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Week of September 11, 2005
My mother attended the Dharma Spiritual Focus Session this weekend at the College of Metaphysics. It was truly a blissful experience to have her here, accelerating her own learning, and supporting me in mine. Her dharma is inquisitiveness - an understanding of curiosity and wonder to move towards the light. After going over her report with her, I see now why I, as a soul, chose her as my parent in this incarnation. Her openness and strength in exploring new truths is the perfect compliment to my dharma of fidelity in having the steadfastness and faithfulness to stay with it until the learning is complete, until the light is reached. I feel more deeply connected to my mother and my soul by sharing in this experience with her.


September 12, 2005
I was talking with Dr. Barbara Condron because I was tired of the garden, of constant activity, of feeling irritable and I wanted to know what I could do to change these thoughts because I love being here at the college. I recognized that I was feeling jealous. Dr. Barbara helped me to see that I was feeling left out because I was not participating in the Dharma Spiritual Focus Weekend as a server. I had been a director before coming to the College and I got to serve at these sessions. I was watching the servers in the kitchen having fun, talking with Dr. Barbara and I felt left out. I wanted to be in there cooking and talking but as a new college student I had other responsibilities to fulfill.

Just being able to identify the thought process that was going on in my mind helped to releave the feelings that I was having. I identified what was really bothering me. It wasn’t the work that I was having a problem with it was the blame that I was placing on it because I couldn’t do what I thought was more important and more fun. It reminds me of the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side.” I felt that being a college student was less important than being a server. Dr. Barbara helped me to see that I needed to keep my attention on what I was learning. It is not about the activity that I am doing.

Before coming to the college I would have held onto these feelings of jealousy and resentment and it may have taken days or maybe weeks for me to identify what was going on. It would have colored everything that I did and I would have been unhappy. After my talk with Dr. Barbara I had a new understanding within myself. I recognized how frequently in the past this same type of situation had occurred. Keeping my attention in the present I now can make choices based on what I want to create. I decide to see the value in the work that I am doing. It had became fun and important again.


September 13, 2005
I received a great opportunity to serve at the Dharma Spiritual Focus Session and I learned a lot about how each person gives service in their own way, be it mentally, emotionally or physically. I learn so much about myself every time I give of myself to something greater than me. It is amazing! This experience has to do with me experiencing balance- choosing the libra influence that I did. My most recent Health Analysis mentioned that I am attached to emotional extremes and that I have the power to change this now due to my state of mind. During the session I was preparing lunch and Dr. Terry Martin asked me how I was feeling. I examined my present state and realized that I wasn’t feeling anything. That my mind was directed on giving to the participants. I was not feeling happy, sad, angry, etc... I realized that life is still wonderful without the swing of emotions, that emotions really did not make my life extra fun, they just keep me busy.

Jennifer Childers

September 14, 2005
This week my mom has been visiting from California, joining us in College student activities like tending the garden, caring for chickens, and gathering apples from the orchard. I’ve been amazed to see how well she has blended in, as if she belongs here as much as I do. This weekend she attended the Soul’s Purpose Spiritual Focus Session, where she bonded with other participants, learned what her Dharma is, and uncovered her soul urge. It was beautiful to watch this unfold and to see her profound sense of humbleness with what she has received. The College of Metaphysics is truly beautiful, on many levels, and it is such a joy to see her recognizing it. She seems to finally understand why I’m making the choices that I am in life. It fills me with gratitude to realize the depth of what I’m receiving here and to be able to share this with others, including my own mom.

by Bryon

September 15, 2005
It has been a busy month here at the College. We planted the fall garden in mid August and all the plants are coming up now. It is really exciting to see the fruits of our labor bring such quick results. Soon we will have a whole new crop of lettuce, radishes, beans, and pumpkins, The greens are really perking up after the recent rain. We now have watermelon, cantaloupe, and huge squash on all the vines. There are also all the pepper plants with huge peppers waiting to ripen on their bushes. We have put all the tomato plants in cages and are now receiving fresh tomatoes from the vines. I love being able to go ‘shopping’ in the garden for the greens and vegetables that the cooks will put into the salad for supper.

The apple trees in the orchard are full of apples and we have been picking them up regularly. They will be made into Apple Butter and apple juice. The pear trees are also loaded with fruit. Dr. Dan says they will be ready to pick soon. The orchard and the garden are great places to practice mindfulness. When you are still and present minded you can perceive what the plants are saying to you. After watering or pulling weeds or debugging, the plants are grateful for the attention, love and care being given to them. It is also a place to practice going beyond the limitations of what I like to do and what I don’t like to do, to looking at what will serve the whole group.

I am learning to go be inclusive in asking people to help in the garden with the picking of the vegetables, watering of the garden, and the other activities that go to taking care of it. I am learning how to teach about the need to respond to the garden and to be able to have vision and to ask for help when necessary. This is what directing is all about.


September 17, 2005
Receiving a Past Life Crossing with my friend and classmate Kelley has been a profound experience of confirmation of our ability to recognize specific past lifetime ties. Now that we have the information of why we are so connected in the present, with similar high ideals and a newfound ease with telepathic communication, we can take our present interactions to a higher level, encouraging each other as we overcome fears and limitations, actively reaching for the enlightenment of ourselves, each other, and all our other friends.


September 18, 2005
Five times a year all the teacher and students from the 16 Schools of Metaphysics in the surrounding states come to the College to provide service and learn through the work experiences like a mini college course. We call these weekends All Student Weekends. The work crews are led by the college students so that we can learn about directing and teaching.

Leading a work crew in the orchard was a new experience for me during this All Student Weekend because I am a new student. My group weeded around the trees in the orchard, added minerals and fertilizer to the soil and mulched around the trees to help them to stay moist and to help keep down the weeds. The grass and weeds steal the water from the trees making it more difficult to keep up with the watering.

I learned a lot about leadership during the weekend. One of my goals for being a college students is to be a better director. I want to be open to include others in my activities rather than thinking that I have to do everything by myself. I tend to think that I am bothering people when I ask them to help out. Consequently, I tend to do everything my self and can become quit resentful. This work group was a great way for me to expand my vision of doing something different.

It was hot in the orchard that day. I made sure that everyone had plenty of water and wore hats to help with the heat. I wasn’t sure how to get started so I had everyone pair up into groups to dig out the weeds from under the trees. I made sure the proper tools were available. I paid a lot of attention to my thoughts as I worked. When I noticed that I was working by myself I would invite people to be with me. When I noticed that I wanted to spare people time and trouble I would think about what I wanted to teach them and what I wanted to learn. Then I would ask for help. I was always bringing my attention back to my goal, always observing my thoughts and actions and remembering what I wanted to teach, .

I found that everyone was willing to cooperate in all the steps of working in the orchard including the picking up of the apples, putting away the tools and putting the mulch around the trees. When my thoughts went to how I was inconveniencing people I thought about what I wanted to teach. I have learned that it is important for people to see the whole process, the weeding, mulching, fertilizing, harvesting, cleaning and putting the apples and the tools away. This way they learn all the steps and develop a clearer picture of the needs of the orchard and learn how to respond to the needs. I learned a lot about how often my thoughts go to thinking that I am helping by doing the clean up myself, or the jobs that I think others won’t like because I don’t want to bother them. This is where I feel alone and get resentful because people can’t see what needs to be done. I am learning to teach all the steps. I am realizing that people need to be invited to help so that they have a place to give, so they have a place where they feel they belong. I thank all those wonderful people who were on my crew and who gave to me just as much as I wanted to give to them. I am grateful.


September 19, 2005
This week I learned two new-to-me computer programs. I was able to work with putting together the monthly School of Metaphysics magazine called Vibrations and learned two new computer programs Photoshop and Pagemaker. I was shown Pagemaker last month for a brief time. It was so exciting to me that I was able to figure out the programs and apply what ideas others gave to me. I can definitely use this skill when I go to a new school center and if I want, at a job.


September 20, 2005
I was having difficulty getting excited about the upcoming visit of a group of home schoolers who were to tour the Peace Dome. I knew the importance of connecting with them and teaching but I wasn’t confident in what I had to offer them in my presentation. I wanted to connect with them, make their visit memorable. Instead, my imagination went to places of doubt and fear. As I examined my thoughts more closely I noticed there was something else - a deeper fear than doubt.

I was afraid of being inadequate. This was the root fear. After having my run-through critiqued I had allowed myself to become discouraged. I questioned my ability to think as clearly as others and to form an experience for these kids that they would actually enjoy. Once I realized this, I had to admit it was silly to think I needed to be perfect. Since I was having trouble thinking differently, I needed to consult others so I could learn to think differently.

When I spoke with Karen she was very helpful. She suggested I start by looking up the words of the things I was talking about, like “proclamation,” “ambassador,” and “pledge.” Of course I was familiar with these words. Karen did have a point, though. Looking them up gave me a greater clarity, and it become easier to give the examples necessary to turn my heady, airy, brainy presentation into one of mental pictures, audience interaction, and clear examples that are easy for the intended audience to relate to.

Once I became clear about this, the whole thing became less intimidating and I found it easy to form an outline using pictures. This enabled me to rapidly memorize what I wanted to give to these people. I practiced once, which went smoothly, and then the actual presentation also went well. The experience was enjoyable for myself as well as those in attendance. It felt good to share what I had learned and to make this visit more alive and more connected. I am very grateful to have had this experience. I have learned a lot that I can apply to many situations in the future. Thank goodness for concentration, inner listening, and self-reflection.

As a side note, the whole experience that we offered the home schoolers was profound. I was very grateful for our Peace Dome as I received a clearer image of what peace is and how it relates to my ideals.


September 21, 2005
There was a moment when the historical impact of the morning’s events hit me like a warm ocean wave, so beautiful, graceful, full of meaning for us all. The significant culmination of many intentional and imaginings full of love brought to life in front of me caused my heart to swell so much I cried with joy. Gathered in the lower floor of the Dome were children and adults signing oaths to become Peace Emissaries. They were choosing to make the Peace Covenant part of their lives. They were choosing Peace, to whatever degree of understanding, choosing to recognize their own influence in the world. A beginning, seed planting, memories that these children will have with them as they grow into adults.

I saw this day as the beginning of the manifestation of Dome as a recognized temple of Peace for this planet by all. The image come to me of my own beginning a year ago, sitting near the Mandala one Sunday after the Invitation, Dr. Barbara Condron saying, “Kelley, you are the first Peace Emissary. You should write this down...” Inspired, I took her seriously. It was one of those moments you feel time stand still for, like holding your breath expectantly, an important choice to be made. That thought form was in alignment with my own ideals as an entity on this planet. So, I brought people. I loved. I wrote. As I stood and watched them gathered, promising to read with the Earth for the Universal Hour of Peace, I silently gave gratitude to God and every entity that I thought would hear me. I said, “May they find the truth in their choice, may they remain loyal to developing Peace within themselves and for Humanity, may we have Peace in our lifetime. Om.” We sang Peace is the Breath of our Spirit together while everyone was signing the documents. I had never really understood that song as a prayer, but I do now. I looked at the friends gathered there and gave thanks, the magnitude of what this tiny and significant spark could mean to all of us. We all did this together, many years, many creators. The door is opened now and more will come.

The vision of children and adults flooding the Dome during these tours keeps coming back into my mind over and over again. I see many feet walking on the carpet. I see how powerfully the completed Mandala vibrates. I think the magnitude of all those thoughts of Peace will surely make the Dome levitate right out of its foundation! Hallowed ground. I see faces turned upward reading the Proclamations and the awareness dawning within them of what it means to think of humanity as a whole, connected unit. I see mothers pointing to the sky light in the upper level, small children in arms, light flooding through the windows. I see speakers, commemorative days of Peace being celebrated everywhere. I see the ripple of Peace spreading across the globe, originating from the Dome, touching all, and as it does so, it grows stronger. Stronger than the acceptability of wars, stronger than the expectations of hate, stronger than the desire for protection. Each entity will add to it because the desire for Peace will be stronger than the desire to separate one from another. It will be made in the minds and hearts of each individual, the absolute outcome of the momentum uniting everyone. I saw a part of the beginning of this global awareness happening right there in front of me! It was with the childrens’ experiences. Kiah said, “I want to be a Peace Emissary, give me one of those,” pushing his way to the front. Alexandra ran around and hugged everyone, one by one. Cory went right to business, firmly helped direct her brother to the focus of signing the commitment. Jake the Sage said, “This is really gonna be serious, huh?” Little Blaise folded her paper neatly after her mother helped her sign it and placed it carefully next to her special pears in her basket.

“We call upon each individual to create and foster a personal vision for Peace...”

My responsibility was to teach about the Peace Mandala, the laying of tiles. After a brief history on the purpose of mandalas, a little cultural information and introducing the idea that Thought is Cause, I led everyone through a small meditation to develop their personal vision for Peace. This was the vision to place within the tile and give back for what they have received, the placing of it adding to the whole. Everyone placed their tiles, the children adding their visions to the tiles with seriousness. Afterward, I asked if anyone wanted to share what the had experienced. Dawn, the mother of Blaise, said that she felt honored to be there. I felt humbled by what she said. I find that I see us as only caretakers of this incredible place.


September 22, 2005
Alexandra Grace Madar is one of the residents here at the College of Metaphysics. She will be two years old in December. Her parents Dr. Christine and Paul Madar are raising an enlightened child. One of the play activities that Alexandra and I do together is ‘camel,’ where I talk in a Bulwinkle style voice and hold the stuffed camel as we walk around and do whatever - sometimes I tell Bible stories or involve other stuffed animals in the adventure. Most of the time I simply give Alexandra my attention and I be with her in whatever she wants to do and play. This has been a wonderful time for me in surrendering my ego to hold another’s best interest in mind over mine. It is also a practice in undivided attention - giving this quality of attention to Alexandra and then sustaining it, which is concentration, for however long is needed. Sometimes we play together for an hour or more. Sometimes her parents just need some time to accomplish a few goals with their responsibilities around campus. I love playing with Alexandra. She brings the joy and lightheartedness out in me, which is very healing for my too-often dreary outlook on life. Thank God for Alexandra!


September 23, 2005
(As college students we are given areas where we practice directing energy and seeing our influence. Media, the bookstore, healing, Intuitive Reports, and Dream of the Month Club are just a few of these areas. We interpret dreams for the public that are sent to the Dreamschool website. People who want to learn to interpret their own dreams can join Dream of the Month Club to work one-on-one with the teachers here at the College learning the Universal Language of Mind and how it relates to their dreams. Karen)

Not so long ago I began giving my attention and energy to drawing new Dream of the Month Club members. Jesse, who formerly was directing his energies to Dream of the Month Club, had been truly diligent in finding ways to make the on-line mentoring program more receptive to attracting new members. His goal of having six members culminated in one week where we had two new members join just a few days apart.

What the School of Metaphysics has to offer with dreams is truly priceless. With Dr. Christine Madar becoming the new guiding intelligence for our Dreamschool website many of us are beginning to see that our dream interpretations are evolving to a much greater degree. The dreams that people have been sending in for interpretation show a quality of evolution in consciousness. This is giving each of us here, who interpret dreams for the public, a higher sense of duty for sharing the power of dreams and the power of the subconscious mind.


©2005 SOM

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