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Welcome to the College of Metaphysics web page.
My name is Karen Mosby. I become a college student here at the College July 10, 2005. I knew that I would be a student here when I found out that I would be able to live with and learn from the Doctors that wrote the books that I read for classes. These were the people that had been practicing and applying metaphysics for over 30 years. Getting to the college was a challenge for me. I had to sell my house, get my daughter off to college, relocate my dog, quit my job and convince my mom that I wasn’t crazy. I made it through all these changes by holding onto my goal of being a college student.

Learning and self awareness is accelerated at the college. Lessons in self awareness that would have taken a lifetime to understand like divine love, service, directing, teaching can be learned in the course of a year here at the College. Students frequently find that they have similar learning so we can learn from each other.

I started my college experience on Sunday, July 10, 2005. I was joined by Kelly Naylor from Columbia, MO. and Adam Williams from Louisville, Kentucky. Also in our class are the students that came earlier in January of 2005. They are Shawn Smith from Fayetteville, AR, Jesse Kern from Dallas, TX, Sebastien Hartman from St. Louis, MO, and Bryon Parrino from California via Springfield, MO. Jennifer Childers from Dallas is the senior student. She has been here for over a year.

In this diary it is our desire to give you a glimpse of college life here on the campus. It is a rich learning opportunity for us to share what we are learning this year as students. It is in teaching and sharing with others that we gain the most understanding from our experiences. The diary will start on Saturday, September 11, 2005. Most of the people that you will find writing here are students who live on the campus. To meet these here.

Some of the people who will add to our diaries are graduate teachers and faculty. You can learn more about them here

You may even find entries from the many students and teachers who visit the college for meetings, workshops, special events. It is our hope that as the diary progresses the reality of what wholistic consciousness and developing the potential of the whole self will show.

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