colege of metaphysics, developing curriculum

COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, developing curriculum

law, business, music, art, science as meta-physical disciplines

A College the World is Ready For

Almost 1500 acres of land for the first campus has already been acquired. It is nestled in the Ozark Mountains along the Niangua River halfway between the Lake of the Ozarks and Branson, Missouri. I affectionately call it God’s Country, and our future plans will maintain this freshness in what we build and how we build it. Since the incorporated of the School of Metaphysics in 1973, students have envisioned a dream of a college that will teach the best the world has to offer based upon metaphysical principles.

The Curriculum

Eventually what we hope to create the College of Metaphysics as a uniqely varied offering in “conservative, liberal arts and sciences.” It will blend the best of what is liberal -- expanded consciousness -- and the best of what is conservative -- soul progression. The most important and the unique element of COM will be the integration of metaphysical principles into every area of study. What will the future curriculum be? Consider the following.

In the future when you study Law here at the College of Metaphysics, you will receive education in the study and application of Universal Law, the principles that govern our universe. This will radically change the profession of law from a short-sighted manmade concept to a far-sighted cooperative privilege. For instance, consider the principle of Karma. Intention is what causes karma. Place this in the context of any number of lawsuits you may have heard of recently. For instance, the elderly woman who went to McDonalds Restaurant in a car, purchased coffee which she placed on her lap, spilled the coffe on herself causing burns, blamed McDonalds for the beverage being hot, and therefore sued the company. Or the parent whose children were killed at a railroad crossing even though the warning systems for approaching trains were fully functional, and the train travel was common knowledge in the town. Somehow the children managed to get on the tracks and get killed. The parents sued the railroad company. Or consider sexual harassment suits. Place these in the context of intention causing karma, individual responsibility and freedom, and you begin to all of a sudden realize that there is a way to harmonize with the universe. Our present existence is based upon manmade laws some of which harmonize with the laws of the universe, others do not. Perhaps the lesson for our society to learn is you can give somebody something for nothing that they haven’t earned, but in doing so you’re taking away from someone else that which they have earned. This practice in itself sets into motion a whole series of karmic obligations.

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A College about learning about life"

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It is true that when someone is guilty of something, when they have caused harm, intentionally, the universal laws, particularly that of karma will cause that individual to eventually experience that which they have caused someone else to endure. It is the objective of our justice system to create order in our country and to enforce that order so that we can live together peaceably. But when our justice system begins to show favoritism or begins to be part of the problem in stimulating enmity rather than resolving it, then there’s something that needs to be change. These are the kinds of thought problems, these are the kinds of challenges that a student who is pursuing a law degree here on the college campus is going to embrace.

A musical student will learn how vibration is set into motion mentally and how it’s reproduced in an instrument. There’s a kind of fascination that people in the western world have of the monks who can chant in dual or triple tones instead of single tones. What they’re doing is utilizing the physical body as an instrument. Instead of vibrating vocal chords on a single level, they are vibrating them on several levels which creates a division of tones known as single focus tones. When you understand how vibration moves through mind you know as it moves from the fourth level of consciousness to the fifth level it divides and separates. It is no longer singular. When you experience this in consciousness, you can learn to reproduce its counterpart in your physical body. A student here will learn how to do that.

An art student will learn how to image something in mind and recreate it in any form. They won’t have to “wait” for inspiration. Which is often what you hear from artists, “Well, I’m just not inspired.” Then depression follows for weeks and sometimes years until all of a sudden they can write again or paint again. Someone studying at the College of Metaphysics will understand the nature of the ego and therefore the key to self-motivation. They will be able to draw upon the talents of their soul, fostering their own genius.

Journalism students will revolutionize the nervous system of our planet, the media. An objective reporting of what occurred will replace the limitations of the reporter’s opinions, freeing those informed to draw their own conclusion. These students will realize that media is how most people are not only entertained but they are also educated.

Business majors will understand the nature of service, medical majors will become healers, ministers will be familiar with all holy scriptures of the world and know how to interpret them in the Universal Language of Mind, and scientists will understand and make allowances for relativity, the fact that they do indeed influence every experiment with the power of their own thought.

In any chosen way that you would express yourself in the context of a university or school, any degree that you would choose to pursue and would want to have to prepare you for life. You have a mind. The way you apply that mind causes you to be a success or a failure in your chosen field.

The Physical Campus

Arising in the center of the campus will be a pyramid shaped building. The base will be probably an acre, which means that it will be many stories tall. The pyramid will be the focal point of the campus. It will draw upon the pyramids of old including the most famous at Giza as a construction model. There will be three main floors corresponding to pyramid energy. There are places in the pyramid structure that allow for very quick growth. The top third of our pyramid is where we will do experiments with the root races, for instance causing better and bigger plants to be sprouted and grown because the energy there is trapped in such a way to promote rich growth. The middle third will be where people will congregate for ceremonies, exhibits, conferences, and this is where we will store documents we want to sustain over centuries. The ground level will respond to everyday actions -- business, meals, studying, conversing. Around this pyramid will be geodesic domes in clusters of three. Each dome will serve as a dormitory; living quarters for six people. In the three that are together, there will be seventeen students and one teacher living together in a micro-community.

Our campus will illustrate what can be accomplished in how human beings live. In essence, the campus will be part of our research of what the different forms can do for consciousness. The way the entire campus is being conceived utilizes prana or cosmic energy or chi according to the intended use of the structure. Each geometric form traps energy in a certain way. When used as a building structure, the form makes certain energies are available to those working or studying in the building. This is not new but the fact that we can do it on this scale, and thereby draw attention to it, will serve as a model for all of humanity. It will provide something that humanity has obviously lacked, because in modern society most people live in boxes.

The next building we want to build is “the Octagon”. This will be a structure for our headquarters. It will enable us to expand the number of people who live here, as students, staff and faculty. We will be able to host people from all over the world. Those versed in Feng Shui, the oriental art of form and chi, will recognize the benefits of this structure.

The following building after the Octagon will probably be the campus chapel. Cradled by the woods on a precipice overlooking the river bluffs, the interfaith chapel will be a natural art form. You will only be able to reach it by walking through creation, God’s house. The chapel will seem as if it is growing out of the earth. Native wood and stone will form the structure instead of manmade materials. Even before you enter the structure you will sense you stand on consecrated ground.

Following the chapel will be the construction of the Health and Healing Spa on the northside of the campus. This will in years ahead become a wholistic healing center in the truest sense of the word. People will be able to come for a week, month, or how ever long it takes to restore, rejuevenate, and recover health and wholeness. Whatever is needed to cause healing -- from psi counseling to nutritional therapy, from acupuncture to naturopathy, from auyrevedic to meditation practices -- it will be available here. The buildings will utilize pyramidic and spherical energies to foster healing.

Eventually we will have other buildings on the campus. We’ll have what in typical universities are called “schools.” A School of Law, a School of Art, a School of Journalism, a School of Business, Schools of Medicine. Each building design will reflect the educational focus. Just to envision the possibilities is fascinating.

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