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What is an Intuitive Report?

Just as we have physical libraries so there is a great Universal Library called the Akashic Library or more appropriately, the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records stored or housed in Subconscious or Universal Mind are a permanent record of everything that has ever been said, thought, and done. One who is able to access this inner, Universal library of mind has before him or her an accurate history and universal knowledge.

Teams of an Intuitive Reporter and Conductor, trained through the School of Metaphysics Course, have developed the skill needed to access the records on your behalf. For over three decades there have been people providing Past Life Profiles and Health Analyses upon request. Those who offer the service do so freely without expectation of financial reimbursement. All proceeds received by the School for these reports are used for maintenance and expansion of School of Metaphysics teachings.

An Intuitive Report from the School of Metaphysics reveals the intentions of the soul in this lifetime and describes the means to fulfill that destiny. A report enhances Self awareness in an incomparable way. It transforms the recipients consciousness in direct proportion to her own desire for change and his own willingness to respond. Intuitive Reports are at their best revelatory and at their least, mind expanding.

It has long been our vision that everyone on the planet receive one of these Intuitive Reports. The potential for the resultant elevation of consciousness is awesome.

That will be a world we want to see.

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