Circles of Love

GLOBAL UNITY, common gathering

The structure of a Circle is threefold.


Prayer for Enlightenment around the world


Common ideal and activity of the group....reading, discussing, singing, chanting, meditating, praying....whatever adds to the growth and awareness of those present


Circle of Love expanding light through the world


I love you just because you are.
You is such a big word.
I love you, the Earth.
I love you, the sky.
I love you, the animals.
I love you, the person.
I love you, the I.
I love You, the Creator.
I love you, the all of creation,
just because you are.
–Mari Hamersley

Circles of Love

Where there are people with a strong inner urge to learn and grow, Circles of Love can flourish.

A Circle of Love is a gathering of two to twelve people who want to make the world a better place. Some Circles meet only once a year, during the Universal Hour of Peace at 11:30 p.m. December 31st. Some meet quarterly at the changing of the seasons while others meet each month. This is true in many of the School of Metaphysics branches. These tend to be topical Circles convened around a theme.

Sometimes people meet each week. These are often study groups who spend their time together reading and discussing School of Metaphysics materials and in some cases Holy Scriptures from around the world. They may spend part of the hour or so chanting, praying, or meditating as a group.

Often times events around us, for instance the events of 9-11-01 in NYC, are cause for convening Circles of Love for love, healing, and support.

The content of your Circle, we call it communion, is up to you and the people in your group. We ask that your Circle of Love begin and end in a like manner to those given around the world by others. This unites us in ideal and purpose.

If you would like to convene a Circle of Love in your area, please email us. We can put SOMA members in contact with one another. Our hope is to have Circles of Love around the globe at all times. This can be a powerful influence for good in the world.

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