, I can kind of see how we brought this on ourselves and the responsibility of it and I can see how we have a part in it."  So we think and also these other groups think that by claiming God on their side, they unify their cause and their people so there's another attempt at unity on a different level, however guided or misguided it is.  I still see that push for connectedness.

Dr. Barbara:  So how important do you think it is that people understand where that urge comes from? 

Paul M.:  It's crucial and we'll keep inventing physical ways to lodge ourselves into it.  It's working from the outside in and that's a slow, painful road.

Dr. Barbara:  One of the things that I've started to see... one of the things that the Atlantean material has opened my mind to (Dr. Barbara and Dr. Daniel Condron have been reseraching and writing a book on Remembering Atlantis, to be published this fall, based upon years of intuitive research beyond recorded history), is a real appreciation for man's resilience in being able to create ways in which he can learn and the fact that that's going to continue to go on and on and on and on.  We will develop more technology.  For instance, we will develop physical body parts that are mechanical perhaps more responsive to our thoughts.  Like the Six Million Dollar Man and woman when they were first learning about their biogenics, they broke glasses and such.  We will find more ways for people to become enlightened about the universal truth that thoughts are things.  We will go into space.  We will begin to realize that there are other lifeforms out there.  We will meet them.  We will get into star wars. 
   The beauty about one of the ways in which my awareness has changed in recent times is that I have come to accept the fact that anything man is capable of imagining has already happened somewhere.   It has already happened somewhere.  There is no such thing as imagining something that hasn't already happened.  The idea that we can do that is purely physical ego of "Aren't I great because I can think this up?  I am a creator!"  Globally, there is a wave of light workers, if you want to call it that, who are working with the idea of remembering.  This is what that reality is:  in essence everything has been done by someone, somewhere, sometime, everything, within the mind of God which we are a part of.  It's a matter of opening up and remembering and it matters what you're willing to surrender to.  The whole lesson of Mohamed (Islam's prophet) is surrender.

Paul M:  I was listening to the Palestinian response from the Palestinian experts, the talking heads, and they were very quick to say that one camera man on one  street in one city does not indicate what the consciousness is of our country, of our people.  He said it's very unfortunate that that footage has been given so much press and that really the mood of our people here is very compassionate towards the United States.  He said that there is a very, very small faction celebrating.

Dr. Barbara:  I'm glad you said that because that keys me back to something else I wanted to say when I was talking about how we were growing up, those of us who are pushing fifty or older.  One of the things I began to realize even as a child, even in grade school, was the distance between the concept of a man somewhere with his hand on a button and my reality of me and other kids.  What I mean by that is the whole idea that later played itself out in the seventies and eighties in movies -- the difference in the men in computer rooms looking at charts on a wall or moving pieces on a board in Brogdinagian delight and in the soldiers on that field and people populating those cities.  When two soldiers of opposing sides meet face-to-face, they can get along and they find a common ground.   Only when you mechanize the destruction of war into this faceless nonhuman entity that you can go, "I want to get rid of you."  You totally remove it, distance it, from your own mind experience.

Dr. Laurel:  I thought about that too.  It was interesting.  They had somebody who sells American flags said that this is the biggest purchase of American flags since the Gulf War and relating it to patriotism.  I thought about that watching this president talk about how we are going to get them and we're not going to be cowards.  When his father was president and said similar things and everything was great. 
   Briana (Teresa and Ernie's 13 year old daughter who lives and studies on campus) and I are studying about Japan.  They've (media, politicians) been relating it to Pearl Harbor and how we bombed Hiroshima and it's pretty clear that just bombing somebody to get back at them doesn't solve anything, nor does it really bring people understandings.  It brings them temporary relief but it really is like kids.  "You're not going to get me and I'm going to show you that you're not going to get me."  But then somebody gets you and it goes one bigger. 
   After WWII it was someone in Japan who started the "May Peace Prevail on Earth" movement from a vision he had that that was really the only thing that was going to cause peace was thoughts of individuals, one individual at a time doing that (praying the prayer). 
   That's the thing that I can see with hearing stories about people crying and the personal thing is that people are recognizing that the way change is going to occur starts with you.  One person at a time. 
   It requires sustaining that beyond just the immediate crisis.  It's kind of like being able to go beyond having nightmares to do something and learning how to interpret your dreams on a daily basis so that you have continuing growing awareness.  On a mass level, it still takes nightmares to get people's attention.  
   I actually thought about that Tuesday when it happened was that I am sure there were people dreaming about this before it happened.

Dr. Barbara:  The night before last the shock was starting to wear off for most people, especially in New York, more so than probably the rest of the country yet and that's still kind of a wave moving.  Dr. Dan (Barbara's husband and chancellor of COM) put Ki (their six year old son) to bed while I caught up on some things.  Ki went to sleep probably about 10:15 or 10:30. 
   Then about 11:30 pm, I wanted to see the president's message that we recorded earlier and the VCR made a bit of noise.  I heard Ki stir and then he started whimpering which he sometimes does.  This was followed, however, by a crying out and so I went over to comfort him, to let him know that I was there.  He sat up... He's done this before.  The popular name for this is "night terrors."  He sat up and he looked at me, eyes wide open, but I knew that his attention was not out here in the physical, awake.  I kept talking to him, to calm and lull him into deeper sleep. He layed down and I was going to stay there until he went back deep into sleep again and he did it again.  So I gave him a drink of water and he layed down.  Then he did it again. 
   Dan was in the office and he came in.  He reassured him that daddy was there, trying to get him enough awake so that then he could try to go back into mind again, but he wasn't coming awake enough.  He layed back down.  When he did it again, it was time for physical action to bring his attention awake.  I said, "Come here,": reaching for him.   He came into my arms, and you know how heavy he is, I stood up and thought, "Oh I don't think I can do this."  It was like dead weight cause his attention wasn't in the physical yet, he couldn't help.  I sat down in a chair and he stood up.  He didn't want to sit in the chair. 
   At this point Dan came and walked him up and down the hallway and then laid him in our bed.  And that's where he eventually went to sleep. 
   There was one point where Ki was starting to go to go deeper into sleep and then all of the sudden he sat up and looked directly at the door and said, "Stop!"  And I said, "Hezekiah, what do you see?"  Every time this happens I keep encouraging him to describe what he's seeing, to be conscious in both the physical mind and the emotional mind.  He doesn't yet know how to describe it but he's getting closer each time.  I knew this when he looked at me.  There was a connection, on the emotional level and I said, "Tell me what you're seeing."  And he kind of smiled a little bit and laid down and he said, "I don't want to tell you.”  Which is his code for I don't know how to describe it.
   And I just said, "It's okay." 
   Dan and I stayed with him, stilling our minds, being with him physically, but more importantly emotionally and mentally.   After that exchange he finally was able to go past the emotional level deeper into subconscious mind.  It was such a striking experience on my end of seeing him trapped in the emotional level like that.  And with trying with what I have learned in all different kinds of ways to help him either acclimate to it or to move out of it so he could move into it again with some kind of an awareness.  Dr. Dan and I both are learning how parents can employ consciousness, apply what SOM teaches about consciousness, through the experiences with Ki. 
   I thought about this throughout the night  because I'm sure there were a lot of parents experiencing the same thing, at that same time.  With no clue as to what's going on with their child and how to help.  That kind of helplessness is also a draining of personal power, the spleen chakra energies.
   Children were reflecting what was going on with all of us, both energetically and in consciousness.  I heard you saying earlier about Iris (the 4 year old daughter of two students) not wanting Mom to leave.  And Ki was kind of like that too.  I started to come down the stairs and he ran out into the hall and said, "Don't go downstairs.  I want you to stay up here.”  It’s that same kind of fear, of separation, of loss, of not being connected.  It is a reflection of the energy of us.  Humans.  Who are doing the same thing. 
   And yet, where are we going to be in a month?  And that's the real question to ask.  "How is what I'm aware of today right now going to continue with me?"  And that's the value of what we teach because this learning gives people ways to create, to chose change, rather than wait to be forced by conditions and circumstances.  It's chosen and to be with it everyday.  To be it everyday. 

Dr. Sheila:  One of the things I thought of was this is the year that we'll get a million names for Universal Hour of Peace.  I mean that was pretty immediate.  People in our world will be thinking about how they can build peace.  And it will take all of us.

Dr. Barbara:  Carrie's (a recent COM graduate now teaching in Columbia, Mo.) on fire.  She called last night.  You know this is the beauty of these things.  Someone like Carrie who is such a potent soul, you know, and so ready to evolve and become enlightened and to really do it this lifetime.  And yet so airy and so indifferent and so, you can call it "wounded" from how she's been raised that she has to protect her emotions through distance and apathy.  And so it takes something like this to just sweep right through her to where right now she'll hold onto what she's got and work it, manifest it. 
   She'll make it, I mean she will learn to teach herself without having to have bad things in her life.  She called last night and she said that they'd (she and students) been talking.  They want to do something big to help. and she wanted to get all of the religious people together and do something big.  Make a statement.  She wanted to tell me about it and she was also looking for some kind of ideas, structure, guidance as to how to go about it.  And I said, "You go about it one person at a time.  You've got to get out there and you've got to meet with each of these religious people who you want to get together." 
   And I said, "Take the Universal Peace Covenant.  Read it with them, find out what they think about it.  Find out if they will support it.  Find out if they'll sign a petition about it and if they'll come for a reading of it.  If the media can get there.  Begin to think about a date." 
   This is Reasoning Man building on humanity.  This is moving everyone forward.  It's not dropping the humanity it's moving it.  It's adding on to it. 
   So Carrie's supposed to tell me next week when I see her what the outline is, what the plan is.  You know you need to coincide it with something that's big, like the founding of the UN that happens later this month.  Like the 23rd of September or something like that.  I'm not sure exactly when.  I don't know if you can do it that fast.  It depends on how fast you can move. 
   She needs to move fast.  Cause right now the need, the reality, is quickened.  It's in everybody's awareness.  Wait until November?  By then, some will be already forgetting, thus setting themselves up for the next big crisis.  The next building to blow up or whatever.  Before they come up to the light again.  It's like going under water.  Diving under water and every once in a while people surface and experience the sky.  It's like, "Wow!"  And then they go under again.  It's very much that.

more to come....please return...we will share more insights as we can transcribe add your name to the people for peace.  Read the Universal Peace Covenant, print it out, share it everywhere.  It is as perfect a document as we have ever known.  Imagine what can be as we live it!


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