Spiritual Focus Sessions 2005

MULTIDIMENSIONAL LIVING...Spiritual Focus Sessions 2006

How can my group schedule a Spiritual Focus Session just for us?

Weekends and sessions on topics ranging from friendship to intuition to spiritual partnerships are available for groups of 8 or more upon request. To make arrangements, contact School of Metaphysics headquarters at som@som.org

Sessions available by special arrangement include

Superconscious Meditation
The art and science of the Still Mind in the Busy World
Includes the Meditation Portrait

Parenting the Indigo Child
Two tools every parent needs
Includes an Intuitive Health Analysis on your child and for you, the Parenting Profile

Spiritual Partners
Living and Loving your SoulMate
Includes the Intertwining of Souls report

Atlantis Awakening
Your evolutionary journey
Your soul is older than written history
Includes the Atlantean Profile

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Special message to you from the mentors of the Sessions

Opportunities for weekend learning at the College of Metaphysics

Imagine a weekend devoted to feeding the needs of the whole you. One that meets your physical needs for nourishing food, clean air, and lots of space. One that gives you mental and emotional space too, while encouraging you to explore those inner spaces so easily lost in the busyness of our everyday lives.

We have been teaching adults how to develop Homo Spiritus - the whole functioning Spiritual Man - for over 30 years. These weekends are designed to introduce you to new ways of thinking, acting, and being. They start you on new paths, giving you the tools you need to continue your journey when you return to the life you have chosen to live. Magic does happen on these weekends. Sometimes it comes in the joy of discovering something new about Self. Sometimes it comes in shedding old ways of being. Sometimes it comes in realizing Self's brilliance or accessing the still inner voice. Many times friendships are made, marriages made anew, confidence built.

Each session offers the same quality of care - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Instruction in meditation, contemplation, yoga, dream interpretation, and specially designed experiences tailored to the topic of the weekend are given. An Intuitive Report is given in your presence and Psi Counselors offer you the benefit of years of experience in receiving the most from your report. The mixture of individual and group attention mingled with alone time makes for a weekend you will want to continue for a long time. What you learn in two days empower you to do so.

Make plans to join us in 2006 at the weekend of your choice. Reservations are received in a first come, first served basis and space at the Moon Valley Ranch is limited to 10 participants per session. Reserve your place now!

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