what is gained from multidimensional experience


One of the understandings I've come to in these days since September 11th is the reality of what my willingness to study and teach metaphysics for the past 27 years has brought me.  It has brought me the capacity to receive with equanimity these recent events, to understand them, and to lead others to an illumined understanding in their own time and pace.

The Multidimensional experience offered at this site in an abbreviated form was given on Saturday evening September 15th, just days after the September 11th tragedy, at the College of Metaphysics.      Some of those in attendance discuss what they are learning from what has become more than an American experience, but a global experience.  We hope their thoughts will stimulate your own, and in that way you will derive more from your experience and all of us as the human race will more quickly evolve in understanding and awareness.

Dr. Laurel Clark: The Multidimensional experience (is designed to aid people) to come to some kind of understanding, resolution about our own experience.  Let's talk about what we received over a week ago.

Paul Blosser: We started by writing down on our piece of paper, what our lesson was in all this.  What I had been doing was learning how to erase any stress in my life.  This (the attacks on the NYC World Trade Center and US Pentagon) had been something that I had been polarizing for the country.  It's been a variety of different emotions what you see on the television reports. What my lesson was, was to embrace the situation.  Throughout the whole multidimensional experience I came to the point of seeing the power to how to embrace the experience.  It was a resolution for me to see that beyond the experience you find God's Love, and to see that in everything.  By seeing
his love and everything I could beyond any other, anything else, that was trying to push me.  That was the resolution, I think too.

Dr. Laurel:  So how..did you come to that in this case? I mean.

Paul Blosser:  mmm..hmm. Yeah, and now I'm in a whole different place with this.  There have been some other events since then, in the past, that I'm still trying to reach a point of view.  Instead of leaving, I could come to see and experience that.  There's still infinite ways of creation for reasons of what happened and how humanity, not just the United States, but how humanity can use that for soul growth and learning, and that's where you can see God's love in the experience.  You see God's love and experience when all the people reach out for each other, so we can strive to aid each other and be compassionate.  I could see real beauty in that, and that beauty in the stories of the people that died and sometimes the stories of the people that survived.

John Mestenyak:  One of the parts that really stuck with me was when we did the dreams and took a look at the dreams and what was occurring and how you're dreams reflected your consciousness with what was occurring.  I had been having lots of dreams about old friends and how one of my dreams in particular was how some friends were upset that I didn't keep in contact with them. Then  we started building a fence with Paul (Blosser).   And in another dream, I was painting a picture from my old dreams.   And it was like I was becoming aware of parts of myself that had kind of come up.  The people that I hung out with were pretty destructive people.  And it was making me more aware of how I had that still in myself.  So it was really neat to recognize what I had been not even looking at within me and how it brought it together.  And in my dreams, I was creating with these aspects.  It wasn't like there was conflict.  It was like there was a kind of resolution together, kind of similar to what was happening in New York with people.  You know, a lot of the stories we heard about were people coming together and not separating.  Their walls had come down. People who they hadn't associated with, or hadn't even paid any attention to, were coming together.  So that was neat to see.  And I've continued to have dreams like that.

Dr. Laurel:  The question that Dr. Barbara (Condron, creator of the multidimensional experience) asked about what is good about what you feel.  What did you come up with, with that, what kind of insight?

John:  That it enabled me to connect with humanity...all of them incredibly good.   

Dr. Laurel:  How so?..because you are describing these dreams that you've had and the people in New York as they in what kind of connection?  In what you are saying, I'm not hearing the connection that's why I'm asking.

John:  okay...It's like I'm linked.  It's like what is happening in New York is a reflection of what is happening in my own consciousness.

Dr. Laurel: I'm not asking you to intellectualize it, I'm just asking you to describe your experience because I didn't hear that in what you were saying.

John:   Whenever I was writing my dreams down I was becoming aware that throughout the past couple of days a lot of stuff had been bringing back a lot of ways about myself that I kind of neglected. Things I'd not paid any attention to, that are still there.  I haven't tried to hide them or integrate them or anything.  What I've been doing is really taking a look and seeing how those things, how the strengths in those parts of myself that I can use those.  The stories that I was hearing that similar things were happening in New I heard how they were divided into their own racial blocks and that now, with the events that occurred, people are out on the streets talking and sharing with one another.  There have been some walls taken down within my consciousness and in the consciousness of the people of New York city and even though it's a tragedy, within that it's still bringing people together, and I'm bringing parts of myself together that I've completely tried to bury.

Tad Messenger: Just following through with what John was talking about because the image that I have, and I shared this in healing class, that was the word that I most used when we wrote down the answer to that one question ...

Dr. Laurel: You need to say the question because Adam wasn't here so...

Tad: Let me find it then...

Dr. Laurel: There were a series of different questions that we were asked progressively like the first one was..

Dr. Pam Blosser: We wrote down our dream and we wrote what we found hard to believe then we wrote what the lesson and learning is and then we wrote I want...?  I want to know after that.

Tad:  Another question was what made me the most angry?

Shawn:  That was the one when we went back and took the word out of it ....

John:  Yeah.  And what makes us helpless.

Dr. Laurel:  How I felt helpless.  The question was how I felt helpless.

John:  I felt helpless because....

Tad:  I have how I felt helpful.

Dr. Laurel:  I wrote down the question as how I felt helpless.

John:  That's what I got too.

Dr. Laurel:  Okay, so Tad what were you going to say about this?

Tad:  The image I had, um, was that thanks to Will Glennon's e-mail that he sent us from New York City and Manhattan.  For some reason the way he wrote it aided me in visualizing Manhattan. Every time we talk about a different area, I would see it in my mind's eye 'cause I got to live in Manhattan for about six months.  I shared this in Healing Class.  I was looking at all of New York City -- Staten Island, Long Island, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan--  realizing that New York City was a melting pot of the World.  Because when I was there I remember hearing music from every country I could imagine.  One block would be Phillipinos, one block would be Portuguese, one block would be German, African, different countries.  Manhattan to me was the heart and the soul. And the communication center of New York City with business and the World Trade, and the heart and soul in terms of the Art museums and Broadway and the music and Greenwich Village and the underground.  That was the movement back in the sixties of what I was referring to last night, the peace and love of the new age movement towards Aquarius.  It was like, that was just a coming out into the physical for a brief moment for us to take a look at what it would be like for love and peace to rule the planet.  That was my experience of when I was in Manhattan. 
    I remember distinctly looking at peoples' faces as they walked along the streets and there was a lot of character, there was a lot of intensity.  People in New York City are very intense about whatever they do, whether it be a carpenter, a musician, an artist, whatever they do they're very intense about it.  However there was very little interconnectedness in talking to each other, being friends, sharing with each other that I noticed. 
    I remember one night I was really wanting to connect with people when I was in Manhattan.  I finally did in the subways in the middle of the night.  I ended up being arm and arm with people I didn't know singing 'Love, Love' over and over again through the streets of New York City and at that time it was called 'a happening.'  So I was part of 'the happening' and it was because I wanted to see love, and share love with the people of New York City.  The picture I got was this huge glass wall that was created, there between people, and that everything that they were, and all the love that they had, was just under the surface, wanting to come out, ready to come out.  And this...these airplanes shattered that wall and it fell down and people became family and interconnected with each other.  That was symbolic of the world doing the same thing; interconnecting with each other because New York City is like a microcosm of the world.
   Interconnecting and knowing that we care about each other, that we love each other is a great healing power.  That is what the word that I used the most during the experience:  healing.   I focused on that in every Circle of Love in every class, every healing class that we've done since then.  I've really given it my undivided attention, my full attention, and I notice that the light that I'm producing and the healing power that I'm producing is very strong and powerful, especially when it's combined with a group of people.
   That's what I've been focusing on this week.
   I wrote down at the end - 'What is good about what I feel?' -  that question.  This kind of summarizes this thought and it’s resolution or solution:  'A new dawn has its darkest hour before it, and peace and love are our future.  Joy will resound and fill our planet.  Justice is served, love reigns.  I feel good that the barriers have been shattered and the family of man is connecting with their brothers and sisters.  America can show that its freedom breeds strength and it will lead the world in the age of love. The complete picture.'
    My dreams that I wrote down before that had to deal with healing because the dream I had Tuesday night, right after the bombing, was that the earth needed healing. There was like this dark rim around the edge of the earth so I picked the earth up and put it on the table and I put ointment on my finger and rubbed it around the rim over and over again until the rim became soft and moist and clear and then became like lips on a mouth.

Dr. Pam:  I had a big awareness. It was definitely an 'Ah-ha! moment, and it started when we were asked the question about what lesson we're learning.  What I wrote was:  'The power of one person's actions, thoughts, commitment.'  Then as I wrote down what I want to know, the image that started coming was not only commitment, but surrender, because I kept thinking about what these handful of men did with very little, you know?  How strong their thoughts were, and how powerful those thoughts became. I realized that it was not only their commitment to what they believed but also their surrender.  The word Islam means surrender, but it also means peace, so what I realized is that Moslems who follow this line of thinking, who are terrorists who want to destroy, are following part of Allah's commands, which is right.
    I came across the things that make Allah happy, that Wednesday, the day after the bombing, because I was looking for a devotional to give at Happy Homemakers.  I came across this, and one of the things it said was something like: 'Correct any injuries,' and I realized that was what the terrorists were following.  This thing about peace came near the end, but the idea of surrender is there, but not surrendering to peace, so they only have half of what Islam really is here to teach. It was like they were teaching us their religion in what they did.  Even though it was distorted, they were teaching us about surrender, which I think Americans and Westerner, especially Americans, (it) is not strong in our consciousness. 
   As I was writing 'what I wanted to know,' that's what began to flow in me is: knowing just the commitment, being committed to my thoughts and desires, but also surrendering to something greater than myself.  I put 'I want to know how to surrender to something greater than myself where nothing else is as important as that.  I want to know what surrender and commitment to something greater is.  So, there was that mixed in with what one person can do, what I can do and that’s where I was leading the Peacemakers (an Interfaith gathering). What I wanted to teach with Peacemakers was what one person can do, so that was in my mind too. 
   The whole idea of the surrendering,was really strong.  I think when we did our drawing of being a female, a drawing that is to be used as a female,  as I was doing the drawing what I realized again along the way sometime, is that I just keep coming back to these handful of men and what they did.  How powerful their thoughts were because they had knives and box cutters.  And I realized they didn't even need knives or box cutters cause their minds were so clear in what they were going to do, they were so committed, they were surrendering.  They didn't care who they took with them.  They didn't care if they were going to die, they weren't attached to their own lives.  They knew that they were giving their lives to something greater than themselves and because their minds were so clear and so powerful they wouldn't have even needed to take box cutters and knives onto the plane.  They could've just used their bare hands or whatever was on the plane.  They could've taken belts off and put them across peoples' throats.  It didn't make any difference because of the power of their thoughts.  So that really went through me.  The power of a few peoples' thoughts and what a few people can do. 
   Then what's also gone through my mind is the firemen coming in to rescue.  You know those people and the power of their influence too.  The firemen who perished and the policemen who perished because of their dedication.  Their surrender to something greater than themselves, that was there too.  I saw it in many places, in fact, that evening I could see it everywhere, it seemed like.  People surrendering to something greater than themselves.  And that was kind of like a surge that went through me that evening and I haven't put it all together as far as what I can do.  I believe that because the place where my heart really wrenches and this was happening before the terrorists, what's happening to our School (of Metaphysics) and so I feel helpless as far as what I can do.  But this gave me an image that one person can make a big difference and I haven't put together what I can with that but I know there's something that I can do and I know I'm going to do it.  I have some ideas, but I think that was one of the greatest things that came –  the value of the individual and the individual’s influence on the whole.  The individual's surrender to something greater than themself, then what they give to the whole is incredible. 

Tad:  In a lot of ways we can be like those terrorists.  We're a small group of people that come together with a commitment to something greater than ourselves and surrender ourselves to that we can bring peace in the world.

Dr. Pam:  With love.

Tad:  A really strong force for peace into something that we practice over and over again.   And I see that as being terrorists too.  This is something that was in their minds for a long time.  They went to military places to learn how to fly.

Dr. Pam:  Not military.  I think they were commercial.

Tad:  Commercial.  Yeah.

Dr. Pam:  For years.

Tad:  Years.

Dr. Laurel:  A lot of visualization.

Paul:  Too bad they didn't visualize peace then.

Tad:  It's something we've trained ourselves for a long period of time to do.  Some of us, twenty years or more.

Paul:  Lifetimes.

Tad:  One of the things  Reza ( SOM teacher and director 1989-1990) said to me a long time ago, that sticks in my mind, he came from Iran and he said that, 'Most of the wealthy people learn metaphysics and learn at a very young age, like five or six.'  And that's why he was able to embrace the teachings that we have.  He said that the beginning series to him was like really, really in alignment with his upbringing.

Dr. Laurel:  He's also the one that I learned the concept of Jihad from, holy war, and what it means.  He said that young men are raised with the idea that the most holy thing that you could possibly do is to sacrifice your life for Allah. 

Paul:  Something that I'm trying to understand because some of the text when you read about Islam is that Mohammed was the last prophet sent to human man by God.  And Jesus' teaching was Jesus taught love thee one another and that what Mohammed taught and what the Koran teaches is how to love one another.  The Muslim belief is that the Bible says 'love thee one another' but doesn't give any instruction and the Muslim practice and the Muslim teachings are how to love one another, so I'm trying to understand what's gone wrong, what's going wrong?.  I can see that there's still a polarity there and I'm trying to understand how a holy war balances with the idea of putting 'love thee one another' into action.

Shawn:  I don't know if this is true because I haven't read very much of the text but what I thought of when you were talking was a similar kind of thing the Christians do when they interpret Revelations as doom and gloom.  That when you think physically, and interpret things that are written in the Universal Language of Mind physically, then you can come up with all kinds of stuff.  That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the truth.

Dr. Laurel:  I don't know if you've heard this, but Jerry Falwell apparently, I didn't hear him say it; I heard that he apologized for it.  He (allegedly) said that the reason why God would let this happen is that New York was full of homosexuals, prostitutes and feminists.  And that's a person who's supposed to be a model of Christian belief and he did apologize for it, but it struck me that he was looking for someone to blame.  And a lot of people interpret looking for cause as finding someone or something to blame.
   A lot of how I experience this thing is understanding what the relationship is between your own personal experience of something and things happening universally or collectively.  And it's like the whole chain of events that occurred in my mind and experience of it is -- John (Clark, Laurel's deceased husband) died a year ago to the day before this happened.  Tuesday night I had a dream.  Tuesday during the day I was driving to Lebanon and had just gotten in the car when the thing happened and it was on the radio.  I had a haircut appointment and I was thinking, ' I go or should I stay' and I thought, 'What am I going to be able to do if I stay?'  I felt really disconnected being so far away physically because I grew up half an hour outside of New York City and my father used to commute there.  I commuted there for a while>  My sister used to live there.  I used to know a lot of people who lived and worked in Manhattan and now there are maybe a handful of people who I know there and I had the sense that they were okay, but it felt really weird to be so physically far apart.  I was asking myself what could I do and the first thing that came to me was that I could pray. 
   So I started praying to God to help people and to keep everybody safe and to help the people who were killed, because even after the first plane hit it was apparent, not nearly how many people were killed, but that a lot of them were.  I could feel John's presence then that he was reaching out and helping people and one time during the day as I was praying, I saw this vision, it was like not really like being out in space, but kind of the way I see it when I do a Circle of Love.  I saw a vision of the world and there were these candle flames that were all over, like these single flame, single flame, single flame, and all out in space too and even though it was just little flames the whole earth was lit up and everything was lit up and the thought that I had was that we're all in this together.  It was really comforting because I didn't feel like there were souls that were trapped or that they were screaming in agony.  It's like, that they were okay, it was like this whoosh -- energy going upward. 
   Tuesday night I had a dream and John was there.  He was kind of distant from me and he was helping people, people who had been killed and I said, Are they okay? and he said, and it was a telepathic communication, Yes, once they're out, they are fine.  Meaning once they are out of the flesh or out of the body.  That has over this past year been a big lesson for me because of...starting with John, really wanting to be connected to him, and my mother dying and Dr. Sheila (Benjamin's) mother dying.  I had a dream, actually I woke up from sleep the moment that Sheila's mother died. I didn't know her mother very well, although I've known Dr. Sheila for 20 years.  I bolted awake at 5 o'clock in the morning right at the moment she passed away.  I've had a lot of experiences like that this year throughout the year.  So, my own sensitivity to the inner levels and that life really is eternal and really does exist beyond the physical body, that's been really heightened this past year.  I've been really aware of that within myself personally, and then when Dr. Barbara was reading those editorials or excerpts from editorials that were in USA Today. 
   This was on Saturday that USA Today had editorials from newspapers around the world, and most of them were pretty supportive of the United States and what was going on, but there was this one newspaper in Beirut that said Americans now know the suffering that the rest of the world has come to understand or something like that.  America has been made to know of the suffering that so many other countries know all to well.  And when I heard that, my thought was that doesn't make any sense.  And I thought about all of these people just in the past recent year I know who've had people who are close to them die.  And other people...  Dr. Pam's parents died within a year of each other, and I mean every single person I could think of has experienced some kind of suffering.  And that notion that now everyone has experienced suffering on a mass scale, that now they know suffering, is wrong.  I mean people know suffering individually.  It's one of the Buddhist noble truths.  In fact the first one. 

Tad:  I think it's universal. 

Dr. Laurel:  It is universal.  And that's part of what my realization is, is that when people experience it all together, at the same time collectively, then they recognize they are connected with each other, and when people experience it individually they don't always recognize that they are connected.  Sometimes they do, but people can be really insensitive and that's the question about what's good about what I feel.  That was the first thing that occurred to me, was being much more sensitive, and pain sensitizes people.  But I don't think that you have to have pain to be sensitive.  I just know that that's what pain does. I mean if you cut your finger then every time you touch something it hurts.  Physical pain sensitizes you too.

Tad:  Is that why you do that?

Dr. Laurel:  Why I cut my fingers all the time?  The thing that seems pretty clear is that when people experience the same thing as somebody else they realize that they are connected with other people.  We talk about people being connected and we are connected, but in order to know you are connected it has to be something more than the intellectual idea of it.  And my place where I'm going with it is to look for ways that I can more completely teach people how to be connected without having to have a collective experience of pain for people to know that.  Because pain gets people's attention; that's why everyone's so riveted with this experience, because it's so extremely dramatic and so extremely painful that it's really gotten people's attention, but it's not like this is something new.  It's here now, it's been slammed into people's attention; that's what's new about it.  I really think that it's an everyday thing on an everyday basis, really being sensitive to the person who's sitting right next to you.  That's what will make the difference, so we don't have to over and over again experience the dramatic, collectively being clobbered over the head for that to cause a change. 

Shawn:  The first thing that I thought of was when I first started putting things together because that whole (multidimensional) experience that we had Saturday night was really illuminating for me to see all these different layers within my Self of what I was really wanting to learn about.  What was cool about it too, just from a different perspective, was having a multidimensional experience that I could really see the difference in the dimensions of it which really got me excited about being able to offer these kinds of things to people.  As a learning experience for other people. 
   Where it started, when she asked us about what we were learning, what I wrote about was how I was learning how to be centered and grounded in what my experience was and letting that experience be without judging it or trying to change it or thinking that it should be different and being what it was.  Because I felt really connected with what was going on.  I think it was because I was checking the emails so I would receive all this stuff that was coming in and (I was) the first person to read it.  I even thought about this later that it's perfect for what my dharma is because (my Dharma Intuitive Report) talks about being a channel for things.  So it was perfect being able to channel all this stuff to everyone, so that part of it felt really good and solid that I was able to be, just be with whatever it was that was going on. 
   Where my learning really came in was in my reaction to the people around me, and in thinking and, I mean I don't know if this is truth or not, and ultimately it doesn't matter because what I've learned from it has been really cool, that what I thought was that there were people in my environment that seemed disconnected, unaffected.  It just, it infuriated me because I knew the kind of freedom I was experiencing in being able to let the energy that I was connected with flow through me.  And so then of course I got really judgmental and harsh in my mind.  How could this person think this way?  And why is this happening?  I don't understand and it really makes me mad, and all this stuff. 
   Then what I came to when I can't remember what question it was that Dr, Barbara asked, but I saw that what my soul was really wanting to learn is how to put together the objectivity and being connected with your heart, you know?  How you can see the universal objective perspective and also still retain the connection with humanity that causes you feel that kind of stuff like what I was experiencing, where it was like one minute I could be reading something that we just got in on the computer, and I’m just like sobbing, and the next thing I was feeling really centered and peaceful about what I just experienced.  So to be able to have that, and also to be able to have that really objective kind of perspective, and have them at the same time, rather than thinking that one is better than another.
   Being able to integrate those two different experiences I think was the overall lesson for me.  And seeing that all perspectives are important, you know, and that all experiences are valuable.

Dr. Laurel:  Even the experience of someone who's not comfortable with other people's emotions...

Shawn:  Exactly!  Yeah!

Dr. Laurel:  Accepting and respecting that.

Shawn:  Exactly.  Yeah, yeah, totally!

Dr. Laurel:  instead of getting all piqued about it.

Shawn:  What I can see from a more overall perspective, I mean, you don't lose things as we evolve.  I've heard that kind of stuff before, but I've never experienced it in that way.  I could see that it's like, just because I've evolved to a certain point in my awareness doesn't mean that the things that I went through up until that point are gone.  The animal man part of me is there, that the human man part of me is there.  It's all there, I just have a different perspective of it.  And so I have experiences of all of those things.  That's okay, as long as I have an objective perspective of what's really occurring.  I did, it was really kind of neat, I would have thoughts that I could see, you know, this is a thought that's coming from a real human man, kind of wanting to huddle together with my family, that kind of thing.  I had thoughts like, one of the first thoughts I had the first night was, I want Adam (my beau) to come here, so if anything bad happens then he'll be here with me and we'll be here together.  Then when I saw you (looks at Adam) on Wednesday, I was, like, you're in Springfield for a reason, and it's because he needs to be there to help those people.
   Just to have that thought and to go, Oh!  That thought is because of this within myself, and to view it for what it was was pretty neat.
   So overall, the thing that I learned was that all parts of our experience are valuable.  And they all deserve to be respected for what they bring to us.  And to allow and to accept people the space to have whatever experience they need to have to have in order to learn whatever it is they need to learn.  It was really helpful.  Really, really helpful.
   The dream I had Saturday night was really cool, because I was milking Naomi (holstein cow) and we were going to do something with the milk. It was going to be transformed in some kind of way and we all had to sit and watch it.  We were figuring out a schedule so that someone would be there to watch it go through this transformation and it was something neat, I'm not exactly sure what was going to happen to it.  John came up to me with the bucket and there were mice swimming around in it and he said, Shawn, look, there are these mice swimming around in it, what am I supposed to do? And I said, Oh, it's okay, I'll take care of it, I'll get rid of the mice, which is totally related to everything I had experienced.  So it was really helpful to me.

Paul:  One of the things I wanted to add, Christine (Andrews) seems like she has a lot of stories about things that happened during all of this.  One of the ways that I've kind of seen the beauty in a different way about how God acts and for example, she told a story about two ladies that were lifelong friends and they were leaving New York on Tuesday morning and one of them got on the United flight and the other one was flying on frequent flyer miles on the American Airlines flight and both of those were the flights that hit the towers.  And so it's like, in one sense you would think of it as being bizarre but it's like, it's the workings of the universe, how everything works.  And then, one of the ladies, her brother was in the tower when it got hit and the only way he got out of the tower was that he was helping a lady that caught on fire.  And so, there's always different, I guess you would call it layers.  But it's really how everything fits together and for the human mind to even begin to fathom, it's really amazing, because you begin to see some kind of order in it, what otherwise you might interpret as chaos.  But there's got to be order in the fact that here's two people who grew up together and then they die together.  There is a certain of beauty in it.

Dr. Laurel:  I was thinking that, it's pretty scary to me to hear the possibility and the probability of us instigating a war in retaliation in the name of justice.  And so, I looked up, there have been two dharma reports that we've done that 'justice' was the dharma.  One of them defined justice as, something determined by Law, by Universal Law.  It said: to view the cause and effect of life as well as moment to moment the way in which this one gives and receives life.  And I know that when people want justice what they are really wanting is understanding, and that's what justice is, that's what brings about balance.  That's what resolves karma, understanding.  It's through how you give and receive life that you have justice in yourself.  And that's what, I really believe that when people are doing that to the best that they are capable of doing, that they have a different kind of perspective on what is occurring.  It's like, my sister was telling me a story that she heard of a woman whose husband is missing.  She was talking about it and was really at peace because the wife was saying that she was certain that her husband would have let the younger people ahead of him in the elevator to get out of there ... I don't know how old he was, 60 something, and that that was how he lived his life and that's how he would have ended his life.  She was at peace with that which would be a lot different from somebody who, I don't know, would push someone else out of the way so that they could get out, and even if their physical life was spared, what kind of existence that would produce for them.  But I haven't heard any of those kind of stories!  The stories have all been about people who have helped other people.

Paul:  There was a guy they interviewed on TV and he and his son were being interviewed and the wife, the guy's wife worked up in the top floor of the tower, and they were trying to evacuate.  She got down to about the 50th floor and had to stop, she just couldn’t catch her breath.  And literally, these two guys came behind her and said, do you need some help?  And they literally drug her down 50 flights of steps so that she could get out of the building.  And she was really thankful for that, because otherwise she might have sat there.

Dr. Laurel:  I think that one of the big lessons we can learn in that is to live that way all the time, every day.  There's things that come up around here all the time that aren't life and death situations but they are situations of deciding, are you going to sacrifice a little bit to help somebody else or are you going to make sure you get yours first ... you know, it's those things that you do every day that build the kind of character that enables you to be that way in a crisis-type situation.

John:  I had a situation last night, I kind of came face to face with my own selfishness.  Tad shared with me, gave me a goal, of cutting the paper so more Peace Covenants to be printed.  I was moving along really well, I had some other things I wanted to do.  There was almost a split in me, there was a point where I stopped for a second to take a break and it was like, I had to force myself to come back.  Force... I had to just really look at the purpose for what I was doing.  And, you know, I realized, that I would have time for my stuff.  Also, I did that, I acted on it, and I stayed here and we accomplished, I think we passed our goal by a large amount.  Then whenever I got back over to the bunkhouse to do my exercises, I was full of energy to be able to complete everything I needed to do.  It was really neat, it was a neat experience.  And I've had similar experiences when I make the sacrifice, more is given unto me.

Tad:  That's a good example.

Adam: I had a similar thing happen to me at the hobby store when I was checking the prices for frames and there was an older woman in there .....I said, Oh, you are going to frame some pictures, huh?  And she said, Yes, my husband has all these pictures of airplanes from World War II.  And I asked her what she was looking for and she told me and so I was just looking, and I was looking for some stuff for her while I was there and as I was doing that I was also looking for some frames for myself too and I wanted to measure some of the frames to make sure that it was the right measurement that it said it was and I turned to a different woman who was standing next to me and looking at some frames and I said, Hey, you got a tape measure? and we both kind of laughed, like yeah, yeah right, I just carry one around in my purse all the time and then she did a double take and said, Yeah, yeah I do. And it was like, oh, okay and I measured it and that's the kind of world that I would like to live in.  Where you help each other to fulfill goals and desires and are really open when asking for what you want.  It just comes real easily, real naturally. 
   Later on that day I was at the library and I overheard a girl asking the librarian about the influence of religion on art and she was like, don't know if we have any books on that.  And she was kind of stressing because she was saying that she had a report due for school.  I almost left because I was thinking that I don't know anything historically about that and then I was thinking, wait a second, I have first hand experience with it!  I turned around and I gave her my name and my number and I told her that I would be happy to talk to her about in any way that could help her out.  Actually the opportunity to give was just as exciting as receiving what I wanted.  The opportunity to give somebody what they wanted was just exciting.  That's the kind of world I would like to live in.

Dr. Laurel:  It is the world you live in, you just described it.

Adam:  Yeah, it's a world I'd like to create more and more of.

Dr. Pam:  Adam, I'm laughing because we talked about that in healing class, about giving and receiving.  That when you are really in tune with what those are, you really give and you really receive, when you receive you really give.  That's why you felt good about giving, because you were in tune with the giving and receiving part of it.  So you were really receiving more, you're really receiving in the act of giving.

Adam:  You really do both at the same time.

Dr. Laurel:  Adam, the reason I was saying that is the world that you live in is.  It's like what Tad was talking about, about having this vision of all these people that have all this love but there is a glass wall between them and somebody else.  You know, when you are willing to be the one who says, This is the world I live in and treat somebody like they are your spiritual brother or sister, which they are people always respond that way.  They always do.  And when you think, 'Well, I can't do this because they might think it's weird.  Then that's the world that you live in and it's entirely a matter of how you make it.

Endnote....Sometimes people ask Why study metaphysics One of the understandings I've come to in these days since September 11th is the reality of what my willingness to study and teach metaphysics for the past 27 years has brought me.  It has brought me the capacity to receive with equanimity these recent events, to understand them, and to lead others to an illumined understanding in their own time and pace. 
   None of us expected what happened on September 11th.  Yet, all of us are very happy that we have learned the Universal Language of Mind and thus understand our dreams and can help others to understand theirs.  That we have learned the sequence of events in thought that we call reasoning so we can trace causes and teach others to do the same.  That we have practiced emotional intelligence and therefore know how to accept, how to forgive, how to allow, and can guide others to do the same.  That we harmonized, entrain, head and heart each day through meditation, thus are keenly aware of connection with the Creator and with all of humanity and can teach others how.  And there are lists of benefits to studying metaphysics. 
   Yes, the School of Metaphysics has always taught useable, practical, real Truth and I trust these conversations reflect that sufficiently to encourage you to want to come and study with us too.  Whether at a School in the one of the cities in the Greater Midwest US or through correspondence, we look forward to hearing from you. 
   If you have yet to move through the multidimensional experience at this site, make time to do so, and please do let us hear from you.  Until then....
   We send our Circle of Love.

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