COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, February 2006 Journal

The TEN MOST WANTED list is a technique taught in the early weeks of School of Metaphysics study. It is an efficient way to organize your thoughts and direct your mind's creative power......

Applying the Mind's Power in Everyday Experiences

The power of the Ten Most Wanted list is in recognizing that you can meet your desires, giving direction to creative energy. It also directs all minds within a school center toward growth and experience. Here at World Headquarters we have created our Ten Most Wanted list in the image of National and International outreach. Everything is about learning and the Ten Most Wanted List is no exception. “Will power occurs when freedom and responsibility become one,” teaches First Cycle Lesson Three. Desires are often followed by inconsistent activity. Knowing what is most important to you ignites the Universal Laws into action on your behalf.

It is important to bring our ideas through ALL of the levels of mind into the physical. We found that we had not updated our list in the past six months. We learned about proper perspective because we allowed the activity, albeit purposeful, of new college students arriving, some leaving, preparing for the winter months on the land, season of peace, and numerous other activities to distract us from knowing where our will was being placed and how our energies were being spent. We found that it is very easy to become busy, success is created in directing the energies intelligently. As it states in Lesson Three, “Thought directed with intelligence is the greatest power in the Universe.” Creating our new Ten Most Wanted List helped us identify what we most wanted to build in our areas of responsibility.

National expansion is what we do here at Headquarters, and each of us had a different idea of what we could do to further that aim. Creating the list together unified our intentions and activities to serve the whole.

Desire + Purposeful Activity + Proper Perspective (will power) =
a prosperous, expansive and unified Headquarters, and a unified School of Metaphysics

Magic always happens around our Table where many minds are gathered with the guidance of our wise teachers. We started with a collective mindstorm after dinner and each of us contributed our ideas. We most want to be an attractive force so that people will know who we are, why we are here and we can build a place to welcome them, the Octagon. Our first list consisted of seventeen items which we each considered for several days. We voted on our most attractive desires and chose the top ten in common. This was a great opportunity for us to practice visualizing what it will be like to direct a center by involving all students and teachers in a collective effort. Unity.

Number one on our list: 100 new people receiving an Intuitive Report
Jesse Kern says, “That would mean that the light of the reports is spreading to new places on the planet. Our SOM ideal is for everyone in the world to receive an intuitive report, and this is our way of achieving this goal one hundred people at a time.” Time frames can limit the creative process. If we are open, the Universe will provide for us in ways that we might not have imagined.

Number Two: All 13 Mayan Natural time Tones living on campus
In the system called Dream Spell, based on Mayan teachings, there are twenty Tribes and thirteen Tones that conbine to form 260 unique Galactic Signatures. This can be associated with the twelve zodiac signs, like - Taurus, Fixed, Earth. Having all thirteen Tones living here means that we are aligning with natural time. We accept (and are trapped in) the Gregorian time-line presently. The Gregorian calendar is an invented system. To be truly whole and functional, we will need to have 260 people living here at the College to represent all the Signatures. Having all thirteen Tones represented is a good place to start. Dr. Christine says, “We are harmonizing with Universal Law, which is the structure of narual time because it is the pulse of the Universe. Because we are aligning with it in our consciounesses, we become harmonized with the planet, then the solar system, then the galaxy and then the other galaxies in the Universe. Because wehave all come from far and wide to use this planet as our school room, it is our duty to honor that natural truth.” Students who live here feel more like themselves like never before because they have the chance to live the truth like never before.

Number Three: New national distributor or retail chain for our books
It is a dream of the SOM to put our books into national distribution and retail markets (think Walmart and Target). We are practicing expanded vision, understanding the value of what we have to give and expecting growth and opportunity for service. Dr. B says, “Last year opened an international door for us by our being published in forign languages in other countries. Perhaps this year will bring the publishing of our books by one of the major book publishers!”

Number Four: National Dream Hotline in 3 national publications
Sebastien Hartman, resident Sandman, had this to say, “After many years of National Dream Hotline impressing on the consciousness of America and the World, the time is ripe for the event to become a household name. Having three national publications covering it will bring us much closer to our goal of everyone on the planet having a dream interpreted.”

Number Five: $100,000 in the octagon account by 04/01/06
The more we keep this in our minds, the bigger and more magnetic a force we will become. Hezekiah Condron, Dr. Dan and Dr. Barbara’s son, is a champion for this major development. He states, “It will take a $100,000 to get us started. It will probably take a million dollars to complete.” Enough said. With all this expansion, we will need a place to receive everyone!

Number Six: Five new college students in July (we’re really serious about this one.!.!) Incredible stuff happens here. We live with the Peace Dome, Icosohedrons and those who create them (see Dr. B’s article on 1010). This is the next step for any student or teacher who has completed the first cycle of lessons and desires to be a greater force of light in this world. Metaphysics is applied in every experience here. It is truly about learning to live and apply the principles learned in the lessons to every experience in your day to day life. Learn the value of a still mind. Learn about your thoughts in the moment from your teacher who is always available. Everyone who wishes to accelerate their learning NEEDS to be here! This is the home of Spiritual Intuitive Man. Accept no limitations.

Number Seven: Dream of the Month club members from every continent
Dr. Sheila states, “This is important so that we will be connected in the Language of Mind around the globe.” Two year old Alexandra wants to have friends form all over the world! Dr. Terry says, “When this happens, our presence through club members can be highly influencial in fulfilling the ideal and purpose of the SOM. These people will be able to share with their frinds and family.” This is evolution. Think Pyramid...

Number Eight: Peace Jam
Peace Jam is a national organization that teaches high school students about peace and how to live and develop it. Karen Mosby says, “The original reason to become involved in Peace Jam was to reach out to the high school students in our area. It is a vehicle to bring “The INVITATION” into secular curriculum and open up avenues of communication between us and the communities we serve. We recognize the need for people in our community to know who we are and what we have to offer.” Kelley Naylor adds a vision, “Imagine “The INVITATION” being performed by students all over the country. How would it influence a young mind to have the honor of playing Mother Teresa or His Holiness the Dalai Lama? What kind of influence would that individual have on the world as they move through adulthood?” It is a way to prepare for and secure the future of humanity.

Number Nine: All sun signs represented by COM residents
A whole functioning school has students influenced by every sun sign. This creates a great opportunity for learning as we move into Spiritual Intuitive Man.

Number Ten: Healing Wall stones form every state in the US
Bringing together pieces of the whole earth into one place, creates an incredible healing presence. Couple the stones with the thoughts of the people who send them and we have a magnificent gathering of minds from every country in the world all coming together through the thought form of peace. This is the beginning of vibrational healing research on this campus. Bryon Parrino says, “Westart at home.”

Once the 10
10 came into perspective, each of us illustrated one of the items on the list. Pictures are a great way for everyone to bring the visions to life. We each committed to reading our Ten Most Wanted list every day. This keeps our ideals alive in our minds. We trust you have learned to value the Power in your personal Ten Most Wanted List and your School’s. Each time you shine the light of your attention on these desires the thought forms grow.

“Peace is achieved by those who fulfill their part of a greater plan.”

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