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Karen Mosby

Background Information:

I have lived my whole life in Des Moines, Iowa. I graduated from Mercy School of Nursing in 1977 and have worked as a registered nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines for the last thirty years. I have a passion for kids of all ages and have really enjoyed my job. I am 49 years old and have two children; Kim is 21 years old and Drew is 23 years old.

I have been studying in the School of Metaphysics for five years and have received my Respondere and Que Docit Dicit for completion of the first two cycles of lessons offered by the school. Before coming to the college I was a teacher of metaphysics and I directed the School of Metaphysics in Des Moines, Iowa.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

A friend of mine took me to a lecture on healing at the School. I didn’t even know what metaphysics was then but the lecture sounded interesting so I went. I talked with one of the teachers about the migraines that I had. I was getting them every other day. I was on a special diet and several medicines to prevent them. She said that it was possible to learn to understand the cause of these headaches and possibly cure them. I was really excited by the prospect of no more headaches. As a nurse I knew that people’s rate of healing depended upon the attitudes that they had. If they were positive and participated in their care they got better faster, sometimes miraculously. If their attitudes were poor, and they were uninterested in their care, their recovery was much slower and they could develop a Iot of complications. I wanted to know why this occurred. The teacher said that I would learn how the mind worked and how permanent healing occurs in the lessons that I would be studying. I was ready for a change in my life so I signed up for classes that night.

I have stayed in the school because I receive first hand experiences from the disciplines that I practice every day. I have learned so much about myself and how the mind works that I am a new person today.

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

After my college experience I will continue to study so that I can receive my Doctorate in Metaphysics offered by the college. My goal is to be an Intuitive Reporter so that I can offer intuitive knowledge to everyone and I also want to become a Psi-Counselor. I have used what I have learned to really help my patients in the hospital. I have even taught the nurses that I worked with about meditation and have interpreted their dreams.

My main goal is to be an area director and help to open schools in other cities. I have learned so much in the school that I want to be able to teach anyone interested in learning. I then want to teach at the college. There is so much that can be done to aid mankind.

“As a college student I have learned a new degree of honesty about expressing my thoughts and ideas, expressing who I am as an individual without fear of judgement. This allows me to expand my consciousness to include others in my life, to understand my influence in the world, to understand that I to have a purpose for existing.”
Jesse Kern

Background Information:

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Arts with a piano emphasis from Oklahoma Baptist University. I served for two years as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow in Oklahoma City, OK with the Community Council of Central Oklahoma. The AmeriCorps Promise Fellow program was a joint effort of the Corporation for National Service initiated by President Bill Clinton and General Colin Powell’s America’s Promise initiative to meet the needs of today’s youth. During my term of service I developed and implemented a city wide youth program for middle schoolers that was a recommended solution by the youth themselves in response to their own identified needs.

I have also worked as a non-profit grant writer and research and planning associate. I have more recently worked in the administrative field for the rural water industry and the insurance industry.

I grew up in church singing and playing music for God. My dad is a pastor and my mom a state representative who taught in inner city public schools before her term in office. What I appreciate most about them and the upbringing they gave me is the devotion to and love for God first, commitment to my ideals no matter what may be occurring in the physical environment, and a duty to serve people and be a light in their lives. During my early years I lived in East Texas, my teenage years I spent in Boise, Idaho, and during my college and early adult years I lived in Central Oklahoma, Shawnee and Oklahoma City.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

Before attending the College of Metaphysics, I directed the Dallas School of Metaphysics and taught metaphysics there as well. I began studying metaphysics to find deeper answers to situations and circumstances that had presented themselves to me in my life - “Why did bad things happen to good people?” “If God really loves me, then why is my life so hard and unpleasant?” and “How can I truly be more like Jesus?”

Why I started studying metaphysics?

When I graduate from the College of Metaphysics I will understand how to give and receive love more completely with myself and others. I will know how to cause productive change in the way I think and have a greater ability to direct my mind with purpose or personal benefit in any activity whether pleasant or unpleasant. I desire to teach metaphysics on a deeper level as well as direct another School of Metaphysics school center and eventually open a new center in a new community. I desire to continue earning a doctorate in metaphysics and serve humanity as counselor, musician, author, lecturer and teacher of Universal Law and Universal Truth.
“Self Respect, the ability to look at yourself and your thoughts again and again, is the alpha and the omega (the first and the last) in understanding Self and Creation.”
Jennifer Childers

Background Information:

I am 28 years old and have had a wide variety of jobs, from being a waitress, working in the medical field and the corporate world as a receptionist. I was raised in a small suburb around Dallas, TX named The Colony. I have attended Texas A&M in Commerce and Collin Community College.

Why I started studying metaphysics?

I started studying metaphysics because at the time I entered in the School of Metaphysics it felt right. I felt that I resonated with what was being taught, even though I had never studied it before. When one of my dreams was interpreted it hit home for me.

How I expect to use my college experience when I graduate?

Attending the College of Metaphysics I have unraveled layer after layer becoming closer to what my true potential as a creator is. I will use what I learned to aid others to be in light and to see their potential. I want to teach many students, give freely of what has been given to me.

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“I needed extra money to go to the college so I used my imagination and creativity to come up with an idea to raise extra money. I designed a book on Love Quotes in which I hand painted all the pages and then put in quotes of love that I have learned in the School of Metaphysics. I made over $700.00 which gave me the money I needed.”

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