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Shawn W. Smith

Background Information:

Graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BSBA in Financial Management. Spent 10 years in the oil and gas industry in the areas of accounting, finance, mergers and acquisitions, operations, marketing, and commodities trading/hedging.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

I started studying metaphysics after having several unexplainable experiences in my life that physically made no sense. I sought answers following a strong urge to understand and know truth. Metaphysics is the only explanation about Self and Creation that has ever made sense to me. Through personal experiences, I now know.

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

Upon graduation from the college, I intend to use what I have gained to open new schools expanding the influence of School of Metaphysics to new areas. I hope to continue to build peace and security within my Self and aid humanity to do the same.

“I am ever grateful for the School of Metaphysics. The truth is here. If you are willing to change and learn, you will experience the answers to all your questions.”
Kelley L. Naylor

Background Information:

I began studying performing arts, music and film making at the age of five. I graduated from the Conservatory of the Southwest in Dramatic arts and Film Production. I have worked extensively in theatre and film as an actress. After teaching Shakespeare and Dramatic arts to children, I worked in documentary films and commercial production before a short career in music production for television and film. I am thirty one years old. The old stereotype of actors making great waiters is true. I grew up primarily in Denton, Texas with sporadic international travel to Asia and the Amazon regions of South America in my quest for the Universal Truths of human evolution. I am an only child of two professors of Anthropology and English as a Second Language who provided for me a multicultural environment during my development.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

I studied Metaphysics originally to become a better artist. I wanted to know the creative processes that would enable me to create the kind of expansive art that would teach others about the truths of our existence and bring people closer to the purpose of existence. I knew I had to discover what those truths were and how to incorporate the process of creating with a higher, or cosmic, vibration into my work. I wanted to achieve my ideals. I believed strongly that human kind needed to elevate their experiences. I believed, and still believe, that the media and forms of expression can be directed with responsible, directed intelligence to elevate the human experience, inspire the individual experience to reach toward the Creator and beyond what is experienced with the physical senses. If you can question or re-evaluate your self and your thoughts, you can create change. I was also attracted to the curriculum because I cried every time I watched the news, felt connected to so many people, I sometimes lost myself. I wanted to know why. There were many things about my public schooling that didn’t make any sense to me. I wanted to know what those blockages were. I had many “why-s” to answer...

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

My College of Metaphysics experiences are applicable to all parts of my consciousness. I expect to continue serving in the School of Metaphysics for the rest of this incarnation. I will teach many students. I expect that what I am learning will apply to everything that I create in my life because Metaphysics is a way of being and becoming, a way of choosing to live, a way of scientifically achieving all that Creation affords. The Universal Laws and Truths are reality. The question then becomes, “How will the Creator have me serve today?”

“I realize that being in the moment is the most fulfilling place that I can be, that I really do have the complete law “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be given to you” in every moment. I have everything that I need.”
Bryon Parrino

Background Information:

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. I moved to Springfield, Missouri from Northern California to take classes at the closest School of Metaphysics branch to the College. I am currently 24 years old.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

I began studying spirituality, religions, and metaphysics when I was 14 years old. I had a sense that I’ve been here before and done many things on this planet, and few things interested me. Deep down I knew there was something more that I was here to do. When I found the School of Metaphysics web site I recognized it as a treasure immediately. As I read through the wealth of information it became my dream to one day attend this College of Metaphysics. Years later, with more experience under my belt, I recognized the immense value of this type of study, the way it is being studied here. In addition to this, I also had a greater ability to understand why the idea of School of Metaphysics study resonated in me; it was my soul urge.

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

At the College of Metaphysics I am coming to understand my self in ways I had only previously dreamed of. I am overcoming limitations so that I can be a more effective person, more responsible, clear thinking, and heart-centered. I’ve developed a much clearer understanding of how my mind works and how to grow and live a fulfilling life. Upon graduation I plan to move to one of the school centers of the School of Metaphysics and learn to direct a school. I will also continue teaching and, in these ways, give back to the world the priceless education I’ve received and continue to receive.

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“If not now, when?

If not me, who?”

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