Global Transformation of Consciousness

GLOBAL UNITY, planetary change

Visions of the New Millennium
Sri Chinmoy

In the 20th Century
We have not succeeded
In conquering the godless spirit
Of our age.
But in the 21st Century
We shall undoubtedly succeed.

The fulfilment of the mind
Has been the hope
Of the past few centuries.
Now the fulfilment of the heart
Will be the hope
Of the next generation
And of all generations to come.
Indeed, this will be a unique contribution
Of the 21st Century to humanity.

In the 21st Century
Faith will unmistakably see
Not only things
That are totally out of sight,
But even things invisible.
Faith will see
The beauty and power of Light
Even in the farthest corners of the globe.

In the New Millennium
We shall learn something unprecedented:
How to accomplish invaluable things
Without hurting a single human being.

The 20th Century has shown its capacity
By proving to the world
That the power of destruction
Is unlimited.
But the 21st Century shall prove
That the power of world-loving,
And world-transforming creation
Is unlimited.

I clearly envision
That the doubting mind will be compelled
To take a back seat to the aspiring heart
In the next century.

In the 20th Century
Power and helplessness
Are in action.

In the 21st Century
Love and Light
Will be in action.

Tomorrow’s world
Shall be founded upon

In the 21st Century
Humanity will become
What humanity should be:

Each century has
Something special to offer.
The special offering
Of the 20th Century’s success
Mostly depends on

The 21st Century’s progress
Shall solely depend on

“Find and become
The all-devouring greed.”
This is precisely what I have learned
From the 20th Century.

“Become and feed
The all-transcending need.”
This is what I shall blessingfully learn
From the 21st Century.

Global Transformation of Consciousness

As we witness the transition of one century to another, indeed one millennium to the next, we are also witness to a global transformation of consciousness. Scientists note this change by how the universe reacts to what man creates. From space probes seeking intelligent life in the universe to genetic manipulations, from the information highway to the garbage of a wasteful people, science begins by identifying and many times creating problems that it can then go about solving. Science is the epitome of man as creator. It is the early stages of reasoning.

Religious leaders note this change by how man reacts to what God creates. From the aurora borealis to miraculous healing, from common origins to earthquakes and tidal waves, religion begins by admitting and accepting the mysteries of the universe in humbled awe. Religion is the epitome of faith in a Creator greater than ourselves. It is also the early stages of reasoning, for in order for man to experience he must first believe.

The global transformation of consciousness that is upon us is the maturing of reasoning and the birthing of intuition. What til now, for most, has been instinct must evolve with understanding. We must move beyond believing in our instinct, never asking where it comes from or how long it will stay; the limitations of religion. We must expand our consciousness to go beyond what we can physically experience with the bodily senses, the limitations of the science. We must learn how to discriminate -- how to use what has been gained through religion and through science from the past millenniums -- so we may move from Reasoning Man into Intuitive Man. Astrologers note this change as the movement from the age of Pisces, the believer, into the age of Aquarius, the knower. We at the School of Metaphysics describe it as the evolvement of root races; the movement of consciousness from Human Man to Spiritual Man.

It is a wonderful time to be experiencing in the physical plane of existence. It is an optimal time to meditate upon your Creator and your relationship to and with all of creation. It is the perfect time to accelerate your own and humanity's evolution. For now is the time you possess. And now is a time ripe with opportunity, responsibility, and Enlightenment. I look forward to seeing you during Commitment Weekend 95.

I send you my Circle of Love,
Dr. Barbara Condron
©1995 Vol. 13 No. 3

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