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We believe:

That man, whether male or female, is a spiritual being having been given existence and free will by his Creator.

That the Creator set into motion laws which function throughout our universe governing creation.

That man, whether male or female, is made in the likeness and image of his Creator; thus possesses the freedom and responsibility of creating with thought.

That thought is cause, and everything else is subcause.

That each individual is striving to know Truth that is Universal becoming compatible to his Maker.

That temporal life is a choice made by each soul for the acceleration of spiritual progression.

That each individual has every possible opportunity for a spiritually enriching existence if he will only choose to envision and live it.

That the destiny of man, whether male or female, is an enlightened an intuitive, spiritual being demonstrated by singular individuals throughout the Earth's history.

That this spiritual maturity is the quest of every individual, and can be aspired to through ever-increasing awareness through disciplining our minds, by meditation, by prayer, and by positive thinking.

That as this destiny is manifest in the individual's progression, it is manifest for all people, and the evolution of mankind is accelerated.

The History of SOMA

by Linda Yeingst

In our first twenty-five years, we have met thousands of people who share our vision of bringing the benefits of metaphysical research to mankind. They believe in man's unlimited potential for enlightenment and want to be a part of creating a better world for ourselves and our posterity. National Dream Hotline® , The Universal Hour of Peace and our website www.som.org have spanned the globe aiding more and more people to participate in our endeavors thus reaching beyond the limits of time and space.

As a means of unifying those of like minds who are invested in the exploration and development of consciousness, in 1992, School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) was initiated as a fellowship for those who affirm the precepts which will bring peace, good health, and wholeness to all of mankind. SOMA provides a common network for those who desire to accelerate the evolution of humanity, create peace and harmony in the world, and develop personal excellence. Our efforts in dream research, intuitive and subconscious capabilities and healing arts are supported and made possible through the spiritual and financial contributions of SOMA members.

Dr. Barbara Condron envisioned the concept of SOMA and describes it as follows: "More than an acronym for School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) has its own life and meaning as evidence in the Vedas of India. Soma is a Hindu god referenced in the Rig Vedas and praised in the Sama Veda. Soma is the all powerful god, the healer of diseases, the bestower of riches, the lord of all other gods, sometimes being identified with the Supreme Being. As a SOMA member, you will want to keep these concepts and ideals in mind as they will enrich your life as you strive to know your god, to cause wholeness and health in your life and the lives of others, to aid others to abundance, and to manifest your own divinity. Soma rules the lunar sphere of the cosmos lying between the earth and the sun. "

The precepts of the School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) serve a guideposts for living (see sidebar). When contemplated one can accelerate the process of evolution, and reach transcendent states of consciousness. Over the years many individuals shared these beliefs in man's inherent birthright and destiny. They expressed a desire to support the work of the school. There was a need for a vehicle for those people who wanted to link up with and aid the research and studies of SOM. To date we have received over $16,000 in support of our activities by SOMA members. The internet has aided us to keep in touch with our members and to provide information about SOMA to new people 24 hours a day.

With the advent of SOMA, Thresholds took on a new face and the decision was made to marry the magazine with SOMA, causing it to be a voice for SOMA members and the School of Metaphysics. Each issue still features a thought-provoking interview and is dedicated to a different theme each quarter: Dreams and Visions, Wholeness and Healing, Intuitive Arts & Sciences, and Man's Spiritual Consciousness. Interviews offer a way for us to meet with and share wisdom with great thinkers. An interview with Dr. Norman Shealy revealed his research in the area of nerve tissue and DNA regeneration. Through his conversation with Dr. Laurel Clark, she informed him of the Intuitive reports offered by the School of Metaphysics and he has since recommended these to many of his clients. We truly have the ability to network and link up with millions of people through this organization. After the Parliament of World's Religions in Chicago in 1993, SOMA membership tripled and we began serving people in over 27 countries.

After this we received an opportunity to attend an interview with the Dalai Lama which aided us to present his truly remarkable and reverent views to our readers. We were among five publications who were granted this opportunity, the reason given because ours is an organization dedicated to teaching mankind.

The attitude of friendliness manifests through consciousness bringing awareness that we are all spiritual brothers and sisters. There has always been this sense in the School of Metaphysics. From the beginning students and families gathered each July 4th at the lake It was a time to come together and get to know each other better. Camp outs brought students and their families together and created an atmosphere of learning and joy which continued for years. They manifested the dream of what it will be like when humanity evolves beyond animal-man tendencies to feud and fuss and lives meditatively as spiritual, intuitive man.

An evolution of campout occurred after SOMA was formed and we held the first SOMA Conference opening this annual gathering to all members. During 1996's SOMA Re-Union those attending had the pleasure of aiding to plant a Peace Pole on the campus of the College of Metaphysics. It was a truly inspirational service which left many with a deep sense of awe and interconnectedness with one another and the world that is a prophecy for the next century.

Project Octagon is currently the major focus for the endeavors of SOMA members. Dr. Daniel Condron proposed the idea for 1000 people to pledge $10 a month to manifest the groundbreaking of Project Octagon. One person giving $10 a month is $120 a year. Multiplied by 1000 would give us $120,000 in one year. It is through the generosity and vision of SOMA members that Project Octagon will be built. 

reprinted from the 25th anniversary edition of Thresholds Quarterly, copyright 1998

Copyright© 2002 School of Metaphysics

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