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Adam Williams

Background Information

I am 23 Years old. I attended Indiana University and later the University of Louisville. For 5 years prior to coming to the College of Metaphysics I worked as a manager at UPS. During my tenure at UPS I graduated many business and management classes as well as gained extensive knowledge of expedited global transport. I am originally from Indiana where I found enjoyment in all forms of the arts, helping to run the family business and studying philosophy.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

I had taken many philosophy and world religion courses in college without finding much satisfaction in them. I was labeled a “gifted and talented” child at a very young age. I therefore began studying philosophy at a very young age and did not find that the college courses were teaching me to apply it the way I had hoped. I had been passive in looking for a way to apply the thinking of ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle to my daily life when I stumbled onto a brochure for the School of Metaphysics. The idea of learning to concentrate and meditate sounded very exciting to me and it has only gotten more so since.

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

I am going to use my college experience to teach many people the things that I have been taught so that they can have more fulfilling lives. I am at the college to give myself conscious life experiences of living a mentally disciplined life. I will use these experiences to teach others how they can do the same.

“The quest to know my self is the greatest adventure imaginable. It is in reaching to understand myself as a mental creator that I have found great fulfillment.”
Sebastien Hartman

Background Information

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana with my three older brothers. My father is an American, and my mother is a native of France. I visited family in France for several months every other year for the first seventeen years of my life, where I learned the language. As far as my employment history, I worked as a house painter for about seven years and as a cook.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong interest and curiosity about what makes people similar. This desire to know what is universal drew me to all kinds of foreign art, film and music. Seeing these universals made it difficult for me to understand why there is so much disharmony in the world and in my life. I spent much time in my head, being frustrated with my inability to connect with with anyone, at any time and at any place.

After having several experiences of perceiving the connectedness between myself, others and the Universe and having a series of amazing dreams, some lucid, I could not let go of the idea that there is something more to life than just a physical, material existence. Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced me to the School of Metaphysics.

Through the School of Metaphysics I began to learn the meaning of my dreams and how to create harmony with others and peace within myself. The study and application of metaphysics has been the most rewarding and challenging endeavor I have ever experienced. This is why I have continued to study, why I moved to St. Louis, MO School of Metaphysics’ branch to live and help there, and why I am currently studying at the College of Metaphysics.

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

I am continually learning how to direct my mind, to be in control of it. I am discovering the beauty of building deeper relationships with all the people I know. The more I apply myself the more I peel off the layers that are hiding my potential. The vision of what I want to do when I complete my year at the College of Metaphysics is to devote myself to teaching individuals through the School of Metaphysics and to give of myself freely to whatever the greatest need is. All in all, I want to continue to be a part of a spiritual family that is expanding and creating together, unfolding the divinity within.

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