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College of Metaphysics Vibrations Article
Vol. 36 No. 2 February 2006


The Christmas Season experience at the College of Metaphysics is one that every student in the School of Metaphysics must experience at least once, and hopefully multiple times. Since giving sets all the Universal Laws into motion, those present for Christmas 2005 at the College experienced the Laws at work as generosity abounded. The learning labs this year were the annual Dallas County Toys for Tots drive, Christmas In the Dome, making and delivering bread to the local community, Christmas caroling to Buffalo businesses, Christmas Day, One Voice, and the annual General Assembly.

The purpose or personal benefit that Dr. Daniel Condron, Chancellor of the College of Metaphysics, hopes for students to receive during the Christmas season at the College is “a mental or mind Christmas instead of a brain experience.” By consciously aligning with and using Universal Law through undivided attention and concentration, anyone will experience the fluidity of the mind. Here’s how those at the College of Metaphysics for the 2005 holiday season received a merry Mental Christmas.


The Law of Abundance is like having ten hamburgers, and you can only eat one, so you give the other nine to others who will eat them. The College aligned with this Law by giving its ten-fold monetary wealth to Dallas County’s annual Toys For Tots drive, helping local families in need experience a merry Christmas. The money purchases toys for the children of families who are pre-selected by the Buffalo Neighborhood Center based on income and other requirements. The college students gave two full days of their time to unpack toys, set them up retail store style, and serve parents coming in with coupons to select gifts for their children.

For college student Adam Williams, “Toys for Tots was an experience of many metaphysicians working together on a common goal,” and seeing what it produces. “The local volunteers were very grateful for us. They said we help keep them going every year,” Adam reported.


Because of the college student’s bright lights and love, four of the local Toys for Tots volunteers attended and brought friends to Christmas In the Dome! It was a joy receiving the public to the annual musical presentation. College student Shawn Smith played a key role singing his first solo as well as a duet with Talina Woods, Director of the Lexington, Kentucky school center. Shawn learned to lead with his voice in group singing, giving a focal point of connection for one of the songs. Regarding his experience Shawn said, “I felt a lot of love singing with Talina, and I am a little more comfortable now” with singing.

Dr. Barbara Condron created Christmas In the Peace Dome as “a way that the world is invited to the Dome.” Since Christmas is a special time and the teachings of the Christ are in alignment with the Universal Peace Covenant, for years Dr. Barbara has had the idea of something at the College to draw people from all over the world, like Handel’s Messiah unites people in singing every year. Dr. Barbara says, “It’s magnetic when people are drawn to Christmas In the Peace Dome because of what it is and where it is given.” The emperience is to be sacred Dr. Barbara says, “because of what it is and where it is given – the people and the place are both sacred as well as the reason they come together.”

Christmas In the Dome is a collection of traditional and original Christmas songs intertwined with recitations of the Universal Peace Covenant. It’s a brilliant progression of consciousness as the music accompanies the Universal Peace Covenant. This year’s choristers included Dr. Barbara Condron, Dr. Pam Blosser, Paul Madar, Tad Messenger, Talina Woods, Chris Sheehan, Nicholas Zajac, Laurie Biswell, Bryon Parrino, Shawn Smith, Jesse Kern, Karen Mosby, Jennifer Childers, Sebastien Hartman, Kelley Naylor, and Adam Williams. The 2003 performance of Christmas In the Dome is available on CD. As an annual College of Metaphysics Christmas emperience, all students of the School should attend at least once during their time of study.


For 20 years, the College of Metaphysics has baked and delivered homemade bread rolls to local families. The Law of Self Expression is the divine birthright of each individual to fulfill their purpose or plan in life to be like the Creator. Dr. Pam Blosser, President of the School of Metaphysics and Northern Area Director, present for this year’s magnanimous experience, actively set into motion the Law of Self Expression using her dharma. She said she used her “dharma of attending very consciously by attending to the whole flow of the breadmaking” process. Dr. Pam also gave her dharma by attending to the bread count so the College would have enough bread for everyone and also by organizing the bread delivery routes.

Dr. Terry Martin, faculty at the College of Metaphysics, described what she learned with breadmaking as “how to visualize.” She said she was “learning more about the timing on keeping everything moving.” Dr. Terry pointed out that “the second breadmaking day had better timing than the first because everyone had a clearer picture of how the bread was to be.” The Law of Relativity shows how all things (events, people, etc.) are interdependent upon one another. The Law of Cause and Effect shows how thought is cause and the physical is its manifest likeness. Everyone having a clearer picture of the breadmaking process demonstrated the Law of Relativity applied to the Law of Cause and Effect because, the undivided attention and concentration exercised during the first breadmaking day lead to a clearer picture of what the process was on the second day, which caused greater efficiency and timing in everyone’s activity. As a result, “everyone was faster and more efficient,” Dr. Terry said.

In delivering the bread, College student Karen Mosby sees it as a way to get out and meet people. She says, “It’s important for people around the College to know about the School, as in any city. Delivering bread gives them opportunity to know us.” College student Jesse Kern was touched when one of the neighbors invited him and Dr. Terry in. “Ms. Dugan was so friendly. She invited us in and even asked us to help her with a computer program that wasn’t responding. That told me how warm and friendly she is and how well appreciated we are in the community.”


Other Christmas cooking occurred on campus. Ten-year-old Hezekiah Condron and seven-year-old Leah Pawlus made a chocolate cake for dessert. Inspired by the cooking tools she received for Christmas, Leah came prepared with her own baked goods as a gift. She and Hezekiah even started filming a cooking show. Since the Law of Evolution shows that all of creation is continually improving and becoming greater, these Indigos were a demonstration of this Law just by being the creative, exploratory geniuses they are!

To Dr. Pam, our annual in-town caroling “is very important and fulfilling.” She says, “I know we give light to our community – people look forward to our bread and singing, it brightens their lives.” The Law of Proper Perspective dictates that all things have a place in the order of the Universe, and that some things have greater value and usefulness than others in that order. People being more important than things, a statement of Proper Perspective, is what college students learn from the Doctors of Metaphysics and graduate teachers in their time of study at the College.

To Tad Messenger, Graduate Teacher, “The most memorable part of the Christmas Weekend was Christmas carolling in Buffalo.” He stated, “It was the first time that Hezekiah Condron went with us. He was really joyful, and I watched as he connected and cared for all the people we sang to. The Madar family joined us at the neighborhood center with their daughter Alexandra. I remember seeing her in Paul (her father’s) arms. She had just woken up and there were all her friends in this strange place. She was very happy and her red hair glittered in the sun light. It didn’t matter where she was as long as she was with mommy (Dr. Christine) and daddy and her friends.”

Karen loves taking pictures and documenting history and having pictures available. “I see this as capturing time,” she said. When asked why Christmas was special at the College of Metaphysics in 2005, she replied, “I liked all of it, especially everyone getting together, and Hezekiah’s excitement about the presents.”


Hezekiah Condron, 10-year-old college student, served as the first ever, self initiated Christmas Director. Hezekiah made sure the Christmas Tree was up very early, and had everyone check in their presents with him before they went under the tree. His exuberance was a heartwarming expression of a big soul’s love for learning. We had so many presents under the tree this year. Many others came to the College for Christmas this year making it an experience of light and love. These included Damian Nordmann, Leigh Taylor, John Crainshaw, Jay McCormick, Megan Lytle, Talina Woods, Nicholas Zajac, Walter Hrycaj, Aisha Causey, Christine Brazzell, and Amy and Leah Pawlus.


On Christmas Day itself, Dr. Christine Madar had a great talk with students from the Indianapolis center about dreams and dream interpretation. She stimulated them to reason more wholistically about dream interpretation and thinking in pictures. Because of what Dr. Christine has to give with dream interpretation and what the students from Indianapolis desire and need to learn, Universal Law brought them together (Dr. Christine is at the dinner table about half the time because of Alexandra). Knowing this, Dr. Christine trusted the Law of Attraction and poured forth her dharma of generosity. The Law of Infinity is like when you finish the dishes and someone immediately sets another glass down to be washed. Since these students are very bright lights moving in the world, who’s to say how many more people will receive what Dr. Christine gave them on that blessed Christmas evening?


A week after Christmas Day comes January first, and the start of a new year. For the past ten years, the School of Metaphysics has brought the Universal Hour of Peace to the world from 11:30 PM, December 31 through 12:30 AM, January 1 as a way for people of all races, nationalities, and creeds to practice peace. Since the World’s Peace Dome was dedicated on October 11, 2003, One Voice, the simultaneous reading of the Universal Peace Covenant, was added at 12:00 midnight to the Universal Hour of Peace. At the College of Metaphysics, One Voice is a beautiful resonance of peace that moves across the face of the earth through the Peace Dome and the Energetic Campus. Beginning at 4:00 AM Central Standard Time on December 31, College of Metaphysics residents read or recite the Universal Peace Covenant as each time zone rings in the new year. Sometimes this is every half hour, sometimes it’s every hour, and occasionally it occurs every 15 minutes.

College Student Kelley Naylor, when asked what inspired her participation in One Voice, said, “I read the Universal Peace Covenant at every single time zone change. It was the experience of my ideal, which is the world can be united in peace. This is one of my greatest beliefs, and that’s what I wanted to do, and that’s why I am a Peace Ambassador. This year’s One Voice was one of the greatest connected experiences of my life.” How did Kelley experience the connection? She reaffirmed, “I perceived the whole world (all of humanity) all day because of my desire to give.” Goal + Purpose + Activity = Success, the Law of Believing and Knowing in action.

Kelley recited the Universal Peace Covenant 35 times throughout the day from 4:00 AM on Saturday, December 31, 2005 to 4:00 AM on Sunday, January 1, 2006. Student Laurie Biswell from the Springfield, Missouri school center joined the College for this endeavor, doing the same in the Peace Dome. She has been present every time the covenant is read for One Voice beginning Peace Dome Dedication Day (October 11, 2003) and the three New Year’s One Voices. Her dedication was one element that manifested in a feature article in the Springfield, Missouri News Leader on Saturday, December 31, 2005, the day we celebrated One Voice at the Peace Dome.


General Assembly 2006 at the College of Metaphysics was a progressive experience of connectedness and love. (See related article on another page.) General Assembly affords all the college students whether they have been teachers or directors to be with the leaders of the School of Metaphysics’ school centers. When speaking about his experience of service during the weekend, Sebastien stated, “I want to make service and giving a permanent part of my consciousness.” Bryon appreciated being present for this pace setting meeting as it gave him the opportunity to interact with the directors, visiting with them about their experiences in the centers and promoting the Powers of Ten in their cities. He also mentioned, “Sebastien and I talked about our vision of the future of the School of Metaphysics with the Intuitive Reports.” Regarding this Sebastien said, “In attending the special Intuitive Conductor/Reporter ceremony, I saw the beauty of the Intuitive Reports and the service that they are.” Bryon found it very fulfilling to support General Assembly. “I could perceive the importance of the event,” he said, “and it is something I hope to be [attending] next year. Knowing that I could give my energy to it made me feel that I was a part of something significant that contributed to the whole School of Metaphysics.”

Area Director Paul Madar lead a fourth level session during General Assembly detailing and imaging the specific needs of the Octagon as “a whole functioning headquarters building,” as he described it. Paul facilitated bringing all features and considerations to the table, and invested all the directors in the process. Everyone present added energy to the Octagon thought form, helping to move it into the fourth level of consciousness.


In evaluating what he understood from his Christmas season experiences at the College of Metaphysics, Jesse has a greater desire to be in his mind rather than his brain – to experience that mental or mind Christmas that Dr. Dan desires for all students at the College to receive. “When I am in my mind, I am at peace with myself and others. The questions I ask are conscious and reasonable, and I can discern when I am in the present, rather than the past and/or future. Before coming to the College of Metaphysics to study full time, this wasn’t even in my thinking. I am grateful for my Christmas 2005 experiences that were my laboratory to apply what my teachers are teaching me.”

By aligning ourselves with the ideal, purpose, and activity of the School of Metaphysics we are fulfilling the Complete Law – seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33). The ideal of the School of Metaphysics is to aid any individual to become a whole functioning Self, the purpose is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by ushering in Intuitive, Spiritual Man, and the activity is teaching teachers. As we, the students, teachers, directors, and graduates of the School of Metaphysics, diligently and consistently seek first the kingdom, teaching many people, we will add the Octagon unto ourselves, the vehicle, the entity that is the School of Metaphysics.


Jennifer Childers has completed a year and a half of study at the College and is now directing the Palatine School of Metaphysics. Because of what she learned at the College, she is full of vision and ready to do the work. “Through the teachers at the College of Metaphysics a vision moved inside [me] from the inside out. It has now become my own vision, that I own, a vision of the School of Metaphysics.”

Shawn Smith has completed a year of study at the College of Metaphysics and is going to establish the Cincinnati, Ohio School of Metaphysics. Both Jennifer and Shawn have goals to add to what they have learned at the College of Metaphysics, activating the Law of Prosperity. In going out to the field to teach and pass on what they have learned and gained, both Jennifer and Shawn are putting their soul growth and spiritual development first, fulfilling the Complete Law – seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

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