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Please read the Universal Peace Covenant. If you resonate with its ideals and purposes please sign a Pledge for Peace in acknowledgement of your support.

Pledge for Peace 

As the quest for World Peace begins with each individual 

I_______________________________________ (name)

a citizen of ____________________________________________ (country)

do hereby affirm that I believe all people of the Earth desire Peace for themselves, for those they love, and for all of humanity. 

I believe that as we are willing to make Peace with ourselves and our neighbors
we each will find 

Peace of Mind. 

I believe in this way we can hope to realize our common dream of Peace on Earth. 

Because I believe, I share the vision of the Universal Hour of Peace,
I pledge to join people of all nations in creating an hour of Global Peace
each December 31st at 11:30 p.m. into January 1st each new year.

During this time I promise to fill my thoughts and deeds with Peace. 

I do hereby set my hand and seal,
this ____________ day of _________________________, 

your signature 

Peace on Earth... an idea whose time has come

Please send Pledge for peace sheets to me, I have friends who want to add their names to the list.

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