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Kundalini Rising

Transference of Energy Report

Life force moves through every human being. This life force animates our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being. It gives us life. The force goes by many names (chi, ki, etc.) and is known around the world. It is infinite energy, and we require it for our existence.

How we receive, distribute, transform, and give this energy reflects how we relate to others, accomplish our goals, and know ourselves as creators. Chakras are energy transformers, they receive one form of energy and transform it for use as a different kind. These etheric energy centers take the energy you have spent in manifesting your desires and recycle it back into your mind so you can continue to create what you want. When the chakras are sluggish in their function or when you fail to draw upon them, you find that, more and more, what you desire doesn't happen.

How your chakras function have everything to do with your sense of confidence, well-being, and health. In fact physical disease can be predicted by how chakras are being ill-used. The Transference of Energies report gives a unique personal perspective on all of this by examining how you are drawing upon these energies in your life.

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