Spiritual Midwifery

GLOBAL UNITY, common growth

timeless thoughts from the SOMA reunion of 1997

Spiritual Midwifery for a Planet

Creator. Commitment. Creation.

These are the signs foretold.

The spontaneity of creativity comes from a place of deep meaning; the ego perks are secondary, even the need for the creation is secondary. This is creativity that arises from an inner urge to love, to heal, to unite. It does not wait for invitation although it is keenly responsive. This creative urge is the arousal of the Kundalini. It seeks to fill the voids in the universe with creations worthy of a Creator.

The time of assimilation is waning.

The time of initiating is waxing.

The time of fasting closing, the time of feasting beginning.

Thus more and more we will see creators emerging. And we will see people wanting answers to questions older than they are.

The desire to understand will be quickened.

Next year the School of Metaphysics will mark its first quarter century. It was brought into existence to bring to the world what has in the past been in the hands of a few at a time. Ageless Truths. Universal knowledge. Timeless wisdom. And most importantly the means to embody them. This is accomplished through lessons describing the Universal Laws of creation and through progressive spiritual disciplines that refine and hone consciousness.

It is fitting that those who possess an inner calling to initiate the coming transformation of consciousness will increasingly feel the need to assist in the birth of Spiritual, Intuitive Man.

At this year’s SOMA Reunion I spoke of the School as a spiritual midwife, attending humanity’s labor. A woman’s first labor pains are faint, barely arresting her attention. She is free to continue on with the activities of life - eating, cleaning, conversing, working, even sleeping - for some time. It will be many minutes before the pangs become acute, demanding more of her attention, and she realizes she is laboring. And even longer until the labor sharpens, removing her capacity to converse, consuming her attention.

The world is like a woman in the first hour of labor.

She is aware that something is happening. That the time she has awaited is nigh. And hasn’t prophet after prophet foretold of the years we are now living? The world watches its own changes, from floods to hurricanes to earthquakes, from life on Mars to cloning life on Earth. When they arise she wants to understand the implications. At those moments she wants help in navigating these new waters of consciousness.

Like a midwife, we must be there. Caring, concerned, attentive, receptive and aggressive, committed, visionary.

In the early stage of labor, the need to know goes as quickly as it comes, and the world returns to its usual activities. We must be timely. We must illuminate the path. We must acknowledge and embrace the souls who have incarned wanting and expecting wholistic education that will accelerate their own and others spiritual unfoldment.

As the labor progresses, the demands of a pregnant humanity will increase proportionately. We must prepare to serve in whatever capacity we can. For some this will mean physically relocating to learn or study or teach, for others it will mean becoming more prominent in the city they have lived in for decades. For some it will mean lifestyle changes, for others a deeper understanding of the style they live. For some this will mean traveling the world to share Truth, while others will gather groups of people around them in their own backyard. For some this will mean creating innovative spiritual communities, for others it will be reorganizing the dynamics of the community they live in. For everyone it will mean transformation.

Let us respond to the example set by the recently departed Mother, allowing our leadership to manifest itself through serving the Creator and our fellow man.

What we have anticipated for a quarter century is here and in that sense the School of Metaphysics Associates’ labor has just begun.

I send you my Circle of Love,

Dr. Barbara Condron

©1997 Vol. 15 No. 4 Thresholds Journal

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics

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