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Week of October 8, 2005

How much can happen in one day?

We had a 24-hour Transcibe-a-thon and a continuous showing of THE SILVER CORD on October 8, 2005 to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the School of Metaphysics incorporation as a not-for-profit educational organization. We transcribed the audio recordings of intuitive reports from the past decade. THE SILVER CORD is an amazing spiritual documentary capturing the evolutionary journey of one soul.

The entries below talk about how being in the present moment helps you to respond to the things that come up seemingly unexpected. Flexibility is the lesson today. Being present minded allows us to see the possibilities of how to be connected with each other through responding to what will benefit the whole. Instead of becoming resentful when things do not go the way we expected, we can choose to respond with an open mind where all things are possible. This leads to greater peace and harmony in our environment and in us. –Karen

This was an incredible day for me. A day that pushed me to go beyond limits in my thinking and expectations. This was the weekend of the Transcribe-a-thon and Silver Cordathon. All 16 School of Metaphysics centers would be transcribing Intuitive Reports and showing the movie The Silver Cord for 24 hours. There was a lot of excitement about the weekend because we would be connected in consciousness, each school holding the same activity at the same time. Wonderful things are created when many minds work together toward a common goal.

As college students we arranged how we would take time in the Dome to proof reports. Then we found out that Dr. Dan wanted all of us to cut pears to be made into pear honey jam, Dr. Barbara wanted the bathrooms painted and the kitchen floor was to be tiled by the college men, and we needed to cut up apples to make apple butter. We also made salsa from the tomatillas in the garden and canned okra for gumbo this winter. This in addition to all the other things that we need to do as college students. This is so like my life before I came to the college. I would get overwhelmed by all the physical activities that I would have to complete. Many times I developed migraine headaches from the pressure that I put on myself.

This weekend was spectacular because I looked at how I could make everything work, how to accomplish all these goals. There was some grumbling at first because everyone’s day was drastically changed from what they had thought would occur. But it turned out to be a great discovery about the moldable ego. True service to myself and others begins with the ability to do whatever task is put before me. I could have gotten upset or frustrated as in the past but I wanted to do something different with my attitude. I decided to see what I could do to accomplish all the things that needed to be done. It is amazing what I can do when I look for possibilities to completing things. It was fun.

Everyone pitched in to get things done. One of the biggest benefits was sitting at the table cutting fruit with Dr. Barbara and Dr. Dan. This is how to learn expanded vision and purpose. Just talking with them gives me a whole new perspective on my thoughts and attitudes and how the ego gets in the way of what I want in life. They talked about being teachers in the school and what they went through as students and teachers.

It was wonderful with everyone cooperating to meet the goals set at the beginning of the day - a day of group consciousness and expanded awareness with those who were in the Dome proofing reports. This expanded awareness is what I need to cultivate in myself so that I can be confident in interacting with and directing increasing numbers of people. At the end of the day I had completed the most important things and received so much more from the experience.

I want to know how to overcome the limitations that I have with time. Keeping an open mind allows the Universal Laws to work so that I can create what I want in my life. It is really exciting to see that when I release how things will get done and focus on being of service amazing things happen. This thought is one that will serve me wherever I go in life. –Karen

5:30 am
Upper chamber
of the Peace Dome reading the Universal Peace Covenant
I had already been up proofing Intuitive Reports from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. before going to recite the Universal Peace Covenant at 5:30 a.m. I attend every morning with an expectation that I will experience peace. My motivation is so I can inspire others who desire peace as much as I do. I sat down and joined Kelley and Bryon, who had already started. I felt still and peaceful. As I recite the Universal Peace Covenant I practice being still so that I can receive the images, so I can become better at thinking in pictures.

This time my eyes were open and in my mind's eye I could see parts of the earth. The energetic grid was bright and glowed. I blinked my physical eyes in astonishment at what I was seeing. I then realized I was seeing the grid with my third eye, because my physical eyes were focused in the Upper Chamber in the dome. I was moving through streets around the earth. I saw cars, people, houses, streetlights and other little balls of light.

This experience occurred because of how much I love reading the Universal Peace Covenant, from the intuitive wisdom I had received earlier that morning from the Transcribe-a-thon, and from the connectedness in the movie THE SILVER CORD.

And I was in the Peace Dome! I really felt connected to Kelley, Bryon and the world. I knew that our thoughts of peace were moving around the globe.

I wonder who in the world had an intuitive day and didn’t know why? –Jen

I arrived after the others, still tired from my 90-minute nap. Adam and Jen were proofing so I went to see how things were going with The Silver Cord. The Silver Cord is a spiritual documentary of how we as souls have moved through space and time on this planet. The film is based on actual intuitive reports and intuitive research done by the School of Metaphysics. This is why we were playing it continuously for 24 hours - direct universal truth from subconscious mind. Knowing what we do about the way thought and energy moves in the Peace Dome, projecting out across the planet, we saw the possibilities for subtle, and over time major, impact on the collective consciousness of Mankind.

As I watched the film, I practiced holding my mind receptive - still and open. I knew that by allowing the images to enter my consciousness, I would boost the stream of insight and energy being offered to the world. This I saw more clearly after the string theory experience we had at Dr. Barbara’s Powers of Ten seminar.

Ying Koo’s story was coming to a close and I soaked in the lessons learned from that lifetime. They were relevant to me in a way that had not been before. I saw anew the importance of using physical forms first and foremost for learning, even structures such as friendships. Then as Josiah’s lifetime began, I realized how the continuing significance of what I was seeing to my recent experiences was a direct result of holding the mind receptive and alert. I see now that the universal archetypes presented in the Powers of Ten seminar also prepared me to understand what I was seeing on deeper levels. I felt more connected to my fellow man and reminded of what my priorities in life really are. –Bryon

from Jesse.....With the expectation that I would be proofing Intuitive Reports all day or most of the day Saturday, during the Transcibe-a-thon, I set a goal to complete 20 of them. When it was announced that we would be chopping pears to make pear honey jam, which I don’t enjoy eating, I was upset and disappointed. I thought I had lost the opportunity to reach my goal and be connected to the other 16 School of Metaphysics centers who were also transcribing on this day.

When I saw that there was a need for us to chop the pears or they would soon go bad, I knew that we needed to use our resources to the fullest rather than waste them. This would increase the prosperity and abundance here at the College of Metaphysics. Prosperity and abundance is something I value highly, so I surrendered my desires to the present moment and trusted that the reports would be proofed later.

All of us college students were at the big table cutting pears. We were joined by Dr. Barbara Condron, who was cutting apples for apple butter jam and by Dr. Dan, the Chancellor of the College who helped us cut pears. It was quite the fun experience of love and joy! Just being in Dr. Barbara’s and Dr. Dan’s presence is enlightening. They talked about earlier times in the shool, who they were then, how they learned and changed, how they taught, and how the School of Metaphysics has benefitted from it.

The pear chopping spanned the entire afternoon, so the reports would be proofed that night or another time. When I released my attachment to the reports being completed by a certain physical time, I freed myself to relax and respond in the moment to the needs of those around me. I also reminded myself that the whole point of life isn’t just to complete physical goals. It is to realize and fulfill my spiritual ideals. The understanding of surrender that I am building through experiences such as this will always be with me in the form of permanent understandings stored in my soul or subconscious mind. When I learn in any and all experiences, I never fail. Learning neutralizes the seeming failures of physical life. –Jesse

8pm-12am Kelley Naylor
What a crazy day!

Ever wonder why people get so darned rigid in their thinking? I have an insight: when one visualizes their activities progressing one way for efficient completion, and the rest of one’s environment has a different idea, one can get rather protective of their time. Hello, attachment!

We must have all needed a heady dose of fluidity because so many things were set into motion on Saturday that were seemingly out of the blue. We all had to be like water. I didn’t have space to go to the Dome until much later than I had anticipated, or “planned.” After I realized that the energies progressing were related to my own old stuff regarding procrastination, I set off at 8pm.

The day was a great lesson in proper perspective...

I got the “God Upgrade” however, when the evening started with beautiful Universal Law of Attraction bringing me Dr. Barbara’s past life “reading” from 1976. There were two major points within it that I needed to hear. One, that it is valuable to apply the gifts we use with others to ourselves, and two, that to create stability and security within the self, and how one gives of the self, one must be willing to make mistakes in order to grow and discover. Mistakes are excellent teachers. The perfection thing is right out. Good reminder.. –Kelley

"I wanted to do something different with my attitude"

"At the end of the day I had completed the most important things and received so much more from the experience."

"I also reminded myself that the whole point of life isn’t just to complete physical goals."

"When I learn in any and all experiences, I never fail."

©2005 SOM

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